Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: June 30, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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William Kibble
bef. 1781; Virginia
Andrea Kibble Kirk
James Kidder
(Anna Moore)
1626, England; 1676, Billerica, MA
Betty Fredericks
James Kiddoo
(Mary Tidball)
1762 IRE; 30 Sep 1823 Allegheny Co., PA
Bette Butcher Topp
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Ozias Kilbourn
(Elizabeth Page)
May 10, 1769, Litchfield, CT; Died March 10, 1841, Union, PA
Rich Dorman
Daniel Kilcrease
1788; Edgefield Co SC
Jeannette Essen
Michael Killion
b. 1779; NC>IN>IL
Susan Cook
William Kilpatrick
abt. 1797/Scotland; abt. 1832/NY
Carole Smith
Peter Kimberlin
(Sallie Kimberlin)
abt.1795; 1800 Russell Co VA.
Emery H. Kimberlin
James Kimble
(Elizabeth Hadley/Hafley)
1778 Sussex Co, NJ; aft 1870 Wayne Co, PA
Gwen Boyer Bjorkman
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James Kincaid
(Susannah Black)
1762-1837; Tyrone, Co. Ireland - Camden District, York, Co. SC.
Mildred Anderson
James Kincaid
(Elizabeth Church)
bet.1795-97 in KY or TN; abt. 1861 Lewis Co, TN
Sally Standley
James Kincaid
(Margaret Evans)
1797 Kentucky
D. F. Fallis
John Kinder
1780-1850; KY >IL
Katharine Owens
James King
1711-1785; IRL>NJ
Letha Holmes
John King
(Judith Ford)
1792 TN
Phil Foote
John King
b, circa 1750 ; d.1800, Orange, NC.
Henry King
Randolph King
1700's; VA
Randolph King Waddill
Robert King
(Tabitha Dolby)
1750 Ireland; Anderson SC USA
Alice Davis
Robert King
(Melvina Horton)
1791; United States
Sharon Brewer
Solomon King
(Sara Grimes)
b 1784; MD
Linda King
William King
(Dorothy Hayne)
1595 ENG; ship Abigail; died 1650 MA
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
William M. King
1790; VA
Jodie Shepard
Ebenezer Kingsley
b.1760; Galway, Saratoga Cty, NY
John A. Kingsley
Patrick Kinlan
(Mary Ann Campbell)
1798 - 1870's; IRL>Floyds Knobs, IN>KY
Jane Slaughter
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John Kinney
(Anna Maria Cogler)
Abt. 1776; d. 2 Jan 1856, Davis Co., IA
Shirley Boatwright
Simon Kinney
(Johanna )
1740, New Jersey;
Christina Kinsinger (nee Schrock)
(Johannes Kinsinger)
ca. 1794 - ca. 1871; Weisenheim am Berg,Germany>Butler Co. OH
John Schunk
Thomas Kirby
c1609-1668; York Co., VA
Eve Gregory
Stephen Kirk
1740; NC
Demeris White
Daniel Kirkbride
1750-1800; Hampshire Co, VA
Carolyn Kirkbride Hahn
Nathan Kirkland
(Lillie Faw)
1750 NC; Died Robinsville, NC
Lynn Hawkins
Elisha Kirkman
1748-1840; MD-Guilford Co,NC
Cheryl Zelek
Robert Kirkpatrick
(Rachel Bayless)
b.1792 d. 1852; Knox Co, TN
Barbara in Nashville
Frederick Kiser
(Mary Ann or Meriba/Mariba Cornwall)
b. 1761, Berks Co, PA; d. betw. 1841-1850, IN; lived in PA > MD > KY > IN
Eileen Cox
Charles Kitchens
1784. SC;
Don Kitchens


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