Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 28, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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David Karnes
1783 ; VA>KY>IL
Leanna Eversmeyer
John Karr
(Nancy Welch)
1776-1844; IRE>PA>OH
Betty Karr Cordial
John Michael Kaster
(Eva Barbara)
1725 Germany; Northampton, Co., PA
John Kauffman
1760-1831; Northumberland Co, PA
Harriet Nihart
Abraham Kaylor
(Magdalena Metts/Metz)
1779 Virginia; Died 1827 Mahoning,Ohio
Kathy Holden
Nathaniel (Nathan) Keais
(Barbara Low)
12 Oct 1740 RI; d. 15 Oct 1795 Washington, NC
William W. Moore
Holloway Kee
b. 1777 d.1855; NC
Barbara in Nashville
Elisha Keen
(Sally Wolf)
b. 1784; VA>Sumner Co, TN
Barbara in Nashville
Ashbel (Nathaniel) Keeney
(Sarah Hills)
1763; NJ / CT
Barbara Pumyea
Jerusha Keeney
1770; CT
Pam Ward
William Keeney
(Clarissa Davis)
Sept-Oct 1799; NY CT OH IL
Sharon Galitz
William Keeton
(Catherine Brown)
abt 1760, VA or NC;
William Keets
(Sarah King)
B. 1788; Maryland
Martha Barr
James Keever
(Barbara Elizabeth Childers)
b. 1786; Mecklenburg Co. NC
Malinda Jones
Jacob Keinet
d Jan 1787; Lancaster Co,PA>York Co, PA
Dayna Kinnard
John Keiper
1700- 1850; Pennsylvania
Peter Keiper
b. 21 October 1755; Meissensheim, Zwiebruecken>Lehigh Co., PA
Steven Williams
Frederick Keiser
(Mary Ann or Meriba/Mariba Cornwall)
b. 1761, Berks Co, PA; d. betw. 1841-1850, IN; lived in PA > MD > KY > IN
Eileen Cox
James Keith
b abt 1770; VA, GA, MS
Emily Keith
John Keithley
(Mary Ann Riblin)
1 Jan. 1750 Germany; 28 July 1835 Death Indiana
Harry Stafford
John Keller
abt 1753-1831; VA>MD
Roland Keller
Martin Keller
(Margret McCleary)
1783 Virginia
Thomas Keller
Caleb Kelly
(Letitia Jane James)
1780 Virginia; 1840, Moniteau Missouri
Monica Kelley Hinson
John Kelly
(Mary Robinson)
b. ca. 1750 (Ireland or PA); d. 1803 Erie, PA
Dianne Haley
Lawrence Kelly
(Martha Smith)
about 1740; Northumberland Co. PA
Rose Mary Patrick
William Kelly
(Elizabeth )
1761 Tyrell co N Carolina; dod 6-10-1837 Wayne County, Georgia
John E Barwick
William Keltz
(Frances Buntin)
1797; Came to America in May 1832
James Anthony "Tony" Keltz, Sr.
John Kemp
1793 - Wake co., N.C.
Sanford Kendall
(Sarah Wilhoit)
abt, 1797, Culpepper Co., VA; lived in Bath Co. KY
Mary Watson
Jane Kennedy
(John Bratcher)
1750-1840; VA TN
Ralph Ekwall
Joseph Kennedy
(Mary Dix)
1745 Rowan County NC
Anna Jolet
William Kennedy
abt 1700; N-E>RI>CT
Theodora Cole
Jasper Kennett b.1693 MD d.1733 Charles County, MD
Amanda Perry
Jermina Kenney
(John Blackmar)
b. 1681 Salem, MA; d. 1769
Britton Kennington
1700's; 1790/ Lancaster Co.
Cecilia Kennington Johnson
Eden Kent
(Elizabeth Kent)
1796 SC ?; Death: Aug.7, 1872
Roberta Leary
Enos Kent
(Elizabeth Wilkerson)
2/25/1797 - 9/14/1878; Cayuga Co., NY to Monroe Co., Michigan
Roxanne Kent-Drury
George Kent
(Frances Olden)
1788 Malad, Idaho
Ted Mohler
Helmer B Kent
(Sarah Moore)
b. 18 Mar 1799. d. 27 Mar 1880; Ellenburgh Center, NY
Rita Strand
William Kentfield
1700; Eng>NY>MA
Dexter Kenfield
Barber Kenyon
(Rebeckah May)
born in 1786; 1800 RI, > CT, NY; died 1866
Natalie Weiss
John Kenyon
1655-1732; Westerly RI
Richard R. Kenyon
Thomas Keown
1740-1808; IRE>SC>Bowling Green, KY
Michael Barker
Thomas Kerby
c1609-1668; York Co., VA
Eve Gregory
Pierre Kerry
(Marie Rosalie Joseph Frederic)
1771-1821; Canada> Louisiana
Brittaney Kerry
Peter Kesler
(Catherine Sheets)
1764; MD, VA, WV
Nancy Hopkins
Ulrich Kessler
ca 1730 Switzerland; d aft 1820 Ohio
Bill Wright
John W Kevins
Before 1800; Cheshire Co, New Hampshire
Siobhan Kevins
John Keyes
b 1788; CT
Ralph L. Bushey
Ebenezar Kezar
(Hannah Moulton)
1722; Amesbury Mass.
Bernie Bradner
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John Jacob Khele
1752-1753; GER>HOL>SC
David White


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