Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Churchwell Jackson
Feb 15, 1758; Orange VA
Juanita (Jackson) Kohler
John Jackson
(Margaret Crawford)
Abt. 1740; Bef. 22 Mar 1821, Madison Co., VA
Shirley Boatwright
Micajah Jackson
1772-1782 Nc. or Va.; 1810-28 Knox Co.Ky
Randy Jackson
Obadiah Jackson
1789-1790, NY; Lenawee Co., MI
Steve Ring
Reuben Jackson
(Mary Houston)
1774/75; Virginia
Donna Hauser
Robert Jackson
(Agnes )
abt 1615-1620 ; Hempstead, Queens, NY
Jane Jackson Kimble
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Samuel Jackson
(Mary )
bef 1662; d. 1722 Stafford County, Virginia
John McAnally
William Jackson
1790; Halifax County Nc
Jane Parks
Mary Jacobs
(Drury Stith)
1776; Virginia
Eva Boyce
Primus Jacobs
abt 1700 S.E.--N.C.
Cecil Jacobs
William Jacobs
about 1783; Union Co., SC>Rutherford Co., TN
Valerie Simonton
Cornelius Jacobus
(Abigail Gould)
8/13 1758 NJ
Claudia S Langley
Ashmore James
(Cassandra Moore)
1770; NC
Ann Baughman
John James
(Eleanor )
before 1800, Wales; Steuben, NY
Marcco W Zaffarano
Joseph Rogers James
1756 Bedford Co, VA; 1838 Greene Co, IN
Gwen Boyer Bjorkman
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Robert James
1780-1830; N. C. >AR
Nancy Metcalf
Alexander Jameson
(Nancy Packard)
1793 - 97, Maine (possibly in Appleton); married 25 Oct 1825 in Hope ME
Mary Lou Jones
Thomas Jaques
married about 1808; Rhode Island
Donna Potter
Mary Jarvis
DOB 1779; NC
Philip Jarvis
(Sarah Alguire)
abt 1757, MD; m. 4 Jun 1778, Balto Co, MD; to Belmont Co, OH abt 1811; d. 24 Mar 1836
Jane Copes
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Nicholas Jasper
1752-1827; SC>KY
Traci Spears
James Jefferis
(Esther Edwards)
1784-1856; Pa
Myrna Bowman
John Jeffers
1770 - 1819; foreign>PA>OH
Dana Tischer
Isaac Jefferson
(Sarah Groves)
06 March 1792 Delaware; Death 1865 Missouri
Valerie Reese
Randolph Jefferson
(Mitchie Pryor)
1755; VA
Dorlyne Lyons
Thomas Jefferson
165 ?-1678; Henrico Co., VA
Sue Ashby
Thomas Jefferson
l776; Virgnia
Doris Urban
Thomas, Sr Jeffery
(Elizabeth )
b. 1797 CT; d.1883 Livingston county, MI
Ross Pierce
Jeffrey Jeffreys
(Nancy Patterson)
1766, Virginia; Died 1853, Green, Kentucky
Sheryl Jeffries
Joseph Jemison
(Susan Ritchie)
1793-1862; MD>PA>OH>IA>MN
Al Hartman
Aaron Jenkins
(Betty Hyde)
9-1-1774 PA; 1770-1800 PA
Stuart Jenkins
Jonathan Jenkins
(Leah Jones)
1725-1730 Boston, MA; 1725-1730 RI
David Jenkins
Lewis Jenkins
d. 1763; Onslow Co NC
Malinda Jones
Nathaniel Jenkins
(Elizabeth Weakley)
August 15, 1793; Culpepper Co VA
Mary Wetwiska
John Jennens
(Sarah Beasley)
7 October 1724?; resided near Rockville,MD
Louise Mathews Henry
Edmund Jennings
(Frances Corbin)
1659-1727; Engl>VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Edmund Jennings
(Frances Corbin)
1659; 1727, Virginia
Marian Rosson
John Jennings
(Sarah Beasley)
7 October 1724?; resided near Rockville,MD
Louise Mathews Henry
John Jermaine
(Mary Pierson)
1758 White Plains NY; Sag Harbor, NY
Sandra Covington
Benjamin Jernigan
1780 NC; AL>FL
Timothy Jessop
1780; Perquiman Co NC
Emma Circle
John Jessup
(Joanna Kerrich)
1602 England; died 1636 CT
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Henry Jeter
(Elizabeth Bell)
1744 Caroline Co., VA; Bedford Co., VA
Craig Nelson
Peter Jett
(Mary Triplett)
1633; Virginia
Thomas M. Jett
Peter Jett
1663; Leedstown, VA
Debbie Austin
Ebenezer Jipson
(Dorcas Landers)
1793 No.Yarmouth, ME.; Married - Fayette, ME.
Lois Earley Gilbert


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