Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Richard Hubball
abt 1638; New Haven Col, CT
Carol Hubbell Boggs
Lemuel Hubbard
(Sarah Haskell)
Dec 1752, Springfield, Windsor, VT; died 27 Apr 1843 Weathersfield, Windsor, VT
Julie Harper Chlarson
Mercy Hubbard
(Jacob Wellman)
1796-1875; New Milford, PA
Mark Boyle
Richard Hubbell
abt 1638; New Haven Col, CT
Carol Hubbell Boggs
David Huddleston
(Sarah Easley)
Feb 8, 1734, Brunswick Co., VA; Unknown
Kim Dobbs
James Hudelson
(Elizabeth Forrest)
1797 --place unknown; Benton Co, Missouri
Cecelia Hudelson
John Hudson
(Ann Harris)
1790,; NC,SC,GA
Wallace Hudson
Reuben Hudson
(Nancy Micham)
B: 1750 Amelia Co., Va.; D: Fayette Co., Ky.
Linda Johannsen
Samuel Hudson
ca1780; Orangeburg, SC
Joni Hudson
Aristides Huestis
(Prudence Baxter)
1748-1832; Westchester Co, NY; Westmoreland Co, NH; Essex Co, NY
Marie Huestis
John Huff
b.1773 Maryland; d. 1862 Hancock Co. VA
Denise Seevers
Samuel Huff
(Hannah Kendal)
b. ca 1781-1785; Virginia
James Wall
George Hufford
(Elizabeth Cassell)
Abt. 1767, Frederick Co., MD; d. Abt. 1828, Woodford Co., KY
Shirley Boatwright
Adam Hufstetler
1797 NC; Lincoln County,NC
Phillip Huggins
late 1700's; Buncombe Co. NC
Linda Huggins
Samuel Hughen
b ? Ireland; d c1807 SC
Jim Taylor
James Hughes
@1795 Tn
Ruth Woodward
Lee Hughes
1790-1799; Alabama to Arkansas
Dee Mathews
Philip Hughes
1778 - Ireland; Virginia
Tammy Morgan
Temperance Hughes
(Henry Watkins)
1740-1798; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
William Hughes
(Sara Eades)
1752 Bladen District, NC; Shelby CO, AL
Patsy A Hughes
Basil Human
d 1795; MD, NC, GA
Jeanne Arguelles
David Humphrey
(Jane Taylor)
Abt 1740, Albemarle Co Va
William Humphrey
Merritt Humphrey
(Mary Crim)
1750; Va
Shirley Annis
Moses Humphreys
1755 Virginia; 1825 Monroe Co., TN
John Hunley
1790; VA
W. Paul Manly
Robert Hunnicutt
1743 est - VA
Paul Pettit
James Hunt
1732-1805; VA>NC>TN
Courtney Tompkins
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John Hunt
(Grace Fowler)
abt 1675 New York
Ladean Weight
Mary Hunt
(John Hart, the first)
bet 1636/44 Salem, MA
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Melzar Hunt
(Abigail Dingley)
1791 Duxbury, MA
Susan Williams
Peter Hunt
(Nancy George)
1796-1878; Sullivan county Tennessee
Carol Booher
Ephraim Hunter
(Sarah Crocker)
1777; Anson Co.,NC
Donald Hunter
Michael Hunter
(Delphy Turpin)
1765 Ireland; Death 1837 Henderson, KY
Bob Hunter
Nicholas Hunter
(Rebecca Hardy Boone)
1745; NC
Elizabeth Parks
Thomas Hunter
b. abt 1751 England; came as a Mariner 1780 to Boston, MA; d1832 Hadley, Mass
Samuel Huntoon
(Martha Tucker)
1768; MA
John Hupert
b.1798; Penn.
Janet Taylor
Ruth Hurley
abt 1760 Blair County, PA
Kelly Downs
Jesse Hurst
1783 SC; 1850 SC
Joann Windham Wainscott
Philip Hurst
1767; South Carolina
Bill Hurst
Jacob Husong
1732 Germany; Died Dec. 1802 Penn.
Jacob Hussong
1732 Germany; Died Dec. 1802 Penn.
Jacob Hussung
1732 Germany; Died Dec. 1802 Penn.
Robert Hutcheson
1760 - abt. 1830; Ireland > S.C.
Nancy Livecy
David Hutchins
abt 1770 Phippsburg, ME.; Kittery, ME.
Cynthia D. Young
James McCullen Gordon Hutchinson
11-03-1790; 1811 NJ
Bettye Short
Thomas Hutchinson
(Mary Cook)
ca 1760 England; 1790/SC
Alexis Spiritas
Thomas Hutton
1776-1850; KY
Sarah Moran
John Hyde
(Betty Hyde)
1750-1775 VA
Obediah Hyde
1783 - 1839; CT
George Henry Hynds
(Sallie (Sarah) Jones)
abt 1775; 1803 Newport TN Commissioner
Gayle Grandits-Offhaus


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