Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 23, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Richard Head
(Sarah Newport)
b 1750; Fauquier Co VA
John Hean
(Frances Rose)
1795 Cornwall, Eng.; 1825, Leb. Co., Pa
El. Hean Stone
Susannah Hearn
(Benjamin Franklin Burchett)
Sep 14, 1777 VA; Feb 9, 1848 Carter Co, KY
Pat Ratcliff
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Reuben Heath
1749-50 CT or VT; died 1835
betty decker
Thomas Heath
October 18, 1787; New York/ Mass; from Schuylkill Penn to Medina Ohio in 1820
Linda Shaw
Tinsley Heath
(Anne Loyd Heath)
b.1778; Dinwiddie Co., VA
Marianne Miller
William Hebb
1757; Virginia
Donna Smith Baker
Johannes Freidrich Heberling
(Catharina Beier)
Unknown, abt. 1760, Pennsylvania; Marriage Date: 20 Apr 1779 in Berks County, Pennsylvania
David Heberling
Jakob Frederick Heck
(Katarina Ott)
1795 Germany; died 1861 MI
Johannes Heckart
Sept 15, 1748; Ger>Dauphin Co. PA.
Francis D. Heckart
Thomas Hedger
(Elizabeth Burton)
1652 Rhode Island ; Flushing New York
Bobbie Asche
Robert Hedges
b abt 1706; VA
Shelley Green
Phillip Thomas Hefley
1750; Pennsylvania
Tom Hefley
Michael Heider
(Elizabeth Wood)
b. 1740 Hampshire Co. VA; d. 25 Jan (Jun) 1790 Carter Co. TN; buried old Hyder Cem. m. 2 Dec 1764 Hampshire Co. VA
John C Heise
(Betsy Baker)
1781; 1851 Georgetown, VA
Carol Faiss
Nicholas Hellings
abt. 1675, New Jersey; d. 1745, Newtown, PA
Chris Hellings
Beecham Helton
1760 Rowan NC; Rowan NC 1790 census
Mike Helton
John Hempstead
1780 - 1800 CT
Ron Jobin
David Henderson
(Grace Crow)
1791; NC
Sherry Healy
Elizabeth "Betsy" Henderson
(Samuel Patterson)
23 Aug 1786 PA; Clark Co., IN 7 Nov 1852
Jim Wall
John George Henderson
(Isabella Houston)
b. ca 1720; maybe in Scotland or Ireland; d. Augusta Co. VA
Lucretia Henderson
(Ephraim Morrison)
b. 1763, Oakham, Worcester MA
Beth Manners
Mary Henderson
(Samuel Comstock)
1780 MA or VT; d. 1828 Berkshire, MA
Janel Woodbury
Garret Hendrix
(Rachel ?)
abt. 1730-1808; NC. & TN.
Dena Hendrix Shewmaker
Michael Hengst
Arrived 1749; PA
Paul Sneider
James Henry
(Elizabeth Lee)
1790-1839; OH
J. Payne
William Henry
(Roshannah Wade)
1796 VA; 1860 KY
Betty Cathcart
Jeremiah Hensley
(Elizabeth Welty)
1790's NC/VA; 1817/TN
Robin Haner
George W. Henson
(Anna Forbis/Forbes)
1799; NC or KY
Roaten E. Hinson, Jr.
Thomas Herbert
(Jemima Dawkins)
ca 1735; 1758/NC; 1785/SC;1798/GA
Alexis Spiritas
William Hern
(Susannah Boone)
1775 Madison Co,KY; KY
Bill Kersey
William Hern
(Eunice Wilcox)
1752; Westerly, RI
Joell Wilcox
Heron Mack Herrin
1790 NC; died 1817 in GA
Lanie Constable
Margaret Herrin
(John McQuown)
29Nov1755 possibly Ireland; 03Dec1771, married, Columbia Co, PA
H.D. Hilton
Heron Mack Herring
1790 NC; died 1817 in GA
Lanie Constable
Jacob Herrington
(Polly Southwick)
1785 Rhode Island; 1815 Otsego County, New York
Sue Edwards
Margaret Herron
(John McQuown)
29Nov1755 possibly Ireland; 03Dec1771, married, Columbia Co, PA
H.D. Hilton
Susannah Herron
(Benjamin Franklin Burchett)
Sep 14, 1777 VA; Feb 9, 1848 Carter Co, KY
Pat Ratcliff
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Elijah Hersey
(Ann Bell)
1790 New Brunswick; in Linneus, ME in 1832-1885
Marilyn Brown
Abraham Hess
(Mary Magdeline Dietrick)
11-18-1798 to 9-8-1865; Halsey Valley, NY
Mark Boyle
Mary Hesseltine
(David Rodgers/ Rogers)
before 1800; GA; later in TN
Carol Ansley
William Hester
b. abt 1791 NC; 1833 in Baker Co, GA
S Daniels
Charles Hewitt
abt. 1770 New Jersey; Hampshire county, WV
Joanna L. (Hewitt) Ross
Thomas Heyward
(Elizabeth Heyward)
July 28, 1746, England; died in South Carolina, USA
Ketzia Shafer
John Heywood
(Sarah Simonds)
About 1612; Early settler of Concord, Massachusetts
Dale Grimm
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