Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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William Hardcastle
(Mary )
1680; VA
Dallas Millican
John Harden
(Bethena Dean)
1787-aft 1856; NC>IN>IA
Mary Tippets
Isaiah Hardin
1768 Pa; 1821 Pa
Sharon Cardone
John C.R. Hardin
(Mary "Polly" Kirkland)
born 25 Dec. 1795; at the Pendleton District, SC and died 3 Jan. 1881 Monroe Co., TN. A veteran of the War of 1812.
Lynn Hawkins
Richard Hardin
1756 MA; PA OH
Kathy Espinosa
Phillip Harding
(Frances Pope)
1795; Stafford, VA
Richard Harding
1756; PA OH
Henry Hardman
1800 VA; 1800 WV
Joan E. Burke
Arthur Hardy
(Rebecca Hester)
1792, North Carolina; Marriage: 1815, Bladen N.C.; Migrated to Russell County, Alabama before 1850. Died after 1883, probably in Lee County, Alabama.
Carol Kiker
Henry Hardy
(Elisabeth Eaker)
1777; Maryland
Carol Knudson
Henry George Washington Hardy
(Elizabeth Eaker)
July 2, 1777; Maryland
Linda Bristow
Henry George Washington Hardy
Born 1777 Fredricksburg, Maryland
Susan Briner
John Hardy b. 1769  Massachusetts
Janet Balise
John Harkness
1760s(?); Scotland or Ireland to PA
Warren Harkness
John Harkness
1770 Poss. Ireland; 1842 Marshall Co., TN in Pendleton Dist. S.C. 1800 census
Carol Coble
George Harlan
(Elizabeth Duck)
b 1650 ,Bishoprick,ENGLAND; d 1714 Kennet Twp,Chester,PA
Ross Pierce
Michael Harlow
(Lucy Davis)
B. About 1754 Va. d. about 1837, Kentucky; Virginia
Karen Jorgensen
Amabrose Harnage
(Ann E. Bobo Ray Washington)
b. abt 1780-90 either in England or Georgia; d. 20 Oct 1842--don't know where; md. abt 1838 in Washington or Crawford Co. AR.
Ambrose Harnage
(1st. Nancy Sanders)
Ann Elizabeth Bobo/ Washington)
b. 1780/1800 either England or Georgia; d.20 Oct 1842; AR; MO; MS
David Harper
(Nancy Dawson)
Abt 1796; m. Abt 1830 OH: d. 1864 OH
Penny Sluis
Henry Harper
(Sally Johnson)
1783; KY
John Harper
Joseph Harper
1770; Ohio
Robert Kerr
Philip Harper
(Anna Elizabetha Kauffman)
1750 - 1798; Augusta Co., VA / Pendleton Co., WV
Marsha Fuller
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Robert Harper
(Catherine McNabb)
1792; 1850-Marion County, GA
Rita Wynn
Solomon Harper
Prior to 1764; Died 1800 SC
Terry Harper
William Harper
(Matty Cavin)
abt. 1779; died 1844 Chattooga Co.,GA
Jerry W. Harper
Jeremiah Harrell
(Sarah Osborne)
1756, Pee Dee River SC
J A Harrell
William Harrell
(Jane Elenor Nash)
1782 Virginia; died 1846 Indiana
Vel Pennington
William Harrell
(Martha Bussell)
Ca 1775-1784, Prob. VA; d. 29 May 1857, Hamilton Cnty, OH
Sue Mullins
Jacob Harrington
(Polly Southwick)
1785 Rhode Island; Otsego County New York
Sue Edwards
Archibald Harris
abt. 1773 NC; died 1856 poss. KY
Reba Masterson Shepard
Elisha Harris
(Hannah Edwards)
2/6/1798 Brooklyn, RI
Gloria Grise
Henry Harris
1640; VA
Chuck Harris
Jason Harris
(Annie Coon)
1764, Mass
David Renshaw
Jesse Harris
(Lavinia Adams)
1786, Mecklenburg, Co., NC; 1829, Jackson, Co., GA
Gay Nightingale
John Harris
(Patience Taylor)
27 May 1741; Edgecombe NC
Jeffrey Harris
John Harris
(Francis (Frances) )
abt 1756-1784;
John L. Harris
1790 SC; 1830 GA
Michael Wilbur
Joseph B Harris
1785 Virginia; 1870 Cherokee, Georgia
Rochelle Butler
Nicholas Harris
(Salome/Sally/Sarah Elrod)
1788 NC>1810 KY>1830 TN; d. abt 1838 TN
Debbie Parker
Overton Harris
(Elizabeth Brockman)
1785 ; m.1806 d.1818 Albemarle Co., Virginia
Christine Wencker Schomaker
Parke Harris
b. abt 1784; d. aft 1850,Hanover Co., VA
Judith Conner
Priscilla Harris
(Jesse Clifton)
abt 1750 Southampton Co, Va or Anson Co, NC; died: 1833, Wilson Co, Tn
Franklin Womack
Sara (Sarah) Harris
(Archibald M. Harris)
1782-1817; Kershaw SC to Georgia
Benjamin Harrison
(Hannah Churchill)
1645-1712/13; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Dr. Jessee Harrison
(Sarah Bryan)
ca 1775 SC or VA
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Joseph Harrison
(Mary Gibson)
c1750 SC; >MS
Harold C. Fisher
Kinchen Harrison
(Amy Reese)
circa1793; Virginia
Ramona Harrison
Nathaniel Harrison
(Anne Gullian)
1711 Va; Bacon
Mark Bacon
Pollard Allyson Edmonson Harrison b 1795, supposedly in Shelby, KY, settled in Louisiana
Polly Harrison
(Elijah Lindsey)
b. abt 1790/d.bef 1830; AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Sara (Sarah) Harrist
(Archibald M. Harrist)
1782-1817; Kershaw SC to Georgia
John Harrod
(Mary Stockton)
1770 Ten Mile, Greene County PA
Janet Carr
John Harrod
(Phebe/ Phoebe)
Bef. 1766; maybe NC; Died aft. 1810; Resided 1800 & 1810 St. Peters Parish, Beuafort Division, SC
Rob Swinson
George Frederick Harsh, III
(Sarah Salome Bolyard)
3/25/1792 Lehigh Co., PA; died 6/24. 1850 Preston Co., W.VA
Beverly Harsh Henshaw
John Hart
(Deborah Scudder)
1713 CT; 1779 NJ
Christine Young-Crate
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Thomas Hart
(Sallie Lauderdale)
Dec 24 1789 Va
Russell Hart
James Hartman
(Mary (Polly) Agler)
1799-?; PA>OH
Al Hartman
Frederick Hartrum
(Charity Potter)
1787 NJ; Tewksbury, Hunterdon Cty, NJ
Amanda Peterson
George Henry Hartzell
1739-1813; PA>OH
Susan McMahan
Jeremiah Harvey
(Charity Masters)
1780; VA
Vickie Claybaugh
William Harvey
(Lenah Gentry)
b. 1749 Orange Co, VA>; NC > TN in 1808
William Harvey
1793; VA
Shirley A. Michael
James Haskins
(Ann Moore)
b. Sep 11, 1751, St. Mary's County, MD; abt. 1765 was in Brunswick County, VA; d. Aug 04, 1834, Granville County, NC;
Kathryn Hopkins
Obediah Hasting
(Allifair Wills)
abt 1750 England?; 1782 Sussex Co.DE
Margaret Hastings Hendrix
Obediah Hastings
(Allifair Wills)
abt 1750 England?; 1782 Sussex Co.DE
Margaret Hastings Hendrix
Thaddeus Hastings
(Mary A./Adaline)
1799 NH; NY >IL (1850)
Barbara Giffin Swift
Samuel Hatfield
(Mary Ann Franklin)
1793 Floyd Co KY; United States
Radonna Hill
James Hatt
b abt 1780; Seneca/Tompkins Co, NY
Debra Eddy
Christian Hauss
1700; North Carolina
Donna Robinson
Abraham Hawk
(Sarah Reynolds)
1790 / 1854; PA / TN
Cindy Carson Mc Clure
Jacob Hawk
(Mary Ann Warren)
About 1780 in Warren, Tennessee; Died 1829 in Warren, Tennessee
Sherri Park
Ann Hawkins
(Benjamin Taylor)
Baltimore co., MD; Marriage 24 Jun 1737, Baltimore co., MD
Jim Drew-Whitaker
Ephraim Hawkins
(Nancy Farmer)
1758; Caswell Co, NC
Otha Hawkins
Ephraim Hawkins
(Nancy Ann Farmer)
1760-1850; MD> Caswell/ Person NC
Charlie Weaver
Isom Hawkins
(Rachel Williams)
ABT 1784, South Carolina; Marrage: 10 Sept 1804 Ky, Death: Ky
Douglas Rooks
Jesse Gould Hawkins
(Sally Clarissa Hubbell)
1790 New York ?; New York>Ohio
Gloria Hawkins Draper
John Hawkins
ca1745 VA
O.D. Hawkins
Mary Hawkins
(James Blackmore)
b. 1649; d. 1723 Providence, RI
Ezekiel Hawley
(Lucy Carter)
1765 Vermont; 1796 Cleveland, Ohio
Barbara Ryan
John Hayden
(Elizabeth Cory)
abt.1780; MD>KY>MO
Jason Haydon
John Haydon
(Elizabeth Cory)
abt.1780; MD>KY>MO
Jason Haydon
Thomas Haydon
1640 - 1717; VA
Robert Haydon
Ira Hayes
(Roxana Hawkins)
1790's New York
Sue Cucchiarella
James Haynes
(Ann Ellis)
1760 Bedford Co. VA; 1796 Sumner Co. TN
E Suhre
William Haynes
(Mary "Polly" Laurence)
ca 1765, NC? VA?; 7 Jan 1792, m. in Sumner Co, TN; d. 1831 in Hickman Co, KY
Becky Smith
Oliver Hazard
(Elizabeth Raymond)
b. 1710 South Kingstown, RI; d. 1792 South Kingstown, RI
Royal Hazelton
1784-1851; VT>IN>MO
Ken Eckert


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