Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: October 22, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Samuel Ball Hackley
(Frances Slaughter)
16 Sep 1776 Culpeper Co., VA; United States
Marie Hurst Lewis
William Hackney
(Alice Rhodes)
Abt. 1690 VA; Died 1753, VA
Brenda Perkins
Samuel Hadden
1749; KY
Dan Israel
Samuel Hagbourne
1650; Block Island
Nancy Hagbourne
Johannes Hager
(Gertrudis Pape)
1700's (early); Hesse Kassel Germany> VA>KY
Danny Hager
Nathaniel Haggard
(Elizabeth Gentry)
Nathaniel born 23 Nov 1723 VA>Clark Co., KY
Joy Durrett
John Hagler
Unknown; Death Date 1772/North Carolina
John Blair Hagler
John Hague
(Nancy Finley)
1772; Uniontown PA
Donna Hague Nakhle
Bazil Hahn
1791 MD
Kimberly Nolan- Frederick
Johannes Hahn
(Agnes Langlin)
1712-1793; Germany>N.C.
Barbara Craddock Pike
Joseph Hail
(Mary Elizabeth Lindsey)
b. abt 1780/d. bef 1843; b.TN/d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Stephen Hail
Abt 1795 Baltimore, Maryland; Pennsylvania
Peggy Hale
William Hail
bet 1780-1790 SC
Trish Stautner
William Haile
bet 1780-1790 SC
Trish Stautner
Charles Hailey
(Mary Walker)
m. 1798; Charlotte VA
Ed Hailey
John Hait
b.1767 d. 1824, TMarlboro, Ulster Co, "Colden's Ridge", NY
Pat Brown
Joseph Hale
(Mary Elizabeth Lindsey)
b.abt 1780/d. bef 1843; b. TN/ d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Stephen Hale
Abt 1795 Baltimore, Maryland; Pennsylvania
Peggy Hale
Stoughton Hale
(Lydia Allen)
1770; New York
Scott R. Hale
Thomas Hale
(Agnes Price)
1755; Virginia
Jeanie Lowe
James Haley
ca.1640 ; d.aft.1704 VA
Rae V. Calvert
John Halford
1740s-1790s; Rutherford County, NC
Michael Kruse
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Richard Halfpenny
1773; New Jersey
L Hapney
Asa Hall
(Martha Ford)
1777; Windsor, MA
Peter Lindemann
James Hall
1784 Worcester County Maryland;
Fred Hall
John Hall
(Margaret Crawford)
Edith Hall Turner
Leonard Hall
1730; Bedford, VA
Harry E. Hall
Pharoah Hall
(Mary Johnston??)
c1782; NC/TN/MS
Milton Hall
Samuel Hall
(Charlotte DeWitt)
c1797 - 17 Sep 1839; Jackson Co, (W)VA
Cheryl Gallagher
William Hall
(Mary Thomas)
14 Jan 1645; Rhode Island, USA
Gail BT Darmody
Patrick Hallissy
1784; KS
R R Geier
Nathaniel Hamblin
1780-1842; NY
Mary Herzog
Henry Hamby
(Sarah Cross)
About 1785; N C
Nancy Keith
Alexander Hamilton
1740-50 Nevis Island; Virginia/Washington DC
Leslee Markham
Elizabeth Hamilton
(Benjamin Goss)
b. abt.1743 VA; m. 14 Apr 1764 VA
Jenny Horne
John Hamilton
(Altha Judd)
c. 1790; CT, MASS, NY
Glen Hamilton
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Thomas Hamilton
(Sarah Westfall)
1752 Easton, Pa.; 1752-1829 Pa. N.Y.
Vicky Moon
Thomas Hamilton
1776/PA; 1880/Kentucky
Ruby M. Seely
William Hamilton
(Susanna Brown)
1750 Baltimore, MD.; POD Hopewell, Muskingum, OH.
Joyce E Hamilton Purcell
Elisha Hamlin
(Rachel Bradshaw)
1754 CT;
Marie Hamlin
Abraham Hammatt
(Lucy Howland)
1725 Plymouth>MA; m. 1748 Plymouth>MA
Steve Doyle
George Hammett
1756-1840; VA and Scioto Co, OH
Ralph Hammett Allen
William Hammond
(Elizabeth Passmore)
1750 North Carolina
Caro Feagin
John Hammonds
(Polly Denney)
(Rachel Rebecca Johnson)
b. Abt. 1760 VA; d. Abt. 1820 VA
Jimmie D. Mains
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Moses Hammons
(Rebecca )
1787; Pendleton Co. SC
Linda Beilby
Adam Hance
1720-1747; Orange,VA
Leland Gygi
Benjamin Hancock
abt 1710-abt 1776 Fluvanna Co, VA
Joyce Hancock Copenhaver
Clement Hancock
d. 1758; Surry/ Sussex Co VA
Malinda Jones
Barney Haney
1750; Maryland
Ken Haney
Jane Hansford
1792 - 1835; KY>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
Nathan Hanson
(Ellen Daniels)
1791 Charles Co. MD; dod 1855 Baltimore
Lois Hanson
Sam Hanson
1700's; Maryland
Michele Carroll
Shadrach Hapgood
(Elizabeth Treadway)
October 21, 1664; MA
Thomas R. Flood


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