Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Peter Grabach
(Mary Elizabeth Jordan)
1790; New York City
Jim Maxwell
Patrick Gracey
(Rebecca Barnett)
January 30, 1699/00; born in Ireland > Iredell County, NC
Cary Bailey
Lt. Jacob Graff
(Maria Shinkle)
19 July, 1751, Phila., PA; died 10 Nov, 1793, Phila., PA
Cap'n John
Jacob Graffam
1709 Rockingham, NH
Doris Marshall
Anthony Graham
(Assenith Thomas)
1770, North Carolina; death 1860
Sharon Hasley
Daniel Graham
(Nancy Anne Calhoun)
1763-1773; Cumberland Co. NC
Gerry Kalista
Duncan Graham
(Suzanne Pennishon)
circa 1772 Scotland; 1812 WI, 1847 MN
Kathy Brady
George W Graham
b: 1783 Georgia; Moved to Marshall, MS
Mel Jones
James Graham 1735; Pennsylvania, Virginia
Ronald E Graham
Mathew Graham
1790 South Carolina;
John Graham
Michael Graham
abt 1720-1783; Ire-PA-VA
Nancye Knott
Orson Graham
(Polly Foote)
1790 Luzerne, Pa
David Ray
Robert Graham
(1st. Mary Craig)
(2nd. Mary Cowan)
b.1749 CO Down IRE; d.1811 Wythe CO VA
Rae V. Calvert
Zachariah Graham
1765; Livingston AL
Joalyce Graham
Nancy Grange
(John Skaife)
1795 England; 1840> USA IA d. 1850 IA
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Launcelot Granger
b abt 1620; ENG>US
Shelley Green
William B. Grant
(Sarah "Sallie" Wofford)
ca 1793; 10-9-1847; Served in War 1812, Fla. Seminole War & Mexican War
Evylene A. Canup
Adam Grasmire
1790; Mufflin Co, PA
Barb Crossmyer Reis
Joseph Gravely
(Polly Higgs)
abt 1788-1795 Virginia
Tabitha Holmes
Thomas Graves
(Mary Chilton)
1763 born Virginia; > Kentucky
Karen Chilton Beverly
Zachariah Graves
(Tabitha Dugan)
1783 - 1854; WV - OH
Mike Ransom
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James Kerr Gray
(Frances Williams Grant)
17 Jul 1796,Washington County, Tennessee; United States
Steve Courtright
Lucy Greeley
1797-1892; Nottingham, NH>Orleans Co, NY
Debra Eddy
Benjamin Lewis
(Sarah Green)
1750; NC
Joyce Lewis
Calvin Green
(Julia Drinkwater)
Mar 9, 1799; Stonington, CT
Barbara Green
Edward Green
(Margaret Wilson?)
19 June 1762; d. 22 may 1835 Guilford Co N.C. near Rocklingham Co. line
Jacob Green
(Mary Sheplor)
1787; MD
Wanda J Thompson
Jacob Green
(Frances Acre)
1753/Ireland; died/Bulloch county, Ga
Aprill Green Harris
John Green
b. before 1734; Prince George Co.? Virginia
James Wall
Joseph Green
before 1800; Turner,ME
Karen H Clark
Lewis Green
d. 1709; Surry Co VA
Malinda Jones
Lewis Green
abt 1640 Charles City Co, VA
Kori Lambert
Wallace Green
abt 1789; NY, VT
Pat Busbice
William Green
1736-1809; ? > TN
Sue Green
William B. Green
(Sarah Bass)
1789 VA.
Lehaman J. Burrow
Joseph Greene
before 1800; Turner,ME
Karen H Clark
Nathanael Greene
1742 Rhode Island
William H. Smith
William Greene
1794 Ireland; Immigration with entire family from Liverpool Apr 16 1847 to Tracy Creek, Broome Co., NY; farmer until death before 1860
Sandy Goodchild
William Graves Greene
(Mary E. Christmas)
1750 South Carolina;
Jacqueline Green Pack
Thomas Clarke Greenman
(Mary Weeden)
b. 1669 Newport, RI; d. 1728 South Kingstown, RI
John Curtis Greenough
(Mary [Polly] Pratt)
1770's / 1780's; Schenectady NY ca 1810-1815
Nancy Heron
Thomas Greenwade
b. Before 1800 (England?); 1790 Census Allegany Co, MD
Paul Watkins
Richard Greenway
abt 1785, VA
Rita Floyd
John Greer
(Jane (Jean) Callaghan)
abt 1753 place unknown; Augusta, Bath Co. VA / at Battle of Pt. Pleasant & Kings Mountain
Lora Yank
Valentine Greer
(Belinda Sylvester)
1750-1781; Caroline County, Maryland
Rhonda Spears
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William Gregory
(Lucy Norman)
abt.1770, Scotland; married in VA?
Danielle Spence
William Henry Gregory
(Betsey Conoway)
born abt 1793; NC>MO
R R Geier
Eli Gregson
(Margaret Thompson)
1799; North Carolina
Donald Gregson
Hartwell Gresham
(Elizabeth Lied(s), Leeds)
1790; VA., Williamson Co. TN.
Mike Simmons
Rhoda Gresham
(Isaac Curry)
Jan 1764/5 VA; d April 1846 Shelby Co., ILL
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
John Grier
1790-1800; Ohio
Nancy McPeters
Cornelius Griest
(Elizabeth Toland)
20/3/1790, PA
Patti Konichek
(Dr.) Walcott Griffin
1792-1848; Gouverneur, NY
Ralph Hammett Allen
Benjamin Griffin
(Susan Lary)
1781 New Hampshire?; m 1801 Wolfeboro, NH
James Pratt
Elizabeth Griffin
(Joseph William Chinn)
Aug. 11, 1773 Lancaster County, Virginia
Byron Chinn
Ezekiel Griffin
(Mary Ann Berry)
1780 - 1906; Georgia
Janice Gorham
Eziekiel Griffin
1781 Clintondale, NY; Died 1865 Clintondale, NY
Lee Goodman
Jane Griffin
(Jesse Cotton)
5-4-1792; Virginia
Margaret Gaffey
Lewis Griffin
(Martha Boyette)
1774; North Carolina
Don Griffin
Ollin Griffin
Before 1800; NC
Lynn Chapman
Richard Griffin
(Mary Green)
ca. 1700; Virginia
Marc L. Griffin
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Richard Griffin
(Mary Green)
b. ca 1700; Virginia
james wall
Solomon Griffin
(Mary Bull)
b.1777; NY, KY
Teresa Schamerloh
Benjamin Griffith
(Catherine Furgerson)
b. 1736 Bedford Cty, VA; d. Sep 1829 Beford Cty, VA
Kate Leslie
Jonas Griffith
(Nancy Short)
1734 Wales; 1828 Tennessee
Janelle Griffith Thompson
Clement Griggs
1780 SC; Va
Mary Grasmick
Thomas Griggs
1748 MD; 1819, Monongalia VA
Vernon E. Wilson
Thomas Grimmer
(Mary Alsobrook)
1760 Halifax County, NC;
Bill `Bagley
Michael Grindstaff
1773; Tryon County, NC
Sharon McCubbin
Solomon Gross
(Mary Erwin)
1764 NC
Brenda Moulder
Benedict Grossman
(Elizabeth Seibert)
9/1749; at sea to America
Elizabeth Grouard
(Henry Newhall)
1750; ME
Donald Watson
Daniel Grout
1736-1809; Westborugh, MS
Gail A. Kummer
John Grover
(Abigail Gould)
1712-1806; Glocester, RI; Killingly, CT; Fleming, NY
Robert L. Grover
Jacob Groves
(Phoebe Armstrong)
circa 1799 Tenn; Illinois/Texas
G Clodgo
Susan Groves
(? Groves)
1790 SC?; about: 1850
Roberta Leary
John Grow
1636-1727; Ipswich, MA
Mary Griffiths
Abel Grundy
(Sarah Yancey)
1772-1838; VA>MO
Barbara Craddock Pike


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