Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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(Anna Barbara Haag)
Anthony Gabeau
1757-1830; b. Dordogne, France; d. SC
Charles L. Dibble
Nancy Gadberry
(West Belk)
c1795 VA; Marr 1822 Lincoln County, NC
Harold C. Fisher
Alexander Galbraith
(Nancy "Agnes" Miller)
1720 Scotland; d. 1792 Campbell Co. VA m. 8 Apr 1747 Bucks PA. Alexander was in the Rev. War They resided in Mt. Betehel township
Robert Galbreath
1796; PA
Ruby Riley
William Gale
1798 NH;
Charlie Gale
Joseph Sr Galladay
(Sybilla Kneisley)
abt 1713 Lancaster Co, PA
Walter D Golladay
James Galliher
1750-1755 Birth/B.P. ?/ Lived Iredell Cty., N. C.; Died 1839/Iredell Cty., N.C.
Rhonda Sherrill
Charles Galloway
(Ellender "Nelly" Hinds/Hines)
1786, Tenn, USA; +1855, Missouri, USA
Bert Paredes
Jesse Galloway
(Sallie Williams)
Born 1780 in Old Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky; Died 1847 in Taney County, Missouri
Sherri Park
John Galloway
(Kizziah Mauldin)
1780, VA
Vivian Vines
Thomas Galloway
ca 1740; d. Bef 15 Sep 1782 Brunswick Co., NC
David T. Johnston
Earls Gamaiel
1600s or 1700s; North Carolina
Walter Earles
William Gannon
(Elizabeth Trammel)
1759-1833; Ireland; NC; KY; IL
Mary Jo Blythe
John Gant
abt 1713-abt 1783; VA>NC
Ben Gantt
Friedrich Gantz
(Catharina Elisabeth Kayser)
1760-1820; Pa.
Debbie McArthur
John Ganus
1770-1775 North Carolina
Al Ganus
John Garard
abt 1720-1787; VA
Carolyn Gerard
Bridget Gardiner
(John Watson)
1700; RI
Lucy Hill Coon
Thomas Gardiner
(Elizabeth Downing)
1765>IRE>Bourbon, KY; d. aft 1820 Pike, OH
Janel Woodbury
Benjamin Gardner
(Mary Thompson)
1759 NJ; NJ>OH
Gary Gardner
Eunice Gardner
(Jehiel Parmley)
Easthampton, NY; m 11 Oct 1725
Bob Fansler
Thomas Gardner
1810 DoD in Jones Co Ga
Janet G Kemp
John Garrard
abt 1720-1787; VA
Carolyn Gerard
Jacob Garrison
(Eleanor Smith)
1730 &Cumberland Co NJ; 1790 Orange Co NJ
Sandra Custodi
Elizabeth Gartrell
(Robert Wynne)
ca 1747 VA; died May 1810 Warren Co., GA
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
John Garvey
(Phoebe Schrivner)
1788, NC; married 1810, NC
Thomas Gary
(Amanda Blackman)
1790 Pa.
Sue Wolfe
Elizabeth 'Minnetinka' Gasesett
(Joseph Cory)
1650's; N. Kingstown, R.I.
Joanne Smith
James Gassaway, Jr.
b. 1757/d. 1839; d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Victor Gates
(Ann Willey)
abt 1792, Dungannon, Ireland; 1820, OH
David B. Demeaux
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John Gatewood
(Amy Magrah)
d. 14 Nov 1706; Essex County, VA
Kate Leslie
Frederick Gatz
1755 Germany; died 1870 MI
John Gaw
died 1788; Abbeville, SC
Lynda Leeds
Richard Gawthrop
1756-1800; MD
Bill Gawthrop
William Geddes
1700s; Somerset Co MD
Linda Kemp
Luther Geer
(Esther Whipple)
17 Feb 1793 unknown; died 21 August 1872 IL
Elaine Ford
Jacob Geiger
1760 SC
Rebecca Gregory
Paul Geiger
(Maria Kistler)
1749; Geigertown, Berks co.,pa
Martha Hallett
George A. Geise
1725-1784; Berks Co. PA
Nelson R. Sulouff
Johan "George" Geisselmann
(Maria Saloma Korbman/Korpman)
27 Jan 1746 York Co., PA; 1821-31 Adams Co., PA
Bette Butcher Topp
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John W. Gelvin
abt 1770 PA; abt 1771 PA
Bill Gelvin
Allen Gentry
(Sarah King)
1791 Georgia; In Bledsoe Cty, Tn. 1850
Suzanne Gentry Simon
Joseph Gentry
(Olivia Winfred)
around 1740; VA
Sharon McCubbin
Briton/Brittain George
(Jane or Janie)
abt 1792; South Carolina
Jean W. Stringham
Reuben George
(Ann Handley)
1776-1837; WV>OH
Nancy Sween
Thomas George
about 1767; Alabama
Fred Funk
Wood George
1799; New York
John Gerard
abt 1720-1787; VA
Carolyn Gerard
John Gerrard
abt 1720-1787; VA
Carolyn Gerard
William Gerrish
1617-1687; Newbury, Essex, MA
Edward Gerrish Mair
Russell Gibbs
(Rachel Pierce)
1767, VT or PA
Bernie Kaufman
Thomas Gibbs
died before 1795; Logan Co., KY
Robert Craig
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David Gibson
(Jane Miller)
Scotland>NC 1742-1812
E & S Jenkins
Joel Gibson
(Eleanor Gibson)
1749 Frederick Co VA; died Dec. 23 1830 Henderson Co KY
Jeffrey Gibson
John Gibson
1740 Pa
Noah Gibson
(Lydia )
Late 1700's Philadelphia, PA;
Daria Myers
Solomon Gibson
(Elizabeth Millsaps)
1797 NC
Julia Ingle Schultz
Solomon Gibson
1787 CT or NY; 1810 Dutchess, NY, 1850 Seneca Co., OH
Johnna St Clair
William Gibson
(Mary Fatio)
1775-1830; Born Rugby, Eng Died - GA
Frank Gibson
James Giddens, Sr.
ca 1711 unk place; died 17 Jan 1820 Giles Co., TN
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Isaac Gifford
(Elizabeth M.)
1745-1823; NJ - Huntingdon Co., PA
Mike Gifford
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William Gifford
(Sarah Samson/ Sampson)
Abt 1770 ; Mar1791 New Bedford MA
Bette Harbick
Barnabas Gilbert
(Margaret ?Christian)
about 1745 possibly Pennsylvania; died after 1790 probably in Bourbon Co., Ky
Dr. William Hester
Charles Gilbert
March 21, 1756/ MD; VA/ GA/TN/KY
Virginia King
George Gilbert
1750 - 1850; Germany>New Hanover Twsp, Montgomery Co., PA
James Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilday
(Martin Updegraff)
1790 Pennsylvania;
Nancy Baumgartner
Angel Gillespie
(Lucinda Spencer)
c.1798-1850; Ky/Mo
Carol Lasley
Jeremiah Gillespie
(Frances )
1798; 1730-1780 anderson sc
Amanda Connell
Richard Gilliland
1765 DOB IRE>PA; 11 Mar 1838 DOD IN
Nancy Collins
Francis Gillmeyer
1753 Germany; Baltimore 1796-1810; Frederick Co. MD 1810- 1816
S. Kauffman
Francis Gilmeier
1753 Germany; Baltimore 1796-1810; Frederick Co. MD 1810- 1816
S. Kauffman
John Gilmore
(Agnes Park)
1660, Paisley Scotland; 1689, Ulster Ireland, 1700 MA, USA
Beverley Ward-Gilmore Neitz
Isaac Gilpin
(Charity Gilpin)
1675; 1730-31 Charles Co. Maryland, USA
Dimpleah Manasco
Solomon Gipson
(Elizabeth Millsaps)
1797 NC
Julia Ingle Schultz
Richard Gist
(Zipporah Murray)
1683 Baltimore MD; 22 Aug 1741
Barbara Cutter
Jonathon Glanton
1780; S Carolina
Mary Forester
Jeremiah Glasby
(Frances )
1798; 1730-1780 Anderson SC
Amanda Connell
Samuel Glossop
(Ann Hawksworth)
1799; Boston, MA
Patty Glossop Groves
John Glover
1773 - Harrison; 1859 - Marion
Jean M. Roberts


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