Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: August 25, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Pierson Fagan
(Silence Worden)
1780 N.J. or N.Y.; 1848 d Somerset, Pa.
Ann Heinz
Margaret Fairbanks
(John Miller)
1 Apr 1740, Ireland; died: 15 Oct 1825, SC probably Spartanburg Co, SC
Franklin Womack
Henry Falkinbough
1700; Orange Co, Virgina
B. Landis
Richard Fancher
1700-1705; 1726 Islip NY>1728 Stamford CT>1741 Morris Co. NJ
Alison Wallner
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William Fancy
(2. Katherine)
1610-1620; 1643 New Haven CT>1650 Southold, Suffolk Co. NY>1658 Setauket/Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. NY
Alison Wallner
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Elijah Fann
(Martha Rich)
1788; 1844 Decatur County, GA
S Daniels
Mary Fannin
(Burwell Burchett)
1746 VA; m. 1771 Dinwiddie Co, VA
Patricia L. Ratcliff
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Bryant Fanning
Abt1720; Virginia
Shirley L. Fannin
William Fanshaw
(2. Katherine)
1610-1620; 1643 New Haven CT>1650 Southold, Suffolk Co. NY>1658 Setauket/Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. NY
Alison Wallner
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Jobe Farmer
1750-1800; MD>Orange NC
Charlie Weaver
John Farmer, Sr.
ca 1688 VA; Proctors Creek, Chesterfield Co., VA
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
John Farr
1760 & NC; GA
lisa farr
Jehu Farrington
1766; NC
Wm. P. Farrington
Edward Farthing
Abt. 1751 VA; 1800-1803 Madison Co, KY
Michelle Wisniewski
Johann Fast
1789-1855; PRU>Mt. Lake MN
Terence Kelley
John Faught
bef 1765-aft 1810; Botetourt Co, VA
Sharon Sustar
Johnathan Faulk
(Phobe Tilman)
1762; Bladen Co N.C..
Robert Faulk
Henry Faulkinborough
1736; Bladen co. N.C.
B. Landis
Johannes Faus
1768-1841; PA:Berks Co>Perry Co
Gene C Smith
Philip Junior Fedderly
(Magdalena Ouderkirk)
1786 NY; 1866, Williamsburg, Ont., Canada
Nancy Fetterly
Jacob Fees
(Anna Maria Greim)
ca 1753 Pennsylvania; aft 1830 Ohio
Bill Wright
Nathaniel Felton
(Mary Skelton/Felton)
1615 Great Yarmouth, ENG.; lived Salem, MA. from 1633 to 1705 his death
Cora Felton Anderson
Tilman Felts
(Rebecca Ellis)
1773; Virginia
Joann Brewer
Alexander Ferguson
(Elizabeth Gowan)
1680-1750; Scotland>ME and VA
Linda Asberry
Andrew Ferguson
1796-1824 VA
Debbie Ferguson Payne
Charles H. Ferguson
(Celia Day)
1793 Edgefield Dist. SC; 1878 Jackson County GA
Philip Pittman
Thomas Ferguson
1732; Virginia
Rose Mary Patrick
Thomas Ferguson
1770; Felton
Ronald Sabiston
George Ferrell
(Mary Wolfe)
1775 ; United States
Radonna Hill
Leonard Ferris
(Katherine Steinmetz)
1784 NY Ostego Co.; 1868 Madison Co. Ind
Shirley Annis
Jeffrey Ferris
b: 1610 in Eng ; d: 1666 in CT
Nicholas Fessenden
(Margaret Cheney)
unknown; 1670's to MA from Canterbury,England
Elizabeth Barnaby
Nicholas Fessenden
(Margaret Cheney)
Abt. 1665; MA
Thomas R. Flood
Peter Fetterley)
(Hannah Basler)
1753 NY; (Loyalist who fought for crown in AmerRev); 1813 Ontario Canada
Nancy Fetterly
Philip Fetterly
(Anna Margaretha Schumann or Schumacher)
1725 in Germany or NY; 1800 NY
Nancy Fetterly


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