Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: October 8, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Nathan Doan
(Rachel Evans)
1754; PA
E. Joan Rose
Joseph Dobbin
(Mary Miller)
abt 1740-1799; Ireland, NY
Griffin Dobbins
(Patty Travis)
1781; Ireland, VA, TN, MS
Donna Dobbins Douberly
Ann Dobbs
(Lemuel Peterson)
unknown; Died 1818 Indiana
Reba Masterson Shepard
John Dobson
(Priscilla Arthur)
1790; Knox County, KY.USA
Jane Helton
Richard Dodd
(Ann Cunningham)
1714, Amherst, Va
Nancy Dodd Molthop
Thomas Dodd
(Sarah Sample)
b. 1729 Fairfax, Loudoun, VA; 1785 Union, Union, SC; m. 1760 Loudoun, VA
Kate Leslie
Elisha Dodge
(Mary Kimball)
4/1788-12/29/1866; Burnham, Waldo County, Maine
Maureen Titel
John Dodge
b 1575; ENG>US
Shelley Green
Samuel Dodge
(Alice Dunn)
abt 1758; Block Island, R.I.
Christine Hapgood
Thomas Doggett
Bef. 1725, Lancaster Co., VA; d. Abt. 1775, Caroline Co., V
Shirley Boatwright
Anthony Doherty
1770-1835; Orange Co. NC
Charlie Weaver
Joseph Dole
1691-1726; NJUSA
Jack Dole
Ambrose Dolier
About 1760 in Virginia; Died 14 Nov 1835 in Shelby, Georgia
Sherri Park
Ambrose Dollar
About 1760 in Virginia; Died 14 Nov 1835 in Shelby, Georgia
Sherri Park
Nancy Dollier
(Samuel Fitzgerald)
About 1799 in Spartansburg, South Carolina; Died 22 Aug 1851 in Van Zandt, Texas
Sherri Park
William Donahey
(Mary Caldwell)
abt 1750; Pa
James Lowry Donaldson
(Jane Stewart/ Lowry)
1776 - 9/12/1814; Baltimore, MD
Craig Donaldson Lowry
Samuel Donica
(Elizabeth Cook)
1784; VA
Wanda J Thompson
Margaret Donnell
(John Adams)
1690 Augusta Co., VA; 1770, North Carolina
Nancy Chamberlain
William Donnell
26 Apr 1760, Guilford Co, NC; married 1782, Guilford Co, NC, died: 29 Jul 1846, Wilson Co, Tn
Franklin Womack
William Dooley
1782 ; 1861 died in Illinois
Deborah Dooley-West
Anthony Dority
1770-1835; Orange Co. NC
Charlie Weaver
Benjamin Doud, Jr
(Ruth Stevens)
1775 Turin NY
D Kamprath
Anthony Dougherty
1770-1835; Orange Co. NC
Charlie Weaver
Issac Doughty
1790; New Jersey
Thomas E. Doughty
Abel Douglas
1778-1857; NC
Harriet Nihart
Alexander Douglas
(Grace Brown Grissell)
1759 S.C.; 1822 S.C.
Melanie Douglas
William Douglas, Sr.
abt 1694 in Charles City County, VA ; 1703 cut into Prince George County, VA then 1726 to abt 1748 in Brunswick County, VA then he died in Halifax County, NC, will probated in 1766
Silas David Douglas
William Douglas
1791 VA; 1833 D KY
Lori Potter
Joseph Douglass
b. 1768 Mecklenburg Co., NC; d. 12 Jul 1843 Sumter Co., GA
Sue L. Douglas Dolezal
William Douglass, Sr.
abt 1694 in Charles City County, VA ; 1703 cut into Prince George County, VA then 1726 to abt 1748 in Brunswick County, VA then he died in Halifax County, NC, will probated in 1766
Silas David Douglas
William Douglass
1785 NC; d. 1856 Campbell Co. TN
Mary Douglass
John Douthit
(Mary Scott)
d. 1784; Rowan Co NC
Malinda Jones
Thomas Dove
Paulding Ohio before 1800;
Betty Dove
John Lorenzo Dow
(Harty Ellis)
born 1799 CT; >IN in 1815
James Dowling
1755; Maryland, Kentucky; Served in Smallwood's Brigade and 2nd MD Regiment in the Revolutionary War. Pensioned originally in Pennsylvania then Kentucky. Purchased land in the 1790s "along Cartwright's Creek" in Nelson then Washington then Marion Co., Kentucky.
John Sullivan
Archibald Downey
(Sarah Cook)
1770 Westmoreland Co. PA.
Theresa Graham
Archibald Downey
1770; PA
John W. Cooper
John Downing
1650-1729; MA>CT
Gerald Myron Downing
Thomas Downing
(Thomazine Beer)
1691 Devon, England; d. 1772, Chester co., PA
Ray Downing
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Robert Draffen
1765-1828; Ireland>Albemarle Co. Virginia
Kathleen Ellis
Robert Draffin
1765-1828; Ireland>Albemarle Co. Virginia
Kathleen Ellis
Archibald Drake
1776; VA
Jean Bunce
Boston Draper
(Tryphena Brown)
1719; Boxborough, Ma
Ken Warkentin
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Timothy Draper
B. Sept. 30, 1780; Wethersfield, CT
LaVeryl Andrews
Gottlieb Dreyer
1788 Germany; America
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George John Droll
(Mary Anna)
18 Dec 1799, Bavaria, Germany; Germay > Seneca Co., Ohio; immigrated 1846
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
William Drummond
(Martha Clark)
1772 Ireland; New Portland, Me 1820
Peter Higgins
James Drury
Abt. 1794-1860; PA>OH
Laurie Nash
Gottlieb Dryer
1788 Germany; America
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John Dryman
Abt 1780 PA; 1820 NC
Joy Seaburn
Tobyas Dubois
`1751 Kingston, NY;
Ambrose Dudley
(Elizabeth (Betsy) Baker)
March 15, 1760; Ashe Co., NC
Barbara Brown
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Levi Dudley
Before 1800; NC
Miriam Beasley
Leonard Dudley
(Elizabeth Rains)
abt 1795 / Tennessee; Jan 1843, Franklin Co. Illinois
Karen Sluder
Margaret Dudley
(Joseph Scott)
1780 Onslow, NC
R. N. Moore
Ebenezer Duff
1798; NC>IL
Marlyn J. Duff
Benjamin Duke
1769, North Carolina
F Duke
John Duke
(Susanna Easley)
1775 Virginia
John Inman
George Duncan
1787-1864; Lewistown, IL
Tracy Trimpe
John Duncan
1742 VA; d. Oct 1809 Buncombe, NC
Janel Woodbury
Jonathan Dunham
(Mary Clark)
12/25/1775 Stetton NJ; DOD 7/23/1856 Sharjpsville PA
Wanitta M. Gray
Sarah Dunham
(Benajah Dunn)
m. 29 Mar 1744, Piscataway, NJ, b. 30 Apr 1718, Piscataway, NJ, d. abt. 1799, Greene County, PA
Anne Rank
William Henry Dunham
abt. 1780 - NJ; possibly NY
John L.
Joseph Dunklin
(Jean Warthen)
Before 1800; SC
Marsha Richeson
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Archibald Dunlap
(Elizabeth Baird)
1765, Scotland; 1800, Virginia
Gloria Ruffin
Rachel Dunlap
(Charles Evans)
1790-1850s; South Carolina > Marion Co. IN
Archibald Dunlop
(Elizabeth Baird)
1765, Scotland; 1800, Virginia
Gloria Ruffin
Benajah Dunn
(Sarah Dunham)
b. 13 June 1720, Piscataway, NJ, d. 19 Feb 1781, Washington County, PA, m. 29 Mar 1744, Piscataway, NJ
Anne Rank
Samuel Dunn
b. ca 1761, Virginia, d. 19 Dec 1843, Greene County, Pennsylvania
Anne Rank
Thomas Dunn
(Nancy Ward)
20 Nov 1778 (Bible Rec) Wilkes Co GA; d. 11 Jun 1858 Alva MS
Lanelle Dunn Hanke
William Dunn
Franklin Co GA; d 1811?
Donna Dunn Gordon
Zachariah Dunn
(Mary Davis)
b. abt 1770; m. 3/28/1794; d. 11/1/1841; Albemarle Co., VA
Joyce Dunn Leonard
Andrew Dunning
(Susan Bond)
1664-1736/37; Engl>MA>ME
Rae Venable Calvert
Josiah Dupont
1743 south carolina; d. 1802 Georgia
Bryan Reddick
James Dupree
1796-1858; NC>LA
Tom Dupree
Hans Jacob Dups
3 March 1714/15 Affoltern, Switzerland; Lancaster, PA
Jim Kuttler
Thomas Duren
(Winifred Brown)
bef 1680 England; died aft 1720 VA
Karen Dean
James Durgee
(Margaret Van Ess)
1795 Vermont
Joyce Ogden
William Durgin
1643-1701; Oyster River, NH
Caroline Chamberlin
James Durham
(Elenora Pattison)
1732 Ireland; United States
Richard Dusenbury
Aug 30, 1758; Saw Mill River Valley, NY
Donna Vaughn
James Duskey
(Lydia Hill)
1789 SC; 1830 MO
Linda Pryor
William Dutton
1790 Census NH, Hillsborough, Lyndeborough; after 1810 shown in VT, Caledonia, Walden.
Sally Dutton
Leonhardt Duttweiler
1740 Switzerlaand; Revolutionary War/Va.
Kyle Tutwiler Spicer
Michel Duval
(Fekecute Saunier)
1779 Nantes, France; Louisiana
George Dyer
(Ann Nichols)
1736 West Greenwich RI; Clarendon Vt
Diana Dyer
James Dyer
(Sarah Bilbo)
1796; Ky, La. Tx
Zola Christensen
Henry Dyess
abt 1700; NC
Chuck Dyess


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