Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: October 8, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Jannis de Groote
(Maria Pieternella van Dijxhoorn)
1793, Zaamslag, Zeeland, NDL; 1847, Milwaukee, WI
Karen De Groote
Mathilda De Witt
(Elias Krebs)
1799; PA
Sandra Hirsh
Hannah Deake
(Israel Jordan)
1769?; ME
Barbara Griffith
Jacob Deal
(Catherine Wike)
April 20, 1778; Lincoln County, NC; United States
Dwight D Deal
Simon Deal
1779; Western NC->TN->GA
Erin Marie Hammond
Aaron Dean
(Susannah )
1770 Virgina; DOD 1845/Mcminn
Tamara Dean
John Dean
(Keziah Smith)
Halifax Co. VA; 1775 Surry Co. North Carolina
Patty Simpkins Cartwright
John Dean
(Hannah Marshall)
1757-1846; Va>Nc>Ky
Mary Jo Blythe
Rhoda Dean
(Benjamin Flanders)
1783 Jaffrey, NH; died 26 May 1867 Mt Holly, VT
Richard Shea
John Dearing
(Sarah Miller)
1790 Tennessee;
John Dearing
David Deaver
1720-1790; Pennsylvania
Greg Deaver
Richard Deaver
(Grace Fitzmorris)
abt 1627 Scotland; Anne Arundel Co, MD
Joe D. Deaver
Laurent DeCamp
(Aeltje Mandeville)
1687; Staten Island, NY
Wilson H. DeCamp
John Deeds
(Barbara Armentrout)
c. 1780 Virginia
Patty Deeds
Adam Deel
(Rose A.)
3 April 1780; Pennsylvania
Howard Deel
Joseph DeGroff
1796; Cumberland Co., PA
Marsha Komandt
Joseph DeGroft
1796; Cumberland Co., PA
Marsha Komandt
Jacob Deininger
(Margaret Swank)
9/26/1798 -Unter Derdingern, Wuertemberg, Germany; d:6/11/1875 Greenville, Darke, Oh.
Pam Tharp
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Mary Deisman
(John Griest)
1799; PA
Marianne Wilkat
Ludwig Deissmann
(Catherine Zinlaubin)
1755; PA
Marianne Wilkat
Lewis Dejean
before1800; Boston MA
Elizabeth Delane
(Zachariah Cowart)
abt 1758 Davie, NC; D: 4 Mar 1831 Cowart Station, Early, GA
Jessie Crowell
Johann Dellinger
(Marie Barbara Gossner)
abt. 1697 Oberacker, Baden-Wurttemburg Germany; 1737 York County Pennsylvania
Linda Snipes
Peter DeLong
(Rachel Lewis)
1745-Oswego, N.Y.; 1807-Plattsburg, N.Y.
Phyllis Brothers
Louis DeMaranville
(Susannah Crapo)
ca. 1750; Rochester, MA
Mikki Judge
Bathsheba Demick
1734, CT
Gerri Fraterrigo
Louis DeMoranville
(Susannah Crapo)
ca. 1750; Rochester, MA
Mikki Judge
Christian Denckla
b.1780/90; Pennsylvania
Sara O'Neil
Samuel Dennis
(Sarah Moore?)
1767 Virginia (Fairfax)
Samuel Dennis
1784-1856; Hancock Co, GA>Dallas Co, AL
Harriet Nihart
Thomas Dennis
(Grace [Cole] Searle)
abt . 1638 prob. NH; Ipswich, Essex Co, MA
Glenda Frank Moser
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Sylvester Deputy
(Elizabeth Townsend)
Abt 1700? Virginia?; Abt 1705? Maryland?
Stuart Bechman
Samuel Derickson
February 28, 1754; Sussex County, Delaware
Marian Johnson
Denis Richard Desessart
1762-1827; LA
Bobbie Arrington
Jacob DeVault
(Mary Michaels)
1759; Moved toV/WV 1793
Nancy DeVault-Holt
William Devin
(Sarah Smith)
1724 Camden Parish, Dublin, IRE; bef 1802 Pittsylvania County, VA
Judith Arnn-Knight
George Dewalt
(Elizabeth Emery)
Abt 1772 in US (PA?;VA?); DOD: probably after 1830; probably in OH
Sharon Davis
Richard Dewey
about 1755; d 1826 Wayne Co., IN
John DeWitt
(Nancy Culbertson)
c1759 - 14 Jan 1820; PA>Jackson Co, (W)VA
Cheryl Gallagher
Lydia Dexter
(Joseph Smith)
b. c1710; Res; RI
Seth Hathaway Dexter
(Anna Powers)
12-06-1775; Rochester, NY
Joy Zeller
Lewis Dey
(Mary Baird)
1725; IL
Connie Beacham
Henry Dias
abt 1700; NC
Chuck Dyess
Zachariah Dibble
(Sarah Waterbury)
1644 Springfield,MA; Elizabethtown,NJ
Sandra Newsome
Edmund Dickenson
1788-1875; VA
Dave Dickenson
James Dickenson
(Samantha Case)
1767 New York
Denise Ervasti
Frederick Diercks
1796 Hanover, Germany; Ger>USA>IL 1847
Harold Klein
Anthony Dierdorff
(Christena Devers)
1683 Germany; NJ, VA, and OH
Dave Sloan
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George Conrad Dieter
(Catherine Barkey)
16 Mar 1777/Moore, PA
Mary Magdeline Dietrick
(Abraham Hess)
4-1-1799 to 5-31-1889; Halsey Valley, NY
Mark Boyle
Benjamin Dill
Abt. 1770; Pennsylvania
Andra Dill
Lawrence Dill
1645 England; 1737 SC
Ron Dill
Nicholas Dillard
1772-1807; S.C. and GA
Maria Dillon
Deriah (Dariel) Dilley
(Almira Jameson)
1797; PA>OH>WI>CA
Margaret Stapleton
John Dillon
b abt 1720; Tyrrell Co, NC
Evan Dillon
John Dills
(Rhoda Frayer)
1795; NJ
Charles E. Dills
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Bathsheba Dimick
1734, CT
Gerri Fraterrigo
Bathsheba Dimmock
1734, CT
Gerri Fraterrigo
John Thomas Disney
abt 1797-1875; Anderson Co, TN
Becky Phillips- Parker
James Diviney
1790 NC
Ann Schlemm
Carrentan Dixon
(Rachel Williams)
abt. 1797; Va. or NC.
Billy Figgins
John Dixon
(Rebecca Sherwood)
october 9, 1784; Rye, NY
Ann Brundage
William Dixon
1796-1865; NC>McMinn Co, TN
Mary Foster Ludvigsen


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