Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: June 30, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thomas Craddock
(Hannah Cook)
1781; VA
Barbara Craddock Pike
James Craig
1775; VA, PA
James Craig
ca 1705; died 1770, New Castle, Co., DE
Robert Craig
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Jonathan Craig
1750s Monmouth NJ; d. 1778 Monmouth NJ
Glenn W. Soden
Thomas Craig
(Mary Truax/Truex)
abt. 1725, North Ireland; m. 1748, Monmouth, NJ
Richard Craig
John Crain
(Mary Molly Bailey)
10 March 1752 Northumberland Co., VA; 28 Sept. 1852 Fauquier Co., VA
Karen Pursel
John Crandall
(Mary Opp)
1612, Monmouthshire, England; died Nov.29, 1676; Westerly, Washington Co., RI
Jeanne Hahn Wurmser
Luther Crane
b. abt 1781; NJ>OH
Jim McCabe
John "Jackie" Cranford
Abt. 1775; NC
Carolyn Kimrey
John Cranston
(Mary Moore)
1760; Ireland>MD>OH Guernsey Co.
Scott Robert Cranston Anderson
Richard Craven
1678-17??; England .> NJ
Peter Crawbuck
(Mary Elizabeth Jordan)
1790; New York City
Jim Maxwell
David Crawford
(Eliz Carlisle Searcy)
b:~1775 Carlisle PA; mar. 1805, Rutherford Co TN
Jan Peterson
Evan Crawford
(Nancy Bright)
1797 KY
Robin Haner
John Crawford
(Elizabeth Allston)
1746 Parish of Prince Frederick, SC
Winkie Crawford Robinson
John Crawford
(Elizabeth Alston)
1746, Marion Co, SC; mar abt 1766-1776
Winkie Crawford Robinson
Patrick Crawford
(Margaret Rudd)
1765; Pearl River, St. Tammany, LA; Belfast, Ireland
Stephanie Tisdale Harper
Thomas Crawford
DOB 1798 Virginia - possibly Harper's Ferry; DOD 1863 Milford, IL settled in Iroquois County, IL in 1835
Martha Moore
William Crawford
1700-1775; Culpeper Co., VA
Jean Redmond
Wm. Thomas Crawford
(Sarah Smith)
4 Aug 1796 Buncombe Co., NC; 3 May 1871, Medina Co., TX
Bette Butcher Topp
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William Valentine Crawford
(Honoria / Onora Grimes)
b 1692 Orange VA; d 1736 Shepardstown,Berkley,Va
Ross Pierce
James Creage
ca 1705; died 1770, New Castle, Co., DE
Robert Craig
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James Cree
(Rhoda Jane Elliot)
1776, Fulton Co., PA; 1810, Fulton co., PA
John Scott
Joseph Cree
(Ann Crissey)
c. 1765 - 1798; Elizabeth, NJ
Gary L. Maher
Hirum Creighton
1796 Camden District, SC; 1859, Clarke Co. AL
Thomas Creighton
(Jenny )
1715 Ireland; d. 1787 Camden District, South Carolina | Immigrated Dec 20 1772 Charleston, SC
C. Creighton
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Mighill Cressey
1628-1670; Essex Co, MA
William Cressey
George Crispin
1799 Pa; 1848 Ia
Linda Senear
Moses Criss
(Charity Sharp)
1795; VA
Vanette Hamilton
John Croft
(Catharine Syler)
1792 VA; OH
William R. Croft
Heinrich Cronister
(Susanna Coxen)
1744 Huntington Twp, Lancaster, York Pa; Died 15 Aug 1818
Martha Mast
Jonathan Cropper
(Nancy Hall)
Married 1820; Maryland
Amy Theodore
Eleazer Crosby
b. 1689; MA
Edith Blumhofer
William Crosby
abt. 1796, South Carolina; 1830 appears in Columbia County, Florida Census.
Ellen Oliver Wilson
George Cross
born 1799 Scotland; died 1867 Ohio
David Cross
Samuel Cross
(Susanna Presbury)
1730s?>1785; MD>SC
Edith G. (Heflin) Smith
Zachariah Cross
(Louisa T. Betty)
b. 1799/d. 1867; b. KY/ d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Adam Crossmyer
1781; Curtin, PA
Barb Crossmyer Reis
George Crossno
1750-1812; NC>TN
Mary Crossnoe
George Crossnoe
1750-1812; NC>TN
Mary Crossnoe
Martha Susan Crouch
(David Lindsey)
b. abt 1787/d. 1861; b. VA/ d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Samuel Crouch
1760; North Carolina
Thomas M. Jett
Adam Crounse
(Anna Barbara, Nancy Sternberg)
b. 2/2/1797; NY
Merritt Woznick
John Crow
abt 1795, Maryland; Ohio Cty, Kentucky
Kathy Anderson
Reuben Crow
(Abigail Lee)
abt 1760; NC
Sherry Healy
Stephen Crow
1750; Granville NC
C. Robertson
Herod Tucker Crowder
(Elizabeth Smith)
abt 1767. Amelia County, VA.; m.9/1/1810, Amelia County, VA.
Bill Talley
Michael Crowl
1743, PA; d. 1807, Frederick Co, MD
John Schunk
Joseph Crown
(Mary Fectrer)
1710-; 1800 Montgomery, MD
Gwen Bjorkman
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Richard Crowson
(Huldah Lindsey)
b. 1770/d. 1826; b. NC/ d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
John Crozier
(Sarah Crozier)
March 1, 1779, Co. Tyrone, Ireland; d. March 22, 1854, Piqua, Miami OH
Tom Crozier
Benjamin Crum
(Annette Jansen)
b. c. 1723, Ulster County, NY
Louise Rosett
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Nathaniel Cruthers
1760; 1802/NC
Terry Cruthirds
John Cudworth
1769; Boston
Leslie Braunstein
Nancy Culbertson
(John DeWitt)
c1770 - 15 Aug 1841; PA>Jackson Co, (W)VA
Cheryl Gallagher
James Cullings
(Ann Lenox)
12 Dec 1753 Quoigs, Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland; d, 27 Dec 1833 Town of New Scotland, Albany Co., NY
Barbara Cullings
John Cullumber
(Martha "Patsy" Furguson)
ca. 25 Dec 1778; d. 11 Apr 1845 Madison Co, OH
June Byrne
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Hans Culp
(Anna Phylis)
1710-1767; Germany-SC
Cheryl Zelek
Isaiah Culver
Before 1755; d. Guernsey Co, OH ca 1840
Karen Dale
Thomas Culwell
(Elizabeth )
24 October 1773; North Carolina > Arkansas
Kathryn Ramsay
William Cumming
(Sarah Coppage)
possibly 23 Mar 1709 Inverness, Scotland; died Mar 1793 in Lingamore Hills, Frederick Co. Md.
Dr. William Hester
David Cummings
(Sarah Keithley)
1787; VA
A. J. Munnerlyn
Hugh Cummings
abt 1760 unk; 1776 VA
Robert Murphy
Polly Cummings
(Andrew Barrows)
8-1-1791 to 2-15-1862; Mansfield, CT and Hector, NY
Mark Boyle
Moses Cummins Jr. 1780; Stafford Co KY
Joy Durland
Richard Cundiff
1713; VA
Phyllis Murphy
John Cunningham
b.1777 approx; Virginia
Deborah J. Brinker
James Cunnyngham
(Arabella Goode)
abt 1738, Ulster, Ireland; d. abt 1784, Shenandoah, VA
M. La Nell Shores
Michael Cupp
(Barbara Lagle/Lail)
1740; NC
Wanda Bowlin Davis
Frederic Curp
Jan 1765; Highland Co, OH
Lee Gordon
Samuel Currey
1758; Chester County, PA
Peter Currico
late 1600's-early 1700's; Bryantown Hundred, Charles Co, MD
Kay Carrico Tapia
Elizabeth Curry
(Robert Curry)
1781; New Jersy
Harry Curry
c 1760; Virginia
Sherri Heavner
Anna Curtis
(Leonard Hills)
Abt. 1798; NE - maybe NY or VT
Earlene Bradley
John Curtis
1740; MA>CT
Richard F Curtis
John Curtis
1630's; Wethersfield/Stratford, CT
Cathie Holman
Nathaniel Curtis
(Susannah Thomas)
b1712 ? CT.; d,1758 Queen Anne Co. MD.
Joseph Curtis Dalton
Joseph Custer
1790-1800; MD/PA/OH
T V Patterson
George Cutlip
1711-1795; GER > SC > PA > (W)VA
Rod Bias
Hepzibah Cutter
(Lewis Winslow)
1789, MA; d. 1859, New Berlin, NY
Ann Palmer
Hepzibah Cutting
(Lewis Winslow)
1789, MA; d. 1859, New Berlin, NY
Ann Palmer


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