Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 11, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Christophe Cook
1603; Fall River, MA
Edward Cook
(Ann Thomas)
1760 - 1860; SC
Janice Gorham
John Cook
(Betty Brown)
aft Sept 1738/VA; 1783/SC; 1797/GA
Alexis Spiritas
Orrin, Orin,Oren Cook
(Patience Pease)
1799; Vt.
James Cook
Willis I., Sr Cook
(Gemima Dees Dees)
b. 1796 Robeson Co, NC; d. 1872 Miller Co, GA
S Daniels
Henry Cooke
(Judith Birdsell)
1638-1661; Salem, MA
Jean Cavrell
Edmund Cooley
(Dolly ? Polly)
1797 - ; NC > KY
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David Cooper
1725; VA
John W. Cooper
Jacob Cooper
b. 1778; NC
Barbara in Nashville
Henry Cope
1790; Pennsylvania
Howard Deel
John Andrew Cope
(Margaret Mary Bostian)
4 November 1781; Davidson CO, NC
James Wilson Cope
David Copeland
1783; Penn.
Edith Oakes
James Copeland
(Elizabeth "Maggie" Blackwood)
1778 Spartanburg,S.C.; a.1836 Jackson,Co.,Ala
Betty Albright
William Copeland
1750-1843; Pa
John or William Coppedge
(Elizabeth Bayse)
born about 1710 in Md or Va.; probably died after 1750 in Maryland
Dr. William Hester
Joseph Corbe
(Janette )
1790-1805 La.; United States
Betty Corbett
Joseph Corbet
(Janette )
1790-1805 La.; United States
Betty Corbett
Ambrose Corbin
(Jane Crawford)
b. 1722-1729; Spotsylvania Co
Janice Patterson
George Corbin
(Grace Savage)
1620-1680; Northampton Co, Va.
William Toomey
William Allen Corder
(Martha Stone)
1792 S.C.
Estelle (Corder) Calloway
John Cork
1787; Jefferson Co. NY
Richard Curtis
Garrett Cornelison
marr 1726; NJ>Loudoun Co VA
Nancy Roberts
Cornelius Cornell
(Helen Cornell)
1770's, N.Y.
Sean McLean
Gabriel Cornell
(Abigail Knapp)
1759/60; NY
Tom Cornell
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Tunis Cornell
(Mary Williamson)
child b 1762, New Jersey; d ca 1814-15, Jefferson Co,, OH
Bill Wright
Cullen Cornett Sr.
(Sarah (Sally) Crays)
1781-1880; Cumberland, NC.- Fannin, Co. GA.
Mildred Anderson
James Corning
1780-1840; RhodeIsland
Elizabeth Cornwall
(Arthur Bibbins)
b. 1682 Middletown, CT; c. 1730 Windham, CT
Hickerson Cosby
(Ann "Nancy" Harris)
1750; Virginia
Gwen Cosby Moore
Jacob Cosman
(Margaret Sabin)
5 Aug 1769, Newburgh, OrangeCo, NY; Margaret: 5 Feb 1780-28 Jun 1840 BothBur:Cosman Cem.
Patricia Brown
James Cosseboom
born about 1792 NJ; 1850 census Posey Co., Ind
Henry Costine
1798; Colleton, SC
Tammy Costine
William Cotanch
(Sarah Wil)
abt 1740; Knowlton, NJ>Dryden, NY>Pine River, WI
Joanie Scott
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Alexander Cothran
1740-1780; ?>Orange Co NC
Charlie Weaver
JohnIraEllis Cotten
(Abigail Herring)
Before 1800; Tennessee
Betty Owens
Sarah Claiborne Cotton
(Zadock Simmons)
by 1741 Halifax Co., N.C.; by 1800 Anson Co., N.C.
Lillian Champagne
John Couch
(Mary Boone)
1750 NC
Ron Couch
Richard Coughlan
(Esther Lessley)
b. est 1745, Wales; d, 11 Mar 1801, Marlboro, VT
Peter Coughlan
John Coughran
1755-1803; PA
Traci Spears
Mathias Cousar
(Mary Kee)
1780 to 1700; Scotland/N.Ire./England; ==> Augusta Co. @1739; ==> in 1755 to Lancaster,S.C.(Anson N.C.)
Wilma M. (COWSAR) Brown
Richard Cousart
(Martha Barkley)
1720 Pa.; lived in Pa. Augusta Co. Va.& nr. Lancaster, Lancaster co. S.C.
Wilma M.(COWSAR) Brown
Thomas Covington
(Elizabeth May)
born S.C. about 1785; Lincoln,County Georgia
Sara Covington
Jacob Cow
(Frederick Cow)
1775; MD
Susan Coy Lowe
William Coward
(Mary Speight)
Dec 1688 Rappahannock, VA; D: 5 Apr 1729 Chowan, NC
Jessie Crowell
Zachariah Cowart
(Elizabeth Delane)
10 Nov 1754 Dobbs, NC; D: 17 Jul 1839 Cowart Station, Early, GA
Jessie Crowell
Ezekle Cowden
(Mary Jane Hisley)
abt 1780-1818; PA>MD>OH
Valerie N. Williams
Joseph Cowell
(Sarah Davenport)
7 Dec 1786 North Carolina; Died 23 Nov 1869 in Benton County, Tennessee
Joseph Cowell
b.1783; NC>TN
Barbara in Nashville
George Cowger
(Hannah Hawes)
Before 1800; Virginia
Sandra Pope
William Cowherd
(Bridgette Hall)
abt 1634 Wells, Somerset, England; D: 8 Apr 1705 Bertie, NC
Jessie Crowell
Alexander Cowhick
b. abt. 1786 PA; d. 1877 Page Co., IA
Mary Tuxhorn
Archibald Cox
(Charlotte Turner)
ca 1773, POB unknown; d. 1840s in SC
John Wm. Cox III
Gilberry Cox
1799; TN
Ruth Woodward
Henry Cox
(Anne Madison)
5 April 1773; Virginia
James Cox
John Cox
b 1754; Culpeper Co.VA
William Morgan
Joshua Cox
(Nancy Evatt)
1775 SC or VA
Ann Schlemm
Margaret Cox
(Issac Nichols)
possibly 1750; Bainsbridge, NY USA
Jewel Moore
Phillip Cox
(Jemima Cox)
1765; Rockingham NC
Betty Seifert
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Selena Cox
(Aaron Ellsworth)
1796; Vermont
Liz Scott
William Cox
(Allice Else)
1726; 1767 NC, SC
Zechariah Cox
1789 North Carolina; died 1860 Gordon, Ga.
Lisa Cox Reagan
Andrew Coyer
1775; Pa
Cornelius Coyle
(Rebecca Allen)
b. Ireland; ==>to US after 1790; m. 1803 Lexington KY
Nancy Ouellette
Joseph Cozad
(Elizabeth Hargis)
1778, MD; 1810 Christian co. KY; 1820 -1850 IL
Faith Cozadd


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