Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 11, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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William Coakley
(Margaret Carter)
b. 1788; VA, KY
Charmagne Quenan
Joshua Coates
(Polly Brown)
1790 Halifax, Virginia;
Anne Coates
Clisby Cobb
(Margaret Young)
1750 NJ
Clisby Cobb
(Margaret Halset Young)
abt.1750; Hanover, New Jersey
Patricia H.Hill
James Cobb
(Frances Brayton)
1769 Rhode Island
Carol C
Thomas Cobb
1762-1841; NS, ME, MA
Loren Cobb
Daniel Cobia
1714; Charles Town, SC
Rachel Romen
Abraham Coble
1790-1865; Franklin Co., PA. to Elkhart Co., IND.
John Coburn
(Hannah Munro)
ca 1725; Chester, PA
Budd Jordan
John Coburn
before 1800; Eng > MA
Ann Cochran
(Thomas Wilson)
1713-1789; IRE>ME
Rae Venable Calvert
George Cochran
b. abt, 1795; Edgefield, SC
Bill Cochran
John Cochran
1755-1803; PA
Traci Spears
Anne Cocke
(Robert Bolling )
1686 Virginia; 1749 Prince George Co. VA
Jane Richardson
David Clinton Cocke
(Jemina Leach)
1748-January 10-1827; Yadkin Valley, NC - Ft Blackmore, Scott Co., VA
Sue Willey
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Archibald Cocks
(Charlotte Turner)
ca 1773, POB unknown; d. 1840s in SC
John Wm. Cox III
Isaac Coe
28 May 1795; Edgefield Co., SC
Mary Lou Lisenbe
Barant Pieter Coeymans
(Andries De Vos)
1570, Noord-Brabant, Holland; death date unknown, Breverwick (Albany), NY
Anne Brewer
George Cofer
Abt 1757 VA; 1800-1837 KY>MO
Betty Cathcart
William Coffee
(Sarah Raleigh)
about 1729 Ireland; before 1800 KY
Christine Young-Crate
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James Coffland
(Eleanor Potts)
1780, VA; d. 1859, Belmont Co., OH
Patricia Mooney
Michael Coggins
(Mary Burk)
1794; New York/Michigan
Mary Ann Waibel
Alexander Coharon
1740-1780; ?>Orange Co NC
Charlie Weaver
John Cohick
(Elizabeth Carpenter)
B. abt. 1775; d. 1819 Lycoming Co., PA
Mary Tuxhorn
William Coker
born;1769 ; VA
Curt Swanson
John Colbert
Abt 1780; NC or SC
Pat Colbert
Charles Cole
(Elizabeth Stoneman)
1761 VA?; m. 1795 VA
Barb Norvell
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Edward A Cole
1769 in KY or MD; died 1826 in Clinton Co., Illinois
Terry Cole
John Cole
(Achsah Newman)
1774 NC; Sumter SC
Jerry Cole
Richard Cole
(Ann Hubbard)
21 Apr. 1729 Pennsylvania; DOD 21 Nov 1814 KY
Richard Cole
In the 1700's, POB unknown; Grayson County, Va.
Carol Roark Valora
Simeon Cole
(Elizabeth Sherman)
26 Oct 1747 or 1749, CT.; d. Stanstead Cty, Quebec, Canada
Jacqueline Sleeper Russell
Thomas Cole
abt 1750; NC
Joyce Pryor
George Coleman
(Nancy Burford)
Abt 1780, South Carolina; Died Between 1814 and 1819 in AL or GA
Woody Coleman
Julius Coleman
(Elizabeth Coleman)
b. 1743; VA.
Eleanor L. Duran
Thomas Coleman
(Elizabeth Poindexter)
1719; Virginia
James Collings
(Christian Davis)
abt. 1780 MD; OH
Beth Nelson
Gilbert Giles Collins
(Sara(h) P. Whitney)
1794 Washington Co., NY; m 1825 Saratogo Co., NY; d 1880 Calhoun Co., MI
Sara Taylor
John Collins
(Sarah Chapman)
1780 Portage Co. OH; d. 1841 Cass Co., MI
Patricia Johnson
Martin Collins
(Charity Brown)
Abt 1795-1800 NC; Bedford Co., TN & Washington Co., AR
Mike Freels
Jean Baptist Fulcar Combelle
(Marie Louise Fromentin)
1740-1770, Montpellier, Prov. of Languedoc, France; Married June 15, 1784, New Orleans, LA
Stephanie D. Guillot
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Richard Combes
1653-1752; England>MD
John Kracha
John Combs
(Mary Adams)
1760-1854; VA>Mercer Co., KY
Robert Craig
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Augustine Comeau
(Celeste Sonnier)
1779; Opelousas LA.
Kent Faulk
Robert Comfort
(Elizabeth Betts)
1700; Newtown, NY
Barbara Rogers
Susannah Conant
(Joseph Gillett)
2 Feb 1772 Dover Plains, NY; d. 29 Jan 1860 Ridgefoeld, Ohio
Vickie Grigsby
Daniel Cone
abt 1660-1706; Middlesex Co, CT
Robert Shamblen
Stephen Conklin
(Martha Brown)
1780; East Irvington, NY
Donna Vaughn
Nathaniel Connally
(Elizabeth Naylor Nailor)
1761 Virginia; NC TN GA
Annabel Blake Seltzer
James Endleman Jr Connell
(Sarah Reeves)
1770 in N.C.; died 1853 on Connell Plantation near Nashville, GA
Mary Lou Jones
Annenias Constable
1788-1850; Md.>Mo.
B L Taylor
William Constant
abt 1795 S. C.; in Roane Co., TN Census
Dianna Cooper
Thomas Conyers
(Jane Wills)
!757 & Pa.; 1796 & Tn.
Jodella Conyers Tollefsen


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