Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John A Cinnamond
(Frances Herndon Whitecotton)
1768 ; Kentucky USA
Mary Cinnamon
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John Cisti
(Eliza Paris ?)
1736 - 1800; Philadelphia, Maryland
Lisa Linn
John Cisty
(Eliza Paris ?)
1736 - 1800; Philadelphia, Maryland
Lisa Linn
James Clack
(Mary ?? poss Sterling)
abt 1698, Gloucester Co, VA
Jo Holsinger
Holt Clanton
(Catherine Newsome)
1759 Virginia; abt 1815 Georgia
Marcy Frede
Catherina Clapp
(John Philip Foust, Sr.)
1744 Berks Co., PA; died aft 1805 Sullivan Co., TN
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Daniel Clare
1790-1843; VA>KY>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
Abijah Clark
1798 VA; 1830 Conecuh Co. AL
A.D. Clark
Drury Clark
(2nd. Alice Wilcox)
ca.1770; Brunswick Co VA
Mary Joe Clark Ferguson
Elijah Clark
1785; NY
Jocelyn K. Clark
Ezekiel Clark
1774; Herkimer co NY
Diana Hone
Henry Clark
(Elizabeth Dudley ?)
1635 - 1700; Richmond Co. VA
Canova Sue Ashby
Isam Clark
brn. about 1797; brn. SC =>TN =>MO=>TX
Jeff Cocking
John Clark
abt1791 Maryland; Knoxville, Marion Co., IA
Maryanna Stever
John Clark
(Ann Turner)
late 1700's; VA, OH
John Clark
(Martha Westcott)
1740 Bedford, Westchester County, NY; 1792-1808 Milton, Saratoga County, NY. 1809-1818 Aurelius, Cayuga County, NY
Liz Cornish
Joseph H. Clark
(Nancy Smith)
1745 Halifax Co., VA;
Tari Boynton
Love Clark
(Rebbecca Allman)
1795 Bumcombe co; NC
Mona Clark Henderson
Lucas Clark
(Phila Avery)
October 22, 1788; Easthampton, MA
Chris Clark
Michael Clark
born Abt 1774 NY?; died 1864 Port Alleg.,PA
Heather Dodge
Richard Lee Clark
(Elizabeth Betsy Malinda Jones)
1795 Virginia; 1883 Illinois
Susan Clark Neese
Roger Clark
1726-1765; PA>OH
Marilyn Brown
Samuel Clark
ca.1722; VA
Rae V. Calvert
Solomon Clark
(Serah Turner)
1759 Northampton, Hampshire MA
Alan Clark
Solomon Clark
(Eunice Crandal/l)
@1778 CT; 1850 Census Stanford, Dutchess NY
MiMi Johnson
Susanna Clark
(James Cunningham)
1779, VA; d. 1862, Union Co., IN
Sara Taylor
Thomas Clark
(Susannah Ring)
1599 England; 1623 ==> Plymouth on the Ann; d: 1696 Plymouth, MA
Jo Holsinger
William Clark
(Frances Blaydes)
1779 Westmorland Co Va; m1802 Franklin co Va
Veneta Hazlewood
William Clark
(Judith Craddock)
1782; Halifax Co., NC
Don Clark
William Clark
August 1, 1770; Caroline County, VA
Karen Monroe
Henry Clarke
16??-1690; Richmond Co.VA
Canova Sue Ashby
Joshua Clarke
(Alice Phillips)
1650 Rhode Island
Charles Clarke
Roger Clarke
1726-1765; PA>OH
Marilyn Brown
William Clarke
(Barbara Helmick)
b. 1760/1; PA>WV
Patricia Colbert
William Clarke
1778 Clark Co. Ky; Married 1804 Ky
Ruth Dann
Richard Clarkson
born about 1700 probably in Maryland; lived in Caroline Co., Maryland
Dr. William Hester
John Clay
1655 Virginia
David Clay
John Clay
1613; Jamestown VA
Gynger Cook
Lambert Clayton
(Sarah Davidson)
1782; North Carolina
Virginia Green
Daniel Cleaf
(Mary Morrel)
3/30/1799; Monmouth Co., NJ
Mae Pfeiffer
George Cleere
c1760; Caroline Co. VA
Nancy Cleere Rodgers
Simon Clement
(Mary Pridham Wright)
bef 1720 VA; 1776-1801 Granville Co. NC
Mary Clement Douglass
Grissell Clements
(William B. Burford)
b. abt 1740 in VA; d. 1797
Jo Holsinger
Thomas Clements
1738-VT.; 1772-NY
Adam Clendenin
1740; VA
Debby Consiglio
George Clendenin
(Margaret Lowe)
1791-1831; VA
Leah Froemsdorf
Matthew Clesson
(Mary Phelps)
abt 1655 Ireland; died 1716 Northampton, MA
Sharon Galitz
Benjamin Clevenger
(Susanah Copenhaven)
1777; VA
Donna Clevenger
Reuben Cloos
1743-1826; NY>PA
Traci Spears
Reuben Close
1743-1826; NY>PA
Traci Spears
Reuben Closs
1743-1826; NY>PA
Traci Spears
Thomas Clough
(Ruth Conner)
May 29, 1651 MA; died Feb 6, 1748/49 MA
Pat Ratcliff
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Philip, Sr. Clover
((1) Elizabeth
(2) Susannah) 1724 Ger.; d. Aug. 1802 Berkeley Co., VA ; 1764 Mecklenburg, Fred. Co., VA (now Shepherdstown WV); 1788 Berkeley Co., VA Bill of Sale
Joanne V. (Lewis) Thomas
William C. Clugh
1799-1884; Mifflin, PA
Jeff L. McElravy, Sr.


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