Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Buchan
1766; North Carolina
Charlotte Buchan
Abner Buck
b. late 1750s; CT
Gene Buck
Duty Buck
1793-1861; NY>IL
Terence Kelley
James Buck
(Penelope Newman)
Abt. 1745; NC
Brenda Perkins
James Buck
Born 1697 in Beaufort County?
Russell T. Langford
Jonathan Buck
1750 Sharon, CT; d. 1840 Lorain, OH
D. Buck
Jacob Buckholts
1755; Craven Co, NC
B. Schenck
Mary Buckner
(Charles Minn Thruston)
born about 1740 probably Gloucester Co., Va; died 1765 in Virginia
Dr. William Hester
Gilbert Budd
b. 5 Aug 1762; d. 1 Jan 1851 Southampton, NY
Anne Winters
William Budd
(Jane Hassen)
1795 Pennsylvania; death 1863
Pam Budd
Comfort Bullock
1765; Hudson NY
Peter Anglim
Mary Bullock
(Rene St. Julien)
ca.1674-after 1712; Bermuda>MD>VA
Rae Venable Calvert
William Allen Bullock
1763; Wood Co, TX
Nancy L. Bullock Ingle
Richard Bunberry
1780-1849, King George Co, VA; King George Co, VA/Caroline County, VA
Jane Bunbury
1750 King George, Va; 1850 VA
Charmaine Mueller
David Bunch
1770-1780; Washington Co., IN
Catherine Katrovitz
William Henry Bunn
(Elizabeth Smith)
1793 NC; 1875 AL
Christine Young-Crate
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Fredrick Burchett
(Nancy Hudson)
1796 Virginia
Sharon Cox
Jesse Burchett
(Elizabeth Hall)
1796; Va
Gigi Payne Knight
Nancy Burden
c1790; NC
Dolores Melby Hibbert
Robert Burdick
(Ruth Hubbard)
1610; 1661/ Westerly, RI
Deborah K Rogness
Richard Burdine
1727-1765; Culpepper Co., VA
Daniel Burford
(Sarah Miles)
b abt 1684 in VA; d. abt 1756 in King William Co, VA
Jo Holsinger
Daniel Burford
(Mary Taylor)
May 20, 1714, Gloucester County, VA.
Sherry Barber
Thomas Burford
(Mary Wade)
b. 20 May 1750 Virginia; d. 26 Sept. 1838
Clarence Burford
John Burgess
about 1775; 1810-1830/Ohio
Carol Burgess
Keziah Burgess
(Henry Walker)
1753-1759; Maryland or Virginia
Holly Haskins
John Burgher
1764 - Albemarle County, VA; d: 1820 - Fayette, KY
John Burke
(Rhoda Compton)
ca 1735 MD or VA; 1760 Fairfax Co., VA
Liz Plattsmier
William Burke
(Lydia Chase)
1736 MA; d. 1809 Warwick, RI
Janel Woodbury
Owen Burn
(Sarah Daughtrey)
b 1740; Northampton NC
John Burnham
1785, MA; 1832 NY, 1840 MI, 1860 TX
Mary Hayden
Samuel Herrick Burnham
(Jemima Steves)
1794 Ipswich; Canada
Sharon Light
Thomas Burnham
1623-1694; Ipswich, MA
Caroline Burnham Chamberlin
Crawford Burns
1776; NC.
Tommie Pratt
George M Burns
(Elizabeth Raper)
1796 / 1868; NC, TN, GA
Cindy Carson Mc Clure
Samuel Burns
(Mary Leslie)
1754, PA; York Co., SC
Nan Starjak
Peter Burrell
(Mary Elizabeth Knight)
8 Sep 1710 ?MD; 1751 Fred.Co., VA
Bette Butcher Topp
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Cynthia Burris
(John Simmons)
1768 South Carolina; 1792
Joanna Burroughs
(John Reeder III)
1643 unkplace; died May 1694 Newton, Queens, NY
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Joseph Burt
(Jemima Leonard)
July 09, 1757; Morris, NJ
Jane Peppler
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Henery Burtt
B 24 Aug 1701; Talbott Co.MD
Lea M. Fox
Nathaniel Burwell
1714 to 1746; York County, VA
Dudley Burwell
John Bush
1775; Washington Co, PA
Brian Robbins
Richard Bush
(Elizabeth Beby)
abt 1650; VA
Becky Kennedy
Susannah Bush
(Mark Noble)
b 1 Feb 1786 unknown; m 5 Mar 1805, PA; d 18 Oct 1862, PA
Hattie Dixon
John Bushong
(Rebecca Hale)
1797 Ky; Mo
Debra L. Simkin
William Butcher
(Margaret Donnally)
1754 MD or VA; 1785 Greenbriar Co VA
Andrew Butcher Jr
William Butcher
(Jane )
Abt. 1750, Prince William Cty, Va.; d. 1800 Prince William Cty, Va.
Nora Crauthers
Christopher Butler
1770-1839; Duplin Co. NC
Charlie Weaver
Elisha Butler
abt 1799/NC, USA; Georgia/USA
M. Jenkins
James Butler
(Sarah Christopher)
b. 1758/d. aft 1841; b. VA, d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
John Butler
1735 Ireland; Died in Goshen, Mahoning Co., OH
Crilly Butler, Jr.
Noble Butler III
(Rutha Bishop)
1771 Pa; 1805 Handcock co, Ga
Bob Johnson
Phineas Butler
(Sarah Miller)
1780 MA
Thomas Butler
1784-will; Sussex Co,VA
Sarah Browder
William Butler
(Martha Hodgkinson)
1711 Arrowsic, Maine; 11791, Phippsburg, ME
Susan Babcock
Zachariah Butler
(Sarah Bowe)
1736 Hanover Co. VA; Elbert Co GA
Myra H. Lucas
John Bybee
abt 1625; VA
Becky Kennedy
Andrew Byerly
Abt 1750; PA
James Wright
Robert Byers
abt 1780; NC
Pat Cope
John Byrd, Sr.
Born bef. 1766; Died aft. 1820; Resided 1810 in Pendelton District, SC; Resided 1820 in Perry Co., MS.
Rob Swinson
Matthew Byrne
1763; Bladen County, NC
Anne Byrne Wright
James Byrom
(Elizabeth )
1687; Sailed to Essex Co. VA by 1725


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