Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 6, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Hezekiah Broad
Abt. 1675; MA
Thomas R. Flood
Ebenezer Broadbrooks
(Lydia Small)
b. c1750; Res: CT
Scarborough Broadwater
Bef. 1790-About 1835; Edgefield, SC 1790
Nancy Meaux
Moses Brock
(Sarah Jane Brown)
1787 circa; North Carolina
Pat Cook
Terry Brock
1798; SC>McMinn Co., TN
Barbara in Nashville
John Brodrick
about 1790 NJ; about 1830 NY
Harry Brodrick
Jeremiah Bronaugh
b. 1660; Stafford Co. VA
Malinda Jones
Taliaferro Bronaugh
b. 14 March 1776; Faquier Co., VA
Steve Williams
Joseph Bronson
(Mary Taylor)
1708; Mass
Vanette Hamilton
Levi Bronson
(Mary Reynolds)
1760-1800; CT>PA
Sharon Bronson Tishler
William Brookbank
(Rhody Hardin)
1795 Md; 1812 Warren Co., N.C., 1840 Guilford Co., N.C.
Arnold Allen
Asa Brooks
(Sarah Jane )
Lucretia Jane Pope)
1777 Anson County NC
Jane Hayes
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Caleb Brooks
?-1667; Medford, MA
Penny Warne
Hiram Brooks
(Sarah Peasley)
1785; New York
Susan E. Brooks
Jeremiah Brooks
(Elizabeth Thomas)
1770-1870; VA>Caswell/Person NC
Charlie Weaver
Joseph B. Brooks
1762-1849; Danbury CT > Lexington NY
Robert Brooks
ca. 1730; Mecklenburg Co, VA
Robert Casey
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John Broomall
before 1667; England >Chester (now Delaware) Co. PA
Anne Broomall Wiegle
Isaac Broomell
(Lydia Neal)
b 1762 d 1834; Chester Co. PA
Anne Broomall Wiegle
John Broomhall
b 1796; VA> LA> MS
Anne Broomall Wiegle
William Brothers
1786 New York State; Fulton County, N.Y.
Phyllis Brothers
Frances Broward
(Sarah Rebecca Bell)
1755 Province, France; 1764 Charleston, SC
Brenda Vick
Abraham Brown
(Edith Tindall)
abt, 1771-1774 NJ; married Feb 20, 1797 NJ
Susan Brown Elliott
Benjamin Brown
6 Jul 1790, Cheraw District, South Carolina
Ann Singleton
Burrell Brown
(Mary Urvin)
ca 1710; 1750/VA
Alexis Spiritas
Elizabeth Brown
1770; KY
Evert Brown
Abt 1760; Westchester Co, NY
Donna Vaughn
George Brown
1765-1800; NJ
Marilyn Wiberley
Henry Clay Brown
(Elizabeth Kitchen)
1785-1862; VA and AL
Frank Calagaz Jr.
Henry Washington Brown
1783-1855/8; TN>MS
Marietta Sexton
James Brown
born about 1666 in England; died after 1690 in Delaware
Dr. William Hester
James Brown
1777; Charles City VA
Thomas Workman
Jeremiah Brown
(Jane Franklin)
1759 NC
Kerry Brown
John Brown
(Sarah Wood)
1799; NC
Barbara Brown Brinkley
John Brown
(Mary Archer)
1737, Yonkers, Weschester, NY
MB Brun
John Brown
abt 1780; NY
Paul Brown
John E Brown
(Judith Ball-Jameson)
11 23 1793 VA; Died 03 1860 Clark Co. Il
Shirley Annis
Josiah Brown, Jr.
(Sarah Warner)
1795; Broome Co., NY
Justine Miller
Peter Brown
(Martha Ford)
1590 England; 1633/MA
William Sheldon
Reuben Brown
(Amanda Converse)
1778-1847; Freedom, NY
J. Schwan
Robert Brown
(Elizabeth Cooke)
1735 Newport
Betty Wells
Spencer Brown
(Katherine )
1754 S.C.;
Gary Brown
Thomas Brown
England; came to America in 1637
Sally Brown
William Brown
(Eunice Slawson)
b. abt 1740; of Poundridge, NY
Jeff Gray
William Brown
Oct 1, 1745; Wake Co., North Carolina
David Brown
Jeffrey Browning
6/26/1792 S Kingston, RI
James Bruce
1735-1741 Scotland; 1784 & 1819 Pendleton, SC
Renee Bishop
Daniel Bruckner
(Bachman and Benson)
b. 1766 Basel, Switzerland; 1800 Census Charleston County, S.C. / Date of U.S. citizenship: 21 Sep 1802 Charleston, S.C. / Died 11 Oct 1832, Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga.
Katrina Gibson Ray
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Elizabeth E. Brunk
1790s- NC -TN; TN -NC-MO-KS
Carla V. (Hill) Leighton
John Brunson
(Hannah Scott)
abt. 1643 CT; 1712 SC
Vanda Cole
Levi Brunson
(Mary Reynolds)
1760-1800; CT>PA
Sharon Bronson Tishler
Anderson Bryan
1750-1800; Virginia
James Bryan
Fortunatus Bryan
(Elizabeth Goodbee Dupont)
25 March 1776 Albemarle, Virginia; d. 1822 Barnwell, South Carolina
Bryan Reddick
Francis Bryan
Before 1800; Maryland> Nelson Co. KY
Margaret Davenport
John Bryan
1731, Rowan County, NC
Robert Casey
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William Bryan
Dob 1760 Died 6/29/1848; Patrick Co., Va
Shelly Wellmon
Andrew Bryant
(Maribah Barlett)
1749; Plaistow, New Hampshire
Bernie Bradner
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John Bryant
(Mildred Quinn)
1799 SC
Ron Bryant
Peter Bryant
1790; B 1790 NC TN KY
M. Marler
Richard Bryant
(Keziah Arroyah)
born about 1650 in Va. or England; died 1704 in Virginia
Dr. William Hester
William Bryant
Abt. 1739 VA or NC; d. 1762 Edgecombe Co. NC
Sheridan Cook
William Bryant
1741-1834; New Brunswick Co, VA
Shirley A. Michael
John Bryson
(Jane Malone)
1753 dLDancaster Co. Pa. ; 1824 Pendelton co. S. C. dateh
Joy Smith


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