Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 6, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Braddy
(Sarah Hall)
1774; NC
Miriam Beasley
Robert Braden
c.1700; Rutherford County, NC
Susan Robinson
John Bradford
1670-1753; Worcester Co MD
Dean L Bradford
Samuel Bradford
b. 9/1768(?); MA>PA 1820s; near Boston
Bill Bradford
Hobbs Bradley
(Sarah Lockert)
c 1760 Ireland (Donegal?); DE>1790 Anson Co., NC>1820 Kershaw Co., SC
Sara Mason
James B. Bradley
Abt. 1798; VA
Bruce Barkley
Joshua Bradley
(Nancy Gardner)
c1769-1839; Cabarrus Co., NC>Sumner Co., TN>Jackson Co., IL
Joel S. Russell
Joel Bradshaw
1750-1800, North Carolina
Robert Brady
(Elizabeth Shepherd (possibly))
Robert born 6/7/1799 Ga.; died 10/22/1868 Ala.
Brenda Brady Reeves
Johb Bragg
abt 1647; Old Rappahanick VA
Hank Bragg
John Benjamin Bragg
(Mary Sasser)
1786-1863; Madison County
Jackie Sopko
Simon Brahm
(Katharina Wunschmann)
31 Oct 1778 Villmar, Nassau; 3 Aug 1855 NY Passenger List
Marvin Hoerig
Daniel Brainerd
1641; East Haddam, CT
J. Yankowsky
William Brake
(Mary Robinson)
1791; NC
Sonja Fletcher
John Branch
(Martha Jones)
1600-1688; Engl>VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Levi Branch
1792 NC; D:1849 Union, Franklin County, Missouri
Carla V. (Hill) Leighton
John Brandon
1662; ENG> PA
Theresa Brandon
Elizabeth Bransford
(Francis West)
b. abt 1732 VA ; d. Amherst Co VA m. abt 1753 Chesterfield Co. VA
Benjamin (Benoist) Brashear
(Mary Richford)
b. 160? France; immigr. 1636/37 Ship - Tristan & Jane; issued VA headrights Jul 1636; d. 1663 Calvert Co., MD
Julia A. Heaton Krutilla
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Benjamin (Benoist) Brasseuir
(Mary Richford)
b. 160? France; immigr. 1636/37 Ship - Tristan & Jane; issued VA headrights Jul 1636; d. 1663 Calvert Co., MD
Julia A. Heaton Krutilla
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Stephen Brattain
(Elizabeth Lowe)
1797 SC; Ohio
Dave Sloan
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George Bratten
(Mary Smith)
1781, New Castle, DE
Linda Bratten Brown
Carter Braxton
1736; VA
Kevin Henry
John Bray
b. ca 1760; North Carolina
James Wall
Samuel Breed
1669; MA
Fred Breed
Elijah Breeding b. abt 1799, d. abt 1874 Maries County
Bill Breeding
Absolom Breland
(Chela Garcia-Glenn)
before 1800; NC
Jeremiah Bresee
abt 1778 Mass; Dec 1826 died NY
Mel Bresee
William Breshears
(Anna Hardin)
1790 SC; 1850 AR
Rosa Morales
John Brewer
(Elizabeth Rice)
10 Oct 1642 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; 10 Sep 1642 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA
Judy St. Eve Schor
Lanier Brewer
1746 Virginia;
David Brewer
Mary Polly Brewer
(William Barton)
1786 VA; m. 1808 d. 1833 Knox Co. KY
Gary Barton
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Jonathan Downs Brewster
(Mary King)
1792 Old Pendleton Dist. SC; 1830s, Campbell Co GA 1860 Bartow Co GA
Mary J Wyatt
Lucretta Briant
(William Phillips)
1790-aft 1824; NJ
Susan Archer
John Brickell
(Nancy Nelms)
b. abt 1748, d. 1789; lived Halifax, NC
Marcia Bourdeau
Caleb Bridges
(Sarah Brewer)
3 Jun 1677 in Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts; Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Judy St. Eve Schor
George Benjamin Bridges
(Nancy Edwards)
b. 12 Feb 1762; Elizabethtown, Bladen, NC
Jim Bridges
Samuel Bridgewater
(Eleanor Mary Ann Kaughman)
April 10, 1749, England; Death May 11, 1827 / Vienna, Indiana USA
Stephanie LaMaster
Samuel Bridgwater
1637-1708; Sulhampstead Abbots, Berkshire, Eng > Henrico Co., VA Vern Paul
Benjamin Briggs
31 Aug 1798 Fayette Co PA; m before 1830
Mary Jane Battaglia
Thomas Bright
(Ellen or Hellen Ellis)
1798 England; 1838 McHenry County, IL
Sue Langley
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Thomas Brigman
b. 1705, d. 1774; VA>NC/SC (Richmond NC, Marlboro SC & nearby)
Terri Brigman England
George Brinker
(Rebecca Bowman)
29 Sep 1746 - 1785; Frederick Co, VA
Cheryl Gallagher
Jacob Brion
1760; Berks Co, PA
Harry B. Brion
Thomas Bristol
1790 Pennsylvannia; Ohio
Sheila White
Joseph Britnell
1735 South Carolina; Fairfax County
Bob Britnell
Obediah Britt
(Ava )
1763; Georgia
Mollie L. Trammell


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