Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: October 30, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Frederick Black
1750 approximate; MD
shirley c
James Black
(Elizabeth Russell)
1726; South Carolina
Margaret Johnson
James Black
(Ruth Scudder)
Dec 10, 1740; Indiana Co, PA
Shirley McMunn
John Black
(Margaret Hamilton)
25 May 1737 Marsh Creek, PA; POD: 29 Mar 1809 Mecklenburg, NC
Barbara Black Jones
Willaim Black
(Elizabeth Jane Tumber(lin))
about 1753 GA
Susan Black Davis
William Blackburn
(Mary Adham)
b. abt 1750; VA>Jefferson Co, WV
Judith Conner
Cain Blackmar
Oct 27, 1755; Smithfield, RI
Kingdon Blackmarr
Theophilus Blackmar
(Frances Battey)
b. 1751 RI; d. 1842 Res: Scituate, RI
John Blackwell
(Catherine Wood)
1760-1840; Orange County, Va
Nimrod Blackwell
(Sara Broders Smith)
1774, Culpeper, VA; 1850, Augusta, VA
Judi Blackwell
Nimrod Blackwell
(Sarah Borders-Smith)
Marriage; 21 July 1794
Lee Hixon
Alfred Blair
(Mildred Burford)
b. abt 1793 in SC; d. aft 1850
Jo Holsinger
David Blair
1797; Monroe Co. TN.
Shane Blair
Samuel Blair
(Mary Reynolds)
1789 Pittsylvania County, VA
Judith Arnn-Knight
Edward Blake
(Jane Savage)
c.1722-1795; died Charleston, SC
Julia Shields
Joseph Blakeley
(Sarah Harvey)
1773 Co., Down, IRE; 1840 Butler Co., PA
Glenda Nothnagle
Francis Blakely
(Rachel Hardesty)
Dec. 24, 1770; NY, VA, Ireland, or Scotland
Earlene Bradley
Thomas Blakey
(Delilah Avery)
bef 1800 Penn.
Bess Smith
William Blanchard
(Abigail Scofield)
1718-1721; CT/USA
Sally Rasmussen
Zachariah Blankenbeckler
born 1752 d 1824; VA
Hallie Garner
Michael Blind
(Mary Funkhouser)
Abt. 1755; d. aft. 11 Apr 1831 Shenandoah Co., VA
Gaye Robertson
James A. Bloom
(Mary Ann Passmore)
28 FEB 1798 Potter Township, Centre, PA; Died 18 SEP 1866 Pike Township, Clearfield, PA
Rick Gleason
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William Bloomer
(Nancy Carrell)
b. 20 Aug 1784; d. 03 Sep 1848; NY > Fayette Co,, OH > Wabash Co, IN
Jane Whitty
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Parley/Perley Bloss
1776-abt 1857; Windham CT
Jeff L. McElravy, Sr.
Frederick Blount
(Miorum ?Koen)
born between 1770-1780; NC
Teresa Blount
Nathaniel Blunt
1748-abt 1814; Botetourt Co VA
Sharon Sustar
Daniel Blythe
abt. 1780; South Carolina
Ben Bailey
Benjamin Blyther
abt 1794; Maine
Daniel Boatwright
(Jane Martin)
Abt. 1739, VA; D. 26 Mar 1797, Cumberland Co., VA
Shirley Boatwright
Gabriel Bobo
land pat. 1700; New Kent Co., VA
Chuck Bobo
Virginia/Jeaney, Jenny Bobo
(James? Ray)
ca. 1768 either Granville N.C. or Cross Keys S.C.; moved to Raysville GA.
William Boerum
(Ann?/Alice? Duryea/Duryee/Durie)
1764 ab.; supp.Marr.Feb.1780 Dutchess County (?) New York
John Boles
(Edith Craig)
1780-1800; Ohio
Don Boles
Henry Boley
(Barbara Hartz)
14 Apr 1795/ Robeson Township, Berks, PA; 2 Jan 1881/American Fork, Utah, UT
James Tapley Boling
(Mary Drucilla White)
1790 - 1877; NC
Tom Stewart
Robert Bolling
(Ann Stith)
1650; Virginia
William Bolling
1772 NC; 1850 Cherokee Co, GA
Martha Halden
Henry Bolton
(1. Catherine Chapman)
(2. Nancy Mann)
about 1760-1846; Giles Co, VA
Dillis R. Bolton
Peter Lee Bolton
(Nancy Ann Hussey)
1780- 1784; Cumberland Co. N.C.
Gerry Kalista
William Bond
Abt. 1787 in Maryland; Died 1853 Indiana
Gary Bond
Francoisa Bonetta
1700 Montagne, Saintonge, France; 1774 Avoyelles, Parish, LA.
Blanche Moore
Francoisa Bonette
1700 Montagne, Saintonge, France; 1774 Avoyelles, Parish, LA.
Blanche Moore
John Jarvis Boon
1790 NC > AL; Alabama
Joseph H. Boon
1736-1808; NC/GA
Holli Boone Kees
Balthaser (Balzer) Bortner
(Mary Elizabeth)
b. 1689 Germany > PA; d. 1748 Berks, PA
Robert Givens
James Bostick
app 1790-1860; SC
Glen Cook
Seneca Boston
(Micah Boston)
about 1750; Nantucket Island
Y. Rowland
David Boucher
(Mary Eve Friedline)
12 November 1789; Hamburg, Pennsylvania
Betty Miller
William Boulware
(Lucinda Terrell)
1794 Caroline Co. Virginia
MaryEd Hartnell
Pierre Marc Bouquet
(Rose Catherine Langlois)
1770 France; 1836 Louisana
Tommey Bouquet
William Bowden
(Martha )
1742 No Carolina;
Gary Bowden
Alexander Bowe
(Rebecca Hughes)
ABT 1633, England; Middletown, Middlesex County, CT
Jon Wray
Henry Bowen
(Elizabeth Johnson)
March 13, 1723/24; Woodstock, CT
Jane Peppler
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Rachel Bowen
(Jonathan Biddle)
b.1773,d.1844; NJ,PA @ IN
Owen Picton
Moses Bower
1794; 1794-1858 Pa. and Oh.
Vicky Moon
Elizabeth Bowers
(George Kline)
1781-1851; NJ>Lycoming Co. PA
Jeremiah Bowers
(Margaret Eason)
1768 VA; Resided TN, MS KY
D. Hinson
James Bowland
bef 1730; Culpepper Co., VA
Jean W. Stringham
Thomas Cotton Bowling
(Lydia Sheffield)
1793 NC; 1840 St. Clair, AL
Betty Aronson
Elizabeth Bowman
(John Garvin Trial)
12 Dec 1794 Virginia; DOD 11 Apr 1880 Limestone Township, Il
Lorie Mosteller
Charles Bowyer
(Lucretia Lyles)
b. 1772 VA; d. 1856 OH
Kathleen Johnston
John Boyd
(Sarah Griffith)
Abt 1735 England; 1800 VA
Betty Cathcart
Rebecca Boyd
b. 13 Mar 1787; d. 12 Jul 1857; NC > McMinn Co, TN
Vanessa Stanton Butler
Ruth Boyd
(John Jennings)
MD; 28 Janary 1809 Marriage Frederick Co., MD
John Boye
(Jane Taylor)
Unknown; 1651 Charlestown, MA
Everette Bowie
Henry Boyer
Before 1800; 1809-1829 Shawneetown Illinois
Kate Boyer
Johan Philip Boyer
1715-1781; Lebanon Co, PA
Gwen Boyer Bjorkman
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John Boyle
(Rachel McCarty)
4-20-1799 to 9-13-1876; New Milford, PA
Mark Boyle


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