Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Beach
(Betsey Curtiss)
1764-1790; CT
Eve Fowler
John Beal
(Sarah Ball?)
1788, SC; 1823, Tennessee
Jude Crossland
Mary Beal
(James Whiton)
Dec.,30,1647; Hing, Mass.
Arloa Pearcey
Thomas Beal
1775; Caroline Co., MD
Lea M. Fox
Christopher Beale
1781-1850 ; MA
John Kracha
John Beale
(Susannah Mercer)
b: 1779, > Mifflin Co, PA
Ferdinand Beam
(Rebecca Mobley)
1786; Fairfield County, NC
Donna Lee Hall
Francis Beaman
1750-1820; NC>Owen Co IN
Glorianne Fahs
Wealthy Beaman
(Zachariah Collinsworth)
1785 Montgomery Co. NC; Died 1860, Alabama
Mary Beamon
(Charles Madaris/Maderas)
1765-1775; married bet. 1690-1700 Middlesex Co. VA-d. 5 Feb 1720
Daniel Bean
(Sarah Ross)
1762 Augusta Co. VA; m. Dec. 1789 Mecklenberg NC
Peggy Jentgens
Mary Bean
1792; Canterbury, NH
Jim Sutton
Augustin Bearce
abt 1618; Barnstable
Nelson Barss
John Beard
abt. 1767 ; 1829 died in Hancock Co., Ohio
Carrie Johnson
Alice Beasley
b 1768; VA>PA>OH
Jim McCabe
James Beardsley
(Hester Hetty Bradley)
1780; Kentucky
Brenda Hall
Edmond Beasley
Abt 1797; NC,ILL,IN
Pat Beasley
Urban Beats
b 11 Apr 1748 d 2 Nov 1820; Franklin Co PA > Columbiana Co OH
Susan K. McMahan
Lily Beaty
(Matthew Armstrong)
1720-'s; of Augusta Co. VA
Samuel Beaty
(Catherine Grigsby)
abt. 1793 VA; m. January 20, 1817 Shenandoah Co. VA.
Armond Beaty
William Irvin Beavers
b abt 1775; VA
Alison Clement
William F. Beazley
(Mary Ann)
abt 1765; North Carolina or VA
Jean W. Stringham
John Bebee
abt 1625; VA
Becky Kennedy
John Beby
abt 1625; VA
Becky Kennedy
Jeremiah Beck
(Mary Knight)
born 4/7/1773 in Maryland; married 12/23/1797 in Frederick, Maryland; died 2/12/1858 in Van Buren County, Iowa
Lane Beck
Humphrey Beckett
(Rachel Tyler)
born 1782; Maryland
Kathy Bender
William Beckham
1772-1858; VA>OH
Gloria Albinak
Isaac Bedal
(Sarah Palmer)
15 May 1750 New York; Dutchess, NY> PEC, Ontario> Green Lake Co., WI
Stephen Handorf
John Bedel
(Abigail Cleveland)
1750 Bath NH; 1821 Sweden NY
Patricia True
Timothy Bedel
(Elizabeth Merrill)
1736-1787; MA-NH
Barbara Elliott
Elisha Beedle
(Mary Bishop)
12/1788 Bath NH; 1825 Sweden, NY
Patricia True
Thomas Beeman
(Phebe Parke)
1692-1750; Kent, Litchfield Co, CT
Gwen Boyer Bjorkman
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James Beggs
(Elizabeth Hardy)
c1705 Ire; d abt 1779 Va
Ann Thurman
Robert Behethland
1607; VA
Randolph King Waddill
John Belcher
(Jane Lockhart)
c1776 Va; d 1843 Jackson Co, Mo
Ann Thurman
John Belcher
ca 1785; Petersburg, VA
Tina Ellis
John Belcher
1770, MA or NY; d. 1854, Susquehanna Co., PA
Kim Sullivan
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West Belk
(Nancy Gadberry)
1797; Lincoln County, NN & Overton County, TN
Harold C.
Francis Bell
b: ca 1614 Yorkshire, England ; d: 1/18/1688-89 in Stamford, CT
William Bell
(Mary McGowin)
1746 - 1757; Augusta Co., VA
Harvey Bell
William Bell
(Hanna Davis ?)
1790 1800; Bath Co. VA
Bonita Bell
Farozina Bemis
(not needed Hinsdell/Hinsdale)
24 March 1763; d. 1829 Pompey, Onon. Co. N.Y.
Farozina Bemus
(not needed Hinsdell/Hinsdale)
24 March 1763; d. 1829 Pompey, Onon. Co. N.Y.
Edward Bennett
(Elizabeth Rose)
1795 Elk Valley, TN; 1847 Whitley Co. KY
Mary Adams
Gilman Bennett
(Polly Jewett)
abt 1786; Gilford, New Hampshire
Hiram Bennett
(Rebecca Anderson)
1788-1875; South Carolina
Karen Wheeler
Jacob Bennett
1795-1882; WI/IA
C. Pearson
Jeremiah Bennett
(Phebe Lain)
1760-1811; born CT? Lived in Minisink, Orange County, NY Rev. War - NY
Darla Stimbert
Joel Bennett
(Sarah Bird)
1780 NJ; d. 1867 PA
Oliver Bennett
1781, NY
Allice Cain
Peter Bennett
1776; Harford Co. MD
Yvonne Miller
Reuben Bennett
(Sarah Elizabeth Robinson)
1796 Warren co., NC; Lancaster County, SC 7 Monroe Co., GA
Chad Bennett
Thomas Bennett, IV
1580 England; died ca 1642 James River, VA
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Thomas Bennett
1700 ??? VA????; 1795 Martin Co. NC
Deryl Bennett
William S. Bennett
abt 1775-1850; Meriwether Co. GA
B. J. Bennett
Jeremiah Bennit
(Phebe Lain)
1760-1811; born CT? Lived in Minisink, Orange County, NY Rev. War - NY
Darla Stimbert
Joseph Bensell
(Mary Eizabeth Garland)
1795; NC or TN
Charlotte R Floyd
Elizabeth Benson
(John Robinson)
died 1803; Virginia
Robert Benson
(Mary Lane)
abt 1791 Guilford Co., NC
Ted Benson
Francis Bentson
Bef. 1667 D 1709/10; Accomack Co, Va.
William Toomey
Philip Berger
1774 & PA
Bill Barger
Hosea Berry
1787; Georgia
C. Giambattista
Richard W Berry
(Sarah Marsh)
1791, Connecticut; 1820, Royalton, New York
Mark Berry
Robert Berry
(Sarah Mitchell Dovenberger)
Bef 1800; Ireland>Belmont Co., OH
Brenda Perkins
Wiley H Berry
(Mildred (Milley) Roundtree)
ca 1775 Edgefield SC; died bef Nov 1838 Edgefield, SC
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Francisco or Francois Besse
(Marianna Lepine)
About 1770 in or near New Orleans, Louisiana; Died 2 Jul 1819 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Sherri Park
Thomas Bethel
1698; Henrico Co VA
Suzie Morris Ball
Urban Betz
b 11 Apr 1748 d 2 Nov 1820; Franklin Co PA > Columbiana Co OH
Susan K. McMahan
Samuel Beverly
(Rhoda Terry)
b 1797; Virginia
Sherri Heavner
Thomas Bevington
(Elizabeth Johnston)
b. 19 Nov 1757; d. 9 May 1839; Beaver Co, PA
Julie Humes
David Beyer
(Christina Henshie)
26 July 1796; 28 Apr 1845, PA
Shirley Boatwright


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