Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: March 15, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Jacob Barb
1725-1819; Shenandoah Co., VA
Peggy Dunning
Benjamin Barbary
(Sally or Sarah )
1774 Tyrrell County NC; 1817 (Death)Greenville County,SC
Debra Dillard
Ann Barber
(David Phillips)
c1748-1804; NJ
Susan Archer
Benjamin Barber
(Nancy Dawkins)
circa 1776, possibly in NC; Richmond Co., NC in 1880
Sherry Inman
Calvin Barber
abt 1796 CT; MI by 1840>MN 1870
Sheri Trout
Holden Barber
(Sarah Latham)
1787; RI, NY
Bonnie Enzenauer
Joseph Barber
(Jean Goad)
abt 1760; Pittsylvania Co., VA
Norman Barber
Matthew Barber
(Susanna Thurman)
1792-1860; Pittsylvania Co,VA
Rebecca R. Sisk
Moses Barber
1652 RI
Carl L. Barber
Sarah F. Barber
(James Crawford)
14 Nov 1798; Fairfield District, SC
John A Crawford
William Barber
between 1733 and 1758, Rhode Island
M. J. Barber
Matthew Barbour
(Susanna Thurman)
1792-1860; Pittsylvania Co,VA
Rebecca R. Sisk
Miles Gorham Barden
(Mary Hugle (Huguelet))
1767 - 1838; Loudoun Co.>Louisa Co., Virginia
Christine Wencker Schomaker
Adam Bare
(Mary Claycomb)
1760; Lancaster Co, PA
Diana Barr-Dass
Philip Barger
1774 & PA
Bill Barger
Elias Barker
Abt 1740-1805; VA>WV>Madison Co.,KY
Michael Barker
Catherine Barkey
(George Conrad Dieter)
Reverend Richard Barkley
(Mary Kirk Wren/Wrenn)
@ 1680 to 1700; Lancaster Co.Pa./Augusta Co./Anson Co.N.C.(?)/Lancaster Co.S.C.
Wilma M. (COWSAR) Brown
John Barley
1766; Halifax Co.,VA
Jean Barley Chaka
Aaron Barnes
(Martha Eggleston)
1790; Litchfield Co., CT
Charles Paige
Alexander Barnes
(Mary Ann Rizer)
1796 Allegany, MD; married 1822 Allegany, MD
Kristen Stout
Rezin Barnes
June 6, 1794-May 21, 1815; MD
Barb Ledbury
Samuel Barnes
(1st. Tabitha Hanks)
(2nd Jane Scott)
abt 1769; VA
Kathleen Barnes Mularski
Tabitha Barnes
(Bythal Horn)
1770; N.C.
Lucille Thorne
John Barnett
1789 Georgia; 1866 DOD Putnam County, GA
Bill Barnett
Nathan Barnett
(Susannah Johnson)
1727 St Peter's Parish, New Kent CO, VA; GA
Patsy A Hughes
Catherine Barnhart
(John Miller)
Frederick Co. , MD; married 11 Feb. 1787
John Miller
Aaron Barns
(Martha Eggleston)
1790; Litchfield Co., CT
Charles Paige
Adam Barr
(Mary Claycomb)
1760; Lancaster Co, PA
Diana Barr-Dass
Andrew Barr
1762; Sullivan co., TN
Jeff Barr
Peter Barr
(Margaret Basteyon)
b:abt 1785 VA; d: 1825 Franklin Co OH
Russ Livingston
Philip Barr
1760-1800; Shenandoah Valley Va
William Barr
Zachariah Barr
(Sarah Wale)
b. Abt. 1745-1755, VA?; m. 1776, Northumberland Co., VA; d. 1812, Jessamine Co., KY
Jennifer Selfridge
Christopher Barrett
(Ann Smith)
1788, Yorkshire, Eng.; Lenawee Co., MI.
Steve Ring
Thomas E Barrett
(Mary Polly McIntosh)
1775, Eng; d 1866 VA
Brett Carey
Matthew Barrow
(Martha "Patsy" Childress)
23 Apr 1784 ?Green Co, NC; 1808-mar. Nashville TN/d. 30 May 1855;
Matthew Barrow Pilcher, IV
Andrew Barrows
(Polly Cummings)
4-20-1796 to 8-5-1867; Halsey Vally, NY and Hector, NY
Mark Boyle
Robert Barrows
(Bethia Ford)
8 Nov 1689; Mansfield, CT
Nancy Bender
John Bartee
(Matilda Meriwether)
1784; South Carolina
Russ Bartee
John Bartee
(Dicey Estes Kirby)
b 1760; VA
Rebecca R. Sisk
Henry Barter
(Sarah Crockett)
bef 1800; Me
Julia Tupper
Frederick Bartles
(Anna Apt)
Germany; 1753 NJ;1823 NY
Les Hamilton
Oliver Bartlett
(Asenath Smith)
1742 Massachuetts; 1765 married
Ronald Bartlett
Richard Bartlett
(Lydia Bradley)
b.~1711; Ma
Ronald S. Bartlett
Van (Von) Barto
(Catherine Black)
approx 1798; Centre Co PA
Cindy Barto Harding
Ann Barton
(George Simmons)
bef 1780; of Caswell Co., NC
Jean W. Stringham
Joseph Barton
Abt. 1790; children were born in South Carolina, previous to that is unknown
Pamela Barton Stallings


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