Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: October 31, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Bathsheba Babb
(John Lytle)
21 March 1786; PA, Ill, IN, Ohio
Doris Warner Parish
Maria Bachman
(Andreas Zuber)
married 6 Sept 1763; Lancaster Co., PA.
Abraham Bacon
(Alice Sargent)
8 Oct 1796 MA or VT; died PA
Katherine Wright
Abraham Bacon
(Alice Sargent)
1796; Vermont or Massachusetts
Linda Wright
Jeremiah Bacon
(Delilah Prichard)
B 1775; Berk CO PA
Louise Judd
Thomas Badman
@1790 Pa.; in OH 1810-1840
Holly Muller
Henry Baer
Born 1785; Md>Ky
M.S. Russell
William Bagby
(Drusilla Simms)
1750; Virginia
Burton Bagby-Grose
Aaron Bagg
(Sally Pettibone)
1700s; MA
Kenneth Joseph (Bagg) Neder, Esq.
William Bagley
1780; NC
Barbara Alexander
Charles Bailey
(Mary "Polly")
February 09, 1791; Sampson County, NC
Cary Bailey
James Bailey
(Sarah Walden)
1790 NC; d: 1840 MS
Glenda Morrow
Jonas Bailey
1789; SC
Pat(ricia) Spears
Joseph Bailey
1760-1997; VA>KY
Paul Bailey
Samuel Hamilton Bailey
(Rebecca Payne)
b. 1797; Warsaw, Va.
David Danby
Seth Jr. Bailey
1780 MA; 1860 Ohio
Grace Nugent
William Scott Bailey
(Laura Ann McCauley)
1795 Caledonia, Vermont;
Toni Pralle
Hugh Bain
(Effie McKinnon)
1740; Cumperland Co., NC
Susan Bain Creasy
James Baisley
prob abt 1750-55 pl unk (Bible says b. in N J ?); private 1776 NJ
Aileen Huntsman
Bozeal or Basele Baker
(Harriette Marion)
DOB: abt. 1798 in PQ, Canada; bet. 1830-1837 moved to Chazy, Clinton County, New York
Christopher Collett
Edmund Baker
(Saley Thorn)
m 10/22/1800; Richmond Co NC
Francis Baker
(Isabel Twining)
circa 1592; Circa 1624 /Mass.
Lionel Baker
Henry Baker
(Elizabeth Tipton)
1785 SC or NC; died 1837 TN
Joseph Baker
(Jane Renfroe)
1753 South Carolina; death 1818 Baldwin Co. GA
Barbara Whitehead
Maurice Baker
(Elizabeth Griniff)
abt. 1640; Maryland
Courtney Tompkins
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Purnal Henry Baker
(Sarah "Sally" Smith)
1765-1837; Sussex Co. DE > Pickaway Co. OH
Starling Baker
(Nancy Hail Elliott)
b. abt 1781; B. SC
Barbara Craddock Pike
Isaac Baldwin
(Mary "Polly")
b. 1780/84, PA; d. April 1848
Judy Corey
Isaac Baldwin
1780/84, PA or VA; Ohio Twp, Monroe Co., OH, 1820; purch. land in OH, 1820's & 1830's. D. 1848, OH.
Judy Corey
William Balfour
(Nancy Perry)
1770 North Carolina?
John Jack
Alling (Allen, Allan, Alan) Ball
(Anna Wiley)
Jan 20, 1775; Fairfax, VA
Molly Stoddard
John Ball, Sr.
(Winifred Williams)
1670, Stafford County, Virginia; Marriage date: 9 Mar 1714
Jennifer Ball
William Ball
(Elizabeth Byles)
1729; Philadelphia
Lynne Ball
William Ball
(Ann/Mary?/Sarah ?/Lilly Ann Carpenter/ ?/ Martin?/ Hitt?)
abt. 1740 (Virginia?); d. Laurens District, South Carlolina in 1805
Lisa B.
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William Ball
(Margery Creel)
1764; Va
Emilie Reine
Sarah Ballard
(Benjamin Fuller)
about 1727; Dedham?, Massachusetts
James Wall
Leonard Ballowe
(Susannah Goode)
by 1680 VA; d.1748 Albemarle CO, VA
Jean Merchant
James E. Bankston
1790 S. Carolina
Benjamin Bannon
1792, PN; d. after 1870, IL
Susan Beddes


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