Descendants of Thomas Petticord and Susan Kendal

Thomas Petticord was born 5 July 1808 in Baltimore or Anne Arundel Co., MD and died 10 Mar 1895 in Wheeling WVA. He was married to Susan Kendal in Dec 1840 in the Howard District of Anne Arundel Co. Their eldest son in his civil war papers state that he was born in Ellicott's Mills, MD (todays Ellicott City). There are only various guesses as to who Thomas's parents are. At one time it was thought he might be a son of Morris, but that is now looking unlikely. There were, however, a number of possible Peddicord males in the area for whom we have no information if they were married or had any children.

One approach is to look at the census entries for persons with unknown descendants that would match Thomas.

One possiblity is Morris Petticord and Keturah Bond who were married 26 Feb 1793 in Baltimore Co. In 1810 cencus Morris is listed with 3 males under 10, one male over age 45, one female one female under age 19 and one female age 25 to 45. There are no probate records for Morris. However Laura Petticord Buchen (Charles C. Petticords daughter) dictated information to her daughter Laura two weeks before she died. She stated that Charles C. Petticord had five brothers John, Will, Peter, Kinsey, and Joshua. Joshua went West and was never heard from again. She told this to Laura in 1924. Will is believed to be the William Petticord born 7 Aor 1794 and baptised at St Thomas parish. John Petticord was born 11 May 1797 and was a hatter by trade who married Catharine Wilson. [Both William and John fought during the War of 1812 at the Battle of North Point, with John being the third last survivor of the Old Defenders of Baltimore[ Kinsey was born about 1807, also a daugher Sarah was born in 1808. So these would account for the 3 sons and 1 duaghter shown in the 1810 census for Morris, although the ages do not agree with those in the 1810census entries. Of the other mentioned sons Peter was born about 1812 and Charles the father of Laura was born about 1821. Looking at 1820 Morris has two males under age 10, (Peter and Charles), two males age 10 to 16, (Kensey and ?), one male 18 to 26 (?) one male age 26 to 44 (William) and one male over 45 (Morris), one female age 10 to 16 (Sarah), one female over 45. John was married and had his own listing in the1820 census living in the 4th ward of the city. As for Joshua, In the 1840 census of Washington Co., PA in Robinson Township there is an entry for Joshua Petticord with one male age 40 to 50 and one female age 40 to 50 years. There is one other stray census reocrd for Petticord in Baltimore County and that is James Petticord. In the 1830 census in what seems to be the fifth district, James Pettycord. 1 male age 30-40, 1 female age under 5, 1 female age 10-15 and one female age 15-20. So as suggested in 1820 might Morris had more children than Laura remembered? In 1830. Morris is age 60 to 70 and had one male age 10 to 15, one female age 15 to 20 and one female age 50 to 60.

Another possibility is Humphrey Peddicord born 1777 married 1 Apr 1809 Elizabeth Hooker. In the 1810 census Humphrey is listed with one male age 26 to 45, four females under age 10, and one female age 16 to 26. In the 1820 census Humphrey has two males age 10 to 16, one male age 26 to 44, three females under 10, one female 26 to 44. These two records do not jive, but perhaps the census taker made errors. One of the male children is believed to been Rezin M. the other is unknown and two of the three girls are Mary Ann and Charlotte, the third unknown. In 1830 Humphrey has four males under age 5, only one the four is known: Henry W b. 30 June 1827), also two males age 5 to10, one male age 10 to 15, one male age 40 to 50 (Humphrey) and one female age 10 to 15, one female age 20 to 30 and one female age 30 to 40. Humphrey died 20 May 1840 and Elizabeth was appointed Adminstatrix of the estate om 1 June 1840, there are records for the inventory and sale of the estate personal property. but I have not found an accounting for the estate that might idenfify the distribution from the estate and the heirs. Rezin M married Lydia Eury in Frederick Co., MD 8 May 1834 and went to Miami and Allen Counties in Ohio whre he was a preacher. His two known sisters and a younger brother Henry also are in Allen Co., OH in 1850.

The third possiblity is Adam Peddicord born between 1784 and 1794 who married Catharine Fowble on 10 April 1810 in Baltimore County. Adam in the 1820 census has three males under age 10, one male age 10-15, one male age 16 to 18, one male age 26 to 44, one female under age 10, one female age, one female age 16 to 26, and one female age 26 to 44. In 1810 Adam census is listed after his father-in-law Michael Fowble with one male under age 10, one male age 16 to 26 and one female age 16 to 26. Two on the younger sons of Adam are belived to be David and John who both end up in Pittsburgh, PA,

Note that all three of the above families were shown in the census for the Pipe Creek-Northern Hundred in 1810 and 7th Districrt in 1820. Parents of Morris and Adam are unknown. I think the most likely father of Thomas is Humphrey or Adam. Although both were married to known spouses after Thomas was born, the census data indicates that Adam probably had a son before he married Catherine and with two males age 10 to 15 in 1820, it seems Humphrey also have children his household born before he married Elizabeth.

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