Since it is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words, I am providing this space for old photos/portraits of Peddicord ancestors. I f you have any old portraits of the family please contribute a copy to the cause of a memorial for our family.
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Nancy (nee Pettichord) Allgood

Contributed to the collection by Barbara Jean is a photograph showing Nancy Allgood (PETTICHORD. The following are the names that were written on the back of the picture. Left to right top back: Ed Allgood, Nancy Pettichord, Dolly Douglas(cousin), Charles Allgood (Uncle) Bottom Roll: Billy Allgood (cousin) Frank Dewes (Cousin) girl cousin- Buddy Allgood- Jefferson Allgood (Grandpa) According to Barbara, this picture was sent from what she was told to her Grandmother Grace Verla Sage from her mother Mary Allgood (Sage) whose parents were Jeff Allgood and Nancy Jane Pettichord.

This is a photo of Sarah Florence Keck or Kick, (8 July 1870-15 August 1924) the first wife of Walter A. Peddicord of Baltimore and mother of Walter Amos Peddicord and Christa Peddicord. Walter A was the son of Dr George Henry Peddicord (18 March 1833-20 Jan 1914) and Sarah Ellen Steele (30 March 1836-30 Jan 1911). [a personal note: Sarah Ellen was the sister of my GG Grandmother] . Sarah Florence (nee KICK/KECK) Peddicord

Edwina Peddicord This a photo of Edwina Peddicord (11 March 1893-19 June 1981) she was the daughter of Wilbur Henry Peddicord and Laura I Shipley. Wilbur Henry was a son of Dr. George Henry Peddicord and Sarah Ellen Steele. Edwina married Charles P. Adolphi and resided in Howard Co., MD.

three sibblings of North Caroline This is a picture of 3 sibblings from the North Carolina branch of the family with a mystery. The people are John McKinney [nee Petticord] (adopted by McKinney family), ( born 12 May 1867 and died 20 Mar 1943) his sister, Lucy Palmer, and Will Petticord, the brother of John. The story in the family is that the father of the three died and that the two oldest, John and Lucy were placed for adoption and the youngest, Will, stayed with his mother. John, was adopted by a McKinney family in Robeson Co. and took their name. I haveheard that Lucy was adopted by a Dr. Grey/Gray in Winston Salem. Anyone with any information on this family, please contact Gail Shearin, who is the great grand daughter of John.

Jane Harrison provided this photograph of Samuel Peddicord and his wife Fiannah. Samuel was born 19 Oct 1833 in Madison Co., Ohio, and died 1 Mar 1913 in Burr Oak, Jewel Co., Kansas. Samuel was a carpenter and the son of C. Milzor Peddicord (who died in Madison Co., OH in 1842) and Frances Mitchell (1800-1868). Samuel married on 2 Feb 1859 at Clinton, Dewitt Co., Illinois to Fiannah Frey. Fiannah was born 3 Jan 1839 in Marion Co., Ohio and died 24 Jan 1913 at Burr Oak , Jewel Co., Kansas. She was the daughter of Daniel Frey.
because of the size of this file, this image does not have a larger version
Samuel Peddicord and his wife Finnah Frey

Mollie Peddicord and her 2nd husband Hippocrates Davis This is another photo curtesy of Jane Harrison . This is a photograph of Mary Luella Mollie Peddicord and her second husband Hippocrates Davis. Mollie Peddicord was born 20 Feb 1862 in Clinton, DeWitt county, Illinois, the daughter of Samuel Petticord and Fiannah Frey (pictured above). She was married to Hippocrates Davis on 1 Jan 1883in DeWitt county, Illinois. She was previous married to a man named Ferrell.

Another desendant of Milzor and Frances Peddicord of Madison county, Ohio, and daughter of Samuel Peddicord and Finnah Frey is Alzora Dufama Peddicord who is shown with her husband and family at the right. Alzora Dufama was born 14 aug 1860 in DeWitt county, Illinois and died 4 Feb 1898 in Woodburn, Oregon. She was married to George Dyer on 20 April 1879 in DeWitt county, Illinois.
This photograph provide by Jane Harrison
George Dyer and Alzora Dufama (nee Peddicord) and family

The single portrait at the left is Alzora Dufama Peddicord(14 Aug 1860-4 Feb 1898) who is pictured above with her family

Unknown NC Family

The following photograph is of the Peddicord family in Winston-Salem North Carolina from the 1880s. This picture was found in a trunck that belonged to Ruth E. Peddicord, grand-daughter of Horatio Hamilton Peddicord and Jane UKNOWN; and daughter of Mary A. Peddicord) 3 years ago by Ruth's granddaughter. she cannot identify anyone in the picture. If anyone can identify persons in this photo, please drop an E-mail to Pat Winfree at

Among the descendants of Nathan Petticoart are: Standing l-r: James Peddycoart and wife Anna Minckley Peddycoart; sitting l-r: Dave(?) Peddycoart, Martha Peddycoart (b. 16 Jan 1869 IL, d. 8 Aug 1940, GA), Izaac Peddycoart (b. 8 Sept 1838 OH, d. 15 Feb 1901, IL), Dicie Etta Peddycoart Sampson, Pearl Peddycoart Wingfield. Note that the photo was taken in Joliet IL. This photograph provided by Emily Hinderliter Izaac Peddycoart Family

Pearl Peddycoart Another photograph provide by Emily Hinderliter shows Pearl Peddycoart daughter of Izaac Peddycoart

Another photograph provided by Emily Hinderliter shows members of the Izaac Peddycoart family. According to the inscription on the back this picture is of Aunt Mattie Peddycoart and Aunt Pearl Wingfield. Both were daughters of Izaac S. Peddycoart and Elizabeth McKimpeon. Pearl and Mollie Peddycoart

Here is photograph from ca. 1870 in Baltimore county. This shows Sarah Elizabeth (nee Peddicord) Sauter [13 Nov 1840-19 March 1915] and her husband William Sauter [21 Aug 1839-6 Feb 1912]. Sarah is holding son Andrew Merker Sauter [2 Oct 1869-11 Dec 1947] and son Howard Elmer Sauter [28 May 1867-9 July 1939] is standing in front of his father. William and Sarah E. spent their lives on the Sauter family farm, located on Windsor Mill Road, about one mile east of the Caleb Peddicord homestead which was on both sides of Windsor Mill road, west of St Luke's Lane.

Sauter Family This photograph ca. 1887 shows the family of William Sauter and Sarah Elizabeth Peddicord. Standing are William Truman Sauter (my Great Grandfather), Andrew Merker Sauter, Beulah Sauter, and Evan Peddicord Sauter (named after his uncle, Evan Wilson Peddicord). Sitting are Sarah Elizabeth (nee Peddicord) Sauter, William Sauter, and Howard Elmer Sauter. Note that Sarah E. had not changed her hair style for about 20 years.

This is a photo of Sarah Elizabeth (nee Peddicord) Sauter of Powhatan in Baltimore county (along with my Great-Grandmother, Ida Lulu (nee Zimmerman) Sauter and Sarah Elizabeth's daughter Beulah (nee Sauter) Hahn. The people in this picture are from left to right: Preacher (Rev.) Clarkson, Ida Lulu (nee Zimmerman) Sauter, Mrs. Janice Timanus, Sarah Elizabeth (nee Peddicord) Sauter, Beulah (nee Sauter) Hahn, and Edwin Pierpont. As written on the photograph, this picture was taken in Ed Hahn's (Beulah's husband) pear orchard which was off St. Lukes Lane, approximately across the road from today's location of the Woodlawn Jr. High School.

Sarah Elizabeth Peddicord Sauter

This photograph was taken in Palouse Washington and is believed to be a picture of Wilson Stuart Peddicord [12 Feb 1862-26 Oct 1951] son of Evan Wilson Peddicord and Mary Jane Choate. Wilson Peddicord

Harriet Kaufman Thompson This photograph was taken in 1882 of Harriet Kaufman Thompson, 18 years old. Hariett is the daughter of Mary Ellen (nee Witherspoon) and and grandaughter of John and Eliza (nee PEDDICORD) Witherspoon. Eliza was married, second, to Jacob Wolfkill. We do not know the parents of Eliza Peddicord. However, she appears in the 1850 census of Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA.
Jacob Wolfkill age 50 b. PA carpenter
Eliza Wolfkill age 35 b. VA
Mary E. Witherspoon age 12 b. PA attended school
John W. Witherspoon age 10 b. PA attended school
John Petticord age 34, b. MD, occupation: none
Ellen Petticord age 18, b. MD.
. We may assume that Eliza was a sister of John (and maybe Ellen). Anyone with information on this line please contact Liz Randall: earandal-(at-symbol)

Here are three photographs that were supplied by Bobby and Amy Hunt of descendants of John Peddicord and Rebecca Boring who settled in Mason Co., KY by the early 1790s.

Henry Asbury Peddicord To the left is a photograph of Henry Asbury Peddicord (b. 25 Sept 1835 (probably in Mason Co., KY , d.22 Feb 1930 in Bourbon Co, KY. He was the son and Emanuel and Delila Eaton Peddicord. He was married to Charlotte "Lottie" Rice Hanley and The photograph with these two men is labeled as Hanley and Pink Peddicord. Hanley is the son of Charles Wesley Peddicord and was born 17 Oct 1910. Hence this photo must have been taken in the 1930s. Pink is William Pinkerton Peddicord, Hanley's Uncle Arthur Keller Peddicord The photo to the left is Arthur Keller Peddicord (b. 27 July 1913, d. 30 Oct 1980 Campbell Co., KY) one of the two sons of Charles Wesley Peddicord

Here is a collection of photographs for the Norman Theodore Peddicord Sr. family provided by Carol Matthews. Click on the image of Norman Thoedore Peddicord at the right for photographs of Norman Theodore Peddicord, his daughters Anna and Catharine and their families. Norman Theodore Peddicord

This photo was provided by Mark Mitchell. It shows Alice Miles (nee Chinn) Peddicord, the wife of Thomas Henry Peddicord. Mark estimates the photos was taken about 1882 (or maybe 1883). To the left is daughter Hattie Elizabeth Peddicord who was born 12 Jan 1879, to the right is Jennifer A Peddicord born 15 June 1880 and Alice is holding Anna Belle Peddicord was was born ca 1882. Mark noted this photo was obtained from Raymond Neill who is a greatgrand son of Thomas Henry and Alice Peddicord,

The photo to the right is the family of James Messiah Peddycoart and his father Issac S Peddycoart (sitting in front). On the right side of the photograph are Earl and Jesse Peddycoart next to their father James Messiah Peddycoart and their mother Cora Ruth Williamson Peddycoart. On the far right is James and Cora's daughter, Doris Annettie Peddycoart. The other persons are not known for sure, the man with a tie and crossed arms is believed to be a Peddycoart. Thanks to Penny Young for sharing this photograph. family of James Messiah Peddycoart

The photo on the left is believed to been taken ca 1914 and shows several members of the Zachariah Peddicord family of Morgan County OH. It may have been made on the occassion of Zachariah and Laura's 60th wedding aniversary. This photo was provided by Ellen Amstutz.

The photo on the right is the the family of Mary Melvina Peddycoart (Sept 1869-July 1933) daughter of Ephraim Peddycoart and Mary Ellen Redwine. From the left to right is he step-son in front, Francis Marion Shelton; behind him is Melvina's son Oliver Monroe Anderson; next is her second husband, Tom Shelton; the next girl is her daughter Nellie Anderson; and then, next is Mary Melvina Peddycoart-Anderson-Shelton; and on the right her daughter Dica (Dicey) Anderson.
This Photo Provided by Glynnes Lanthier
Mary Melvina Peddycoart family

To the left is Carolus Judkins Peddicord (b 27 Nov 1840 in Ohio d ca 1863 in the Civil War as a prisoner) and on the right is his brother Columbus Adolphus Peddicord (18 July 1831-1867) sons of Wilson Lee Peddicord (13 May 1803-20 May 1875) and Keturah Barnes Hobbs 25 Sept 1807-9 Jan 1876).

The copy of the portrait on the left is Theophilus F. Peddicord (b. Feb 1850 and died between 1900 and 1910), the son of Joseph H Peddicord (1801-1879) and Ann Elizabeth Barnes (b. ca. 1806)

The photograph on the right is Belle C Cumberland (11 May 1856-2 July 1921) she married on 1 June 1876 Robert Craighead Petticord (30 Oct 1849-20 March 1934).

Frank Alexander Peddicord and his mother Agnes Louisa Coffee On the left is a clip from a ca. 1897 photograph of Frank Alexander Peddicord (b 6 Feb 1895 -Jan 1978) with his mother Agnes Louisa Coffee (b 21 Oct 1867, d. 10 Apr 1923. Click on the image to see the full photograph.

The Photo on the left is the Tombstone for Dorsey Peddicord (b. 1777, d. 7 Dec 1853) from the Barr Cemetery in Bristol Twp., Morgan Co., OH. On the right is the Peddicord homestead as it appeared in 1950. The home and farm no longer exists. The farm was sold to the coal company but never strip mined because there was not enough coal underground to make it worthwhile. Today it has returned to forest and the area is called "ReCreation Land". Both of these photos were provided by Ellen Amstutz.

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