John McKinney {Petticord], Lucy Palmer [Petticord] and Will Petticord

This is a picture of 3 sibblings from the North Carolina branch of the family with a mystery. The people are John McKinney [nee Petticord] (adopted by McKinney family), ( born 12 May 1867 and died 20 Mar 1943) his sister, Lucy Palmer, and Will Petticord, the brother of John. The story in the family is that the father of the three died and that the two oldest, John and Lucy were placed for adoption and the youngest, Will, stayed with his mother. John, was adopted by a McKinney family in Robeson Co. and took their name. I haveheard that Lucy was adopted by a Dr. Grey/Gray in Winston Salem. Anyone with any information on this family, please contact Gail Shearin, who is the great grand daughter of John.

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