The Land Grant to Cornelius Howard to transport of William Petticoate

A copy of the Land Grant to Cornelius Howard for the transport of William Petticoate appears in Liber FF (10) page 498: The grant was for 200 acres, 100 acres due to the assignment of rights to land by Samuel Howard to Cornelius Howard and 100 acres due for the transportation of John Thomas and William PETTICOATE. Below is a transcript of the record:



Lib FF
537 Of two Servants namely Katharine Greene m Benjamin Sane from me my heirs Executors administrators to Cornelius Howard Gent of the County aforesaid or to his heir's Executors Administrator assignes In Witness whereof I have here unto sett my hand this sixth day of May MDCL vij.

Samuel Howard

Atestees: Richard Hill
Edward Dorsy

Cornelius Howard
proves 2 rights

Cornelius Howard
dd to warr 200 acres.

Cornelius Howard enters these rights Viz: John Thomas and William Petticoate have proved the same in usally form before Phillip Calvert.

May the vijth MDCL o vij (sic. May 7th 1667)

Came Cornelius Howard and demands land as well by vertue of the above assignment and also for the Consideracon above said, Warrant then issued, in the name of Cornelius Howard for one hundred acres (due to him by assignment of Samuel Howard for transporting Katharine Greene & Benjamin Sane) and one hundred acres more due to him for transporting John Thomas and William Petticoate returnable æ viii August next.

I will try to have an image of the above record from the land grant book at the Maryland State Archives on line here too in the near future.
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