The following are taken from the land grant records at the Maryland State Archives. The Reference One and Reference Two numbers generally refer to the liber/folio were the land grant or survey record is found.

Date Person Tract Name, Acreage County Reference One Reference Two
1679 William Petticoate Petticoate's Rest, 100 acres A. A. 20/310
- William Petticoat 100 acres A. A. 21/98 21/99
1718 John Pettcort Popular Spring Garden, 120 acres A. A. CE#1/252
1723 John Pettycoat Pettycoate's Addition, 150 acres Balto. PL5/403 IL#A/336
1724 John Petticoat Petticoat's Benefit, 180 acres Balto. IL#A/376 PL#5/404
1726 John Peddicoat Jr. Peddiocat's Wish, 100 acres Balto. IL#B/65 PL#6/504
1744 Dorsey Pedicoate Pedicoat's Beginings, 140 acres Balto. LG#E/542 LG#C/555
1744 William Petticoat Petticoat's Banter, Balto. /Carroll LG#E/245 PT#2/93
1745 Nicholas Petticoat Petticoate's Hope, 60 acres Balto./ Carroll LG#E/522 PT#2/278
1752 William Peddycoate Norwood's Delight, 210 acres Balto. BY&GS#5/641 BY&GS#3/648
1756 Dorsey Pettycoat Pettycoat's Lot, 120 acres Balto. Cert 1240
1759 Dorsey Pettycoat Pettycoat's Advance, 54 acres Balto./


BC&GS# 12/303 BC&GS#


1760 Dorsey Pettycoat Pettycoat's Hall, 50 acres Balto. BC&GS#




1761 Dorsey Pettycoat Pettycoat's Meadow, 31 acres Balto. BC&GS#




1790 Dorsey Pedicoat1 Peddicote Choice, 13 acres Balto. IC#FF/186
Martus Snythe Pettycoat Loose Balto. 3819
John Peddycoat Peddycoat's Wish (see 1726 above) Balto. 3769


Anne Arundel Co. Land Records:

Wm Petticoat, of Seavorine River, Anne Arundel Co., planter conveyed to Thomas Freeborne of Seavorine River, Anne Arundel Co., cooper for valuable consideration the tract orignial grant 20 Oct 1666 to Wm Petticoat for a parcel called Petticoat Rest bound by the land of Daniel Edge and by a swamp containing 100 acres, This indenture includes the total grant, dated 2 June 1684, witnesses: Abra. Child, Andrew Norwood, James Ellis. originally recorded 3 March 1696 Liber B folio 313. (Note: in the 1704 state house fire all AA Deeds were lost, a special court was held to re-record deeds, many, but certainly not all lod deeds were re-recorded). Further information on the tract Peddicoat's Rest, is found in a deed from Andrew Norwood to Thomas Freeborne for a tract called Norwood's Angles on a branch of Todd's Creek which was bounded by Peddicoat's Rest, by the land of Thomas Todd and John Baldwyn. This tract was in the Middle Neck Hundred of Anne Arundel Co. Todd's Creek is todays Spa Creek, thus it seems Petticoat's Rest is probably located on the western side of Eastport across the creek from downtown Annapolis. Needless to say very choice real estate today.

Samuel Dorsey, Anne Arundel County, Gentleman conveyed to John Pettycoart of Baltimore County on 6 October 1704 for 30, 70 acres of land, the western most part of the tract called Wyetts Ridge, near Round Bay along Broad Creek, adjoining the land of Amos Peirpont, the said tract originally containing 450 acres. Filed 2 April 1706. Witnesses: Robt Hooper, John Dorsey Junr., Joshua Dorsey.

Samll Dorsey, Anne Arundel County, planter and John Pettycoat, Anne Arundel County, planter, and Sarah his wife conveyed on 22 Jan 1707 to Amos Garrett, Anne Arundel County, merchant for 80 the tract Wyatt's Ridge originally patented to Nicholas Wyatt between the branches of South River and the main branch of Broad Creek, by a marsh near the head of Round Bay, laid out for 450 acres by survey dated 16 Dec. 1664. The deed cites the chain of title to the tract as one-half northwest side of the creek was conveyed by Nicholas Wyatt to John Annis and Francis Smith. The remaining 225 acres became right of Sarah Wyatt who intermarried with Edward Dorsey, after Sarah Died, the land descended to Edward Dorsey Jr., the ledest son of Sarah who died about six years later. The land then descended to Samuell Dorsey, next brother and grandson of Nicholas Wyatt. Some time ago Samuell Dorsey conveyed to John Pettycoat 70 acres. This indenture is for 155 acres and the 70 acres, being 225 acres, the moyety of tract called Wyatt's Ridge. Except that a 10 foot squre near pare treet hill being a late burying place is excepted for the use of John Pettycourt. Signed: Samll Dorsey, John (JP) Pettycourt, Sarah (SP) Pettycourt. Release of Dower: Sarah Pettycoat. Witness: John Haye, Wm. Cooper. Recorded 6 Feb 1707.


Baltimore County Land Records:

John and Sarah Petticourt, planter of Baltimore Co convey on 29 March 1720 to Pleasance Dorsey of Baltimore County for 15, 120 acres at the head of the Patapsco River

signed John (X) Petticourt witnesses: Benjamin Howard and John Norwood. (I suspect this is a mortgage vs. sale of the land, John Norwood is probably John Petticourts stepson).

John Peddycoat, innholder of Baltimore County conveys on 1 Oct 1725 to Zebediah Baker of Baltiore County for 10. /s/ John Peddycoat, witnesses: Hyde Hexton and Samuel Heighe.

John Peddycoat (Jr) of Baltimore County Maryland conveyed on 15 June 1727 to William Peddycoat of Baltimore County Maryland for 20 100 acres on Middle Run. /s/ John Peddycoat Jr., William Peddycoat witnesses: John Belt and John Dorsey. (Note: John Belt was William Peddycoat's father-in-law)

John Peddycoat was a witness to a power of attorney granted by Michael and Charity (nee Belt) of Bath Co. NC to his cousin John Belt of Baltimore County dtd 27 December 1726

Samuel Norwood, planter of Baltimore County conveyed on 13 June 1729 to William Peddycoat planter of Baltimore County 100 acres located on the north side of the main falls of Patapsco River witnesses: Richard Gist.

On 9 Oct 1745 Zebediah Baker, planter of Baltimore Co recorded the sale of 2,000 pounds of tobacco to John Ridgely, genetleman of Baltimore Co. The tobacco is listed as being loocated in two tobacco houses on a plantation of Dorsey Peddicoat..

Dorsey and Sarah Peddicoat, planter of Baltimore County conveyed on 13 March 1751 to John Randall, shopwright of Baltimore Co., for 45, 140 acres located on the north side of Patapsco River, /s/ Dorsey Peddicoat. Witnesses: Thomas Wakeking and John Heddin.


William Peddicoart Balto. Co. wills Box 15/Folder 49 & lib.41/fol. 226

Nathan Peddicord 1763 Frederick Co. 49/374 Accounts (his father-in-laws estate)

Sarah Peddicord 1763 Frederick Co. 49/374 Accounts (her father's estate)

Basil Peddicord Frederick Co. 56/220 Accounts

Sophia Peddicord Frederick Co. 56/220 Accounts

Nathan Peddicord 1763 Frederick Co.. A#1/285 Admin of Estate (of father-in-law)