Many of the Peddicord families that moved west can trace there roots to KY. In addition to recent efforts to document the Peddicord family in Maryland, John L. Petticord of TN has been researching the records for the Kentucky Peddicord Families. The information below is based on John's work, information on Emmanuel Peddicord's descendants from Debbie Jackson, and other information from my own research. We hope to soon have a sound basis for some of these relations once the available wills are obtained. There is some "proof" for some of the relations shown below, but many of them are speculative at the present time. Please check the linked group sheets for more up-to-date information on these families. This page was created about 1998 when research into the various families was beginning, and while it gets corrections it has not be rewritten recently.


The oldest records of Peddicord settlers in KY is that of John Peddicord who settled in Mason Co., KY. John's ancestry though is unknown. According to the 1830 census, John was born between 1740 and 1750 which would possibly make him a grandson of John Petticoate and Sarah's Dorsey. He is not probably of William Peddicord and Sarah Belt's line or that of Nathan and Rebecca Lucas. It would seen unlikely that he was a son of John Peddicord Jr. who apparently went to Stafford Co VA after his "bankruptcy" in Maryland. Also there is no information if Nicholas Peddicord and Sarah Jacks every had issue. and the issue of Dorsey Peddicord is not known.

I suspect that he is the John Peddicord who married Rebecca Boring 27 Aug 1771 at St Johns Parish in Baltimore Co., MD. However I do not know who this John's parents were. My guess is that his father was probably Dorsey Peddicord. Dorsey had an illegitmate child with Mary Barnes ca. 1746/1747 (I do not know if this child was a boy or girl). We do know Dorsey was married in 1746 and in 1751 his wife was named Sarah.

What we do know is that John was married to Rebecca ? and appears to have had a large family. By 1793 he was living in Kentucky and apparently had two sons over the age 15, (who were listed on the tax list as age 15-21. John died in 1836 leaving a will. The will of John Peddicord was admitted to court in1836 in Book K (423) The will did not name his children, however it indicated that he had 6 children living and 3 who were deceased. The will of John Peddicord was produced in court in May 1836. He appointed J.P. Downing as executor and Abi Peddicord as executrix. He wished that his land and personal property be divided equally among his 6 surviving children and the heirs of his 3 deceased children. (he does not name them) Witnesses to the will: Robert Whips and Abel Downing. Witnesses proving the will: Robert Whips, Abel Downing and Jacob P. Downing Those producing $10,000 bond: Jacob P. Downing, George Peyton, Abel Downing and Reason Downing. Liberty is reserved for Abi Peddicord. [the will was obtained and abstracted by John Petticord] Based on the census and other records, it appears that John had the following nine children:

i John Peddicord Jr (born between 1772 and 1784, died ca. 1819 Mason Co.). John Jr died leaving a will It appears from the 1810 census that he had a son born between 1800 and 1810 and 2 daughters born between 1800 and 1810. His will was produced in court in October 1819, The date the will was written is not recorded. He left all property, household belongings, livestock and slaves to "his beloved wife, Jane Peddicord." Upon her death, he desires that all of the above be equally divided among his children: Jacob Peddicord, Elizabeth Peddicord, Rebecca Peddicord and Abi Peddicord and their heirs. Jane may choose to give them up to one quarter of the estate at age 20. Witnesses to the original will: A.D. Orr, Joesph Thompson, Jacob Slack Witnesses proving the will: Joesph Thompson, Jacob Slack and Jane Peddicord (Abstract from John Petticord) The will of Jacob Slack of Mason Co. names his daughter Jane Peddicord. Thus Jane the wife of John Jr. was nee SLACK. In the 1850 census of Mason Co.:
Entry #457 Jane Petticord, age 68 F W, reality valued at $2100, b. MD
Elizabeth Barnaugh, age 14, F W, b. KY
Jane (or Jonie) Weaden, age 10, F W, b. KY.
Thus, Jane Slack was b. ca. 1782 in MD. Jane Peddicord signed a will on 27 Sep 1859 in Mason Co., KY. She had an estate probated in Mar 1864 in Mason Co., KY. Jane Peddicord This will was written on September 27, 1859. The will was produced in court in March of 1864. The estate was settled in July 1867. She left $500 and a bed to her daughter Elizabeth Braunaugh. She leaves $500 to her granddaughter Rebecca Braugnaugh. She left her house and lot in Washington to her grandson Charles Henry Weedon. The balance of her estate she willed to her grandchildren Henry Weedon, Jane and Maria Weedon equally. She directed her administrator to pay her daughter Rebecca Curtis the sum of $1. Witnesses: W. H. Wadsworth and James T. Dye Notes on the settlement: She apparently named John Henry Curtiss (presumably her son-in-law) as her administrator. He apparently declined and the court appointed J. J. Wood to settle the estate in his place. All listed got paid except Charles Henry Weedon who received an initial payment but died before the final settlement. Also, there is no record of Rebecca Curtis getting her $1. [will obtained and abstracted by John Petticord]. John Peddicord and Jane SLACK had the following children:

A. Jacob Peddicord. B. Elizabeth Peddicord was married to John C. BRONAUGH on 8 Oct 1827 in Mason Co.,KY. Elizabeth Peddicord and John C. BRONAUGH had the following children:
1. Rebecca BRONAUGH.
2. Elizabeth (b. ca 1836)

C. Rebecca Peddicord was married to Nicholas CURTIS on 9 Jan 1828 in Mason Co., KY.
D. Abi Peddicord was married to Wyatt WEEDON on 24 Sep 1832 in Mason Co., KY. Abi Peddicord and Wyatt WEEDON had the following children:
1. Charles Henry WEEDON.
2. Jane WEEDON (b. ca 1840).
3. Maria WEEDON.

ii. Abel Peddicord (born between 1772 and 1780, died between 1840 and 1850) Able appears in the 1810 tax list of Mason Co with one female age 16-26, apparently his wife. He is believed to be the Abel Peddicord on the 1819 tax list of Brown Co., OH and 1820 census of Brown Co., OH. In the 1830 cenus of Brown county, Abel Pedicord has one male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 2 males 15-20, 1 male 50-60, 1 female age 15-20 and 1 female age 30-40. He appears in the 1840 census of Brown Co., OH with one male age 15-20, and two males age 20-30, one male age 60-70, one female age 10 to 15, and one female aged 40 to 50 in his household. One person is listed as employed in agriculture. It would appear that the following from the 1850 census in Brown Co is part of Abel/Able's family:
Susan Peddicord, age 58, F., Reality valued at $600, born Virginia
John E. Peddicord, age 27, M., Farmer, born Ohio
Leathe? (Dethe) B. Peddicord, age 24, F., born Ohio
The census records indicate Abel had two sons born between 1810 and 1820. Thus Abel and wife seem to be the parents of:

1. a son born between 1810 and 1815
2. a son bron between 1810 and 1815 (This seems likely to been Nelson M Peddicord]
3. a son born between 1815 and 1820
4. a son born between 1820 and 1825. This may be John E. Peddicord age 27 in 1850.
5. a daughter born between 1810 and 1815
6. Aleathe B. age 24 in 1850. Aletha Peddicord married 4 April 1854 George Courts in Brown Co., OH

iii. Nicholas Peddicord (b. bet 1772 and 1784) married on 22 April 1801 in Mason Co., to Cynthia Craighead. They had at least 3 sons by 1810 (3 males under 10). Presumably he is the Nicholas Peddicord in the 1820 census of Brown Co., OH. In the 1830 census of Brown county, Nicholas Pedicord is listed with: 1 male age 5-10, 2 males age 10-15, 1 male aged 20-30, 1 male age 50-60, 1 female aged 15-20, and 1 female aged 40-50. Nicholas appears in the 1840 census of Brown Co OH with, 2 males aged 15-20, one male aged 60 to 70, and one female aged 50 to 60. one employed in mining and one in agriculture.
so it would appear that Nicholas had

1. a son born between 1800 and 1810 -This appears to be John Peddicord b. 1802 and married Rebecca Hiter.
2. a son born between 1800 and 1810 -Maybe the James Peddicord age 30-40 in 1830 census of Brown Co.
3. a son born between 1800 and 1810
4. Robert C. Peddicord b. ca 1817, his wife was Clarrisa; in 1860 in Brown Co., OH his mother, Cynthia, is living in his household.
5. son born ca. 1820.
6 son born between 1820 and 1825 - Probably the Andrew Peddicord listed below:
7. daughter born between 1815 and 1820.
In the 1850 census of Brown Co., 70 year old Cynthia Peddicord (born in PA) is in the household of Andrew Peddicord age 30, who within the year had married Jane, apparently the 39 year old widow of a MILLER. The census entry for Andrew Peddicord is: Andrew Peddicord, age 30, M., Farmer, reality valued $2800, b. Kentucky, married in past year
Jane Peddicord, age 39, b. PA, married in past year.
John F. Miller, age 15, M., Farmer, b. OH
Richard M. Miller, age 14, M. b. OH
Martin A. Miller age 12, M., b. Ohio (age could be 17)
James A. Miller age 11, M., b. Ohio
Elsey M. Miller., age 7, F., b. Ohio
Cordelia A Miller, age 5, F., b. Ohio
Cynthia Peddicord, age 70, F., b. PA

iv. Jacob Peddicord (b. bet, 1772 and 1784. died 15 August 1850, Clermont county, OH.) In the 1810 census, Jacob appears to have 3 sons under 10 and 3 daughters under 10 and also owned 4 slaves. It appears that Jacob was married to Senny ?? born a. 1787 in PA. He and his family seem to have moved across the Ohio river and settled in Clermont county, Ohio. He is probably the Jacob Peddicord buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Clermont county who died on 15 August 1850. He therefore missed being counted in the 1850 census by a few days, however, he should be listed in the Mortality tables. In the 1810 census of Mason county, KY. Buried in the same lot at Mt. Zion Cemetery are: Senny Peddicord (d. 26 Nov 1872), King C. Peddicord (d. 17 July 1852), C. P. Peddicord (died 24 Sept 1876), Joshua Peddicord (d. 3 Dec 1878). Buried in an adjacent lot are Anna Peddicord and Ruth Peddicord.

Caleb Peddicord b. ca. 1805 in KY, died 24 Sept 1876 in Clermont Co OH) in 1850, Caleb and apparently his brother Joshua are found together in 1850 and 1860 in Clermont county living with apparently their mother named SSenny b. ca. 1784 in PA. It is interesting to note that in 1860 Caleb along with Joshua and their apparent mother were enumerated next to John Armstrong and Ann/Alice, apparently the widow of King C. Peddicord. It would seem resonable to infer that these three men in Clermont Co were brothers
Joshua Peddicord b. ca. 1807 in KY in Clermont Co OH in 1850
son b. 1800-1810
King C. Peddicord b. ca.1819 in KY, in Clermont Co OH in 1850 King C. Peddicord died between on 17 July 1852 and is buried with his parents at Mt Zion Cemetery. He was married to The 1850 census shows in Monroe Twp., Entry #78/78, 7 Oct 1850: King C. Peddicord, age 31, M, Farmer, reality valued at $1800, b. Kentucky; Alice Peddicord age 31, F., b. Ohio; Basil Peddicord, age 3., M., b. Ohio; Oliver Peddicord, age 1/12 (1 month), M, b. Ohio; and Samuel McCormick, age 9, M, b. Ohio. However in the 1860 census we find: #268/263 John Armstrong age 56 M farmer reality $2200/$300 b. MD; Ann age 42 F domestic duties b. OH; Basil P age 14, M, b. OH; Joshua Pedicord age 12 M b. OH; Oliver Pedicord age 10 b. OH; S. P. Pedicord age 8 F b. OH; J. W. Armstrong age 3 M b. OH; S.(?) L. Armstrong age 4 months b. OH; L. Armstrong age 18 years farm laborer b. KY. This it seems that Ann/Alice was widowed ca. 1855-1856 and remarried John Armstrong a widower. Thus issue of King C. Peddicord seem to include:
1. Basil b. ca. 1847
2. Josuha b. ca. 1848
3. Oliver b. ca 1850
4. S. P. (daughter) b. ca 1852

daughter b. 1800-1810
daughter b. 1800-1810
daughter b. 1800-1810
daughter b. 1815-1820

v. Abi Peddicord b. ca 1780, d. 23 Jan 1856, Mason Co. identified in death records as the daughter of John and Rebecca.

vi. Sarah Peddicord married 11 March 1799 to Joseph Downing.

vii. Elizabeth Peddicord married 17 Oct 1805 Robert Craighead

viii. Emmanuel Peddicord (born ca.1780, d. ca 1838), Emmanuel appears in the 1810, 1820, and 1830 census of Mason Co., It seems to be just him and his wife in 1810. By 1820 he is listed with apparently 2 sons and 4 daughters (all under the age of 10). In 1830 he has apparently 3 more sons (2 males under 5 years, 1 male age 5 to 10, 2 males age 10 to 15) along with additional daughters, (1 female to age 5, 2 females age 15 to 20) plus himself (age 40-50) and his wife (age 40-50). Notes by a great grandaughter, Anna Gillespie, states that Emanuel died as the result of a run away team of horses while he was working the field when his son Robert was age 10, so this would in 1838. Emanual is in the 1810 Census of Mason Co with 1 male 16-26 and 1 female 16-26. In the 1840 Census his wife is listed as head of household: Mrs. Delilah Petticord, 2 males and 5 to 10, 2 males 10 to 15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20 to 30, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 50-60. In the 1850 census of Mason Co., KY Delilah Peddicord age 60 b. VA is the head of the household, reality valued at $2500, Martha age 24, Robert age 23, farmer, Francis age 17, Henry age 15 in school and a Perry Staten age 31 a farmer. all children b. KY. In 1860 census, Delila Peddicord age 70 is living with her son Henry in Maysville, KY. He was married to Delilah EATON. Delilah EATON was born in 1790 in VA.

i. John H. M. PEDDICORD was born about 1815 in Dover, Mason Co., KY.
ii. Samuel Parker PEDDICORD b. ca. 1812 KY
iii. Rebecca Peddicord b. 28 Jan 1814 in Dover, Mason Co., KY was married to Mathew N. PEDDICORD on 24 Aug 1835 in Mason Co., KY. and married to a Nelson H. Peddicord (b. ca. 1812 in Dover, Mason Co.) They are parents of a Emanuel John Peddicord 1836 who married Sarah Hooker, Abel E. Peddicord b. ca. 1838, )
iv. Elizabeth Peddicord was born between 1810 and 1815, married to Robert C. WHIPPS on 17 Sep 1827 in Mason Co., KY.
v. Ellen Peddicord b. 1818 Dover Mason Co., KY married to Alexander Hilen.
vi. Sarah "Sallie" Peddicord who married Abraham Shockey on 31 March 1840 the marriage bond was signed by Abraham Shocley and Samuel P. Peddicord..
vii. Andrew Monroe PEDDICORD.
viii. Nancy Peddicord married 1 Nov 1837 Samuel Peck.
ix. Martha PEDDICORD was born about 1826 in KY.
x. Robert Craighead PEDDICORD was born 3 Jan 1828 in KY, died 21 July 1910 Pottawatomie Co., KS) .
xi. Edward Stephen Peddicord
xii. Abi Frances PEDDICORD.
xiii. Francis PEDDICORD was born about 1833 in KY.
ix. Henry PEDDICORD. born ca. 1835

ix. Ruth Peddicord married 24 Sept 1807 Isaac Ambrose.

The Great Mystery is MASON County is the 1820 Census In the 1820 census we find an entry for:
William M. Petticord 4 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 -
That is 4 males under age 10, 1 male over 45, one female under 10 and one female age 26 to 45. The other entries for 1820 in Mason Co are
John Peddicord one male over 45, one male 16 to 18 and one male 18 to 26, one female 26-45 and one female over 45
E. Peddicord (no doubt Emanuel) has 2 males under 10, one male 26 to 45, 4 females under 10, and one female age 26 to 45.
Son Nicholas seems to be in the 1820 Brown Co., Ohio census and son Abel is on the 1819 tax list in Brown Co., OH.

Next Generation: There a number of Peddicords with ties to Mason Co who were born between 1800 and 1820 and are therefore probably grandchildren of John and Rebecca.

Children of John Peddicord Jr. and Jane Slack
Rebecca Peddicord
married 20 Dec 1820 Nicholas Curtis.
Elizabeth Peddicord married 17 Sept 1827 in Mason Co., Robert C. Whipps
Avi Peddicord married 24 Sept 1832 Wyatt Weedon. She probably died before 1854 when Wyatt Weeden married Mrs. Judith Ann Lacy Clark.
Jacob Peddicord

The following are children of Emanuel Peddicord and Delilah Eaton:

Samuel Parker Peddicord was born about 1812. Appears in the 1850 Census of Bracken Co KY, Samuel Peddicord age 33, Julia P. age 26, Whitfield age 2, Zenith age 4, Mariah age 10 months, Elizabeth age 8 and Drusilla age 6. Samuel Parker Peddicord married on 14 Feb 1842 Julia Ann Lunsford in Mason Co KY Julia Ann LUNSFORD was born about 1824.
i. Elizabeth PEDDICORD born 8 Apr 1843 was married to Joel McCLANEHERN. Elizabeth and Joel had issue: James McCLANEHERN born on 17 Jan 1861 in Bracken Co., KY
ii. Drusilla M. PEDDICORD was born 9 Aug 1844. Druzilla M. Peddicord married on 6 Nov 1861 George Washington King, Bracken Co. KY
iii. Senith PEDDICORD was born 8 April 1846.
iv. Winfield Taylor PEDDICORD was born 4 Feb 1848. He married about 1906 Nannie Lou Colvin
v. Mariah PEDDICORD was born 28 Oct 1849.
vi. Nicholas Staunton PEDDICORD was born 4 Aug 1853. He was married to Kate McKinney about 1880
vii. Nancy J PEDDICORD "Nannie" was born on 10 Jan 1856 in Bracken Co., KY. (Or 9 Oct 1854) She was married to Marcus Layfette BROWNING on 1 Feb 1877 in Bracken Co., KY. Marcus Layfette BROWNING was born on 9 Oct 1854 in Pendelton Co., KY. issue: Gigsby Parker Browning, Arthur Fulton Browning, Fetus Clay Browning
viii. Samantha Rachel PEDDICORD was born 19 Jul 1859 in Bracken Co., KY. She married about 1877 Elias Lee Galloway
ix. Arthur S. PEDDICORD1 was born 10 March 1861 in Bracken Co., KY.

Andrew Monroe Pedicord was born on 9 May 1822 in Mason Co., KY. He is in the 1850 Census of Bracken Co KY: Andrew Petichord age 28m Farmer, b. KY. Mary C. age 18, Davis E. age 2, and a James Lullivan age 16. He was married to Mary Catharine FOLEY on 6 Jun 1845 in Brown Co., OH. There children included:
i. Davis E. Peddicord was born about 1848 in KY.
ii William Mortica Peddicord was born on 27 Nov 1851 in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL.
iii. John H. Peddicord was born on 21 May 1862 in Marion Co., IL.
Abi Frances Peddicord was born on 6 Oct 1832 in Mason Co., KY. She was married to Robert TILDEN on 24 Nov 1853 in Madden, Mason Co., KY. Abi Frances and Robert TILDEN had the following children:
i. Delilah TILDEN was born in 1856 in Bracken Co., KY.
Henry Peddicord was born about 1835 in KY. In the 1860 Census Maysville, Mason Co., KY, Henry Peddicord 24, b. KY, Charlotte age 24 b. KY, Delila Peddicord age 70 b. VA, Mary Peck age 48, Sarah E. Peck age 21, Mary E Peck age 14.
Robert Craighead Peddicord was born 3 Jan 1828 in Mason Co., KY and died 21 July 1910, Wamego. Pottowatamie Co., KS. he married on 1 March 1855 in Springfield IL Harriet Briscoe Cox (b. 5 July 1828 Grayson Co., KY, died 27 July 1913, Wamego, Pottowatamie Co., KS) daughter of Jeremiah and Margaret (nee Yates) Cox.
i. George Henry (b. 29 Aug 1856, d. 30 Jan 1954) was married toFannie Adelia Dike
ii John Edward (b. 1 April 1858, died 21 April 1932) - Bachelor
iii. Elizabeth Frances (b.14 Feb 1863, d. 1 Oct 1943) married James S. St John
iv. Sue Ella (b. 31 Dec 1868, d. 13 June 1941) - Spinster.
Edward Stephen Peddicord married Sarah Ann Cox daughter of Jeremiah and Margaret (nee Yates) Cox.

The following are apparently children of either Jacob, Nicholas or Abel Peddicord
Mathew N Peddicord died between 1844 and 1850 in KY. In the 1840 Census of Mason Co., KY: Matthew N. Petticord, 3 males under 5, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30 and 1 female 20-30. He was married to Rebecca R. PEDDICORD (daughter of Emmanuel) on 24 Aug 1835 in Mason Co., KY. She was born about 1813 in KY.
i. Emanuel John PEDDICORD was born in 1836 in KY. married Sarah Hooker.
ii. Able E. PEDDICORD was born in 1838 in KY. Probably the Able E. Peddicord residing at Patoka Co., IL who enlisted in Union Army 21 aug 1862.
iii. Francis PEDDICORD was born in 1840 in KY.
iv. Andrew Monroe PEDDICORD was born 1841 in KY. married to Eliza Britt in Brown Co., OH.
v. Sarah PEDDICORD was born in 1843 in KY.
vi. Priscilla PEDDICORD was born about 1845 in KY. She died on 13 Feb 1855 in Bracken Co., KY. Died Bracken Co. Priscilla Peddicord age 9, d. 13 Feb 1855 of burns and scalds daughter of Matthew N. Peddicord.

An Edward Peddicord signed a marriage bond 25 November 1845 for the marriage of Eleanor Peddicord and Abraham Shockey.

The widow of perhaps Jacob Peddicord was Alice Peddicord. In the 1850 census of Mason Co. is Entry #414, 3rd District taken 7 Sept 1850, Alice Pettichord, age 68, F W, reality valued at $1000, born MD, Rebecca Britt, age 21, F W, b. KY, Elizabeth M. Britt, age 11, F W, b. KY, Anastasia Britt, age 2, M W, b. KY. The will of an Abi Peddicord was produced in court in February 1854. She appointed J. P. Downing as her executor. She desired that her house and lot be sold and money collected to be held by J. P. Downing who is to pay 6 percent per anum to Rebecca Britt and Elizabeth Fenell equally. The principal is to be retained by J. P. Downing and appropriated to the education of the children of Rebecca Britt : Elizabeth May and Anna equally. The other half to the child of Elizabeth Fenell, May Fenell by name or to her mother and sisters in case of her death. Witnesses to the will: S. B. Owens and David Berry Witness proving the will: David Berry Additional poof in March court: Samuel B. Owens Securities provided by: Jacob P. Downing, Abel Downing and Wyatt Weedon. This Abi Peddicord's will was proven two years before the death of Abi of John and Rebecca, therefore this Abi with the will must be a daughter or wife of Jacob or one of his brothers..


It appears that at least some of the descendants of Nicholas Peddicord stayed in Brown county Ohio. One clue to the identity of his children, is that Cynthia was living in the households of Robert C. (1860) and Andrew (1850) Peddicord.

1. John PEDDICORD was born about 1802 in KY. He was married to Rebecca HITER (daughter of John HITER and Barbara ELY) on September 2, 1830 in Brown Co., OH. Rebecca HITER was born about 1813 in Ohio. John PEDDICORD and Rebecca HITER had the following children:

i. Jacob PEDDICORD (born about 1836 in Ohio ). He was married to Mary Elizabeth MATHEWS had the following children:
i. Carry PEDDICORD was born about 1862.
ii. Clara Emma PEDDICORD (born about 1867).
ii. Barbara PEDDICORD was born about 1833 in OH.
iii. Andrew PEDDICORD was born about 1846 in OH.
iv. Robert Craighead PEDDICORD (born about February 1850 in OH ). He was married to Belle CUMBERLAND on June 1, 1876 in Highland Co., OH.

Robert C. PEDDICORD was born about 1817 in OH. He was married to Clarissa. Clarissa was born about 1822 in Ohio. Robert C. PEDDICORD and Clarissa had the following children:

i. Osange PEDDICORD was born about 1840.
ii. Andre PEDDICORD was born about 1844 in OH.
iii. William PEDDICORD was born about 1847 in OH.
iv. Zachariah "Zachary "T. PEDDICORD was born about 1848 in OH.
v. Agnes Malvina PEDDICORD was born about July 1850 in OH.
vi. Adda PEDDICORD was born in 1862 in Brown Co., OH.
vii. Oscar PEDDICORD was born about 1852 in OH.
viii. Mary Eva PEDDICORD was born about 1854 in OH.
ix. Julia PEDDICORD was born about 1856 in OH.
x. Robert PEDDICORD was born about 1858 in OH.
xi. Clarissa PEDDICORD was born about 1859 in OH.

A transcript of the 1820 census for Mason Co shows a William M. Peddicord with four males under 10, one male over age 45, one female under 10, and one female age 26 to 45. (This needs to be verified)

It is also likely that a number of the Peddicords born in KY between 1800 and 1820 and found in Ohio in 1850 may be grandchildren of John and Sarah: among these are:

Lydia Peddicord married 16 Sept 1838 in Brown Co., OH to William Fight.

Asenith Peddicord married 10 Oct 1834 in Brown Co., OH to Joseph Barnes. Asenith is possibly a daughter of Abel or Nicholas Peddicord.

Jemima Peddicord married 8 Nov 1832 in Clermont Co., OH to Lewis Bushman. Jemima is probably a sister of Caleb, Joshua and King C., I suspect they were children of Jacob Peddicord.

John Peddicord (b. ca. 1802 in KY ) found in the 1860 census of Clermont Co., OH; #318/313 John Peddicord age 58 M Farmer $3100/$500 b. KY; Nancy J. age 38 F b. OH; John W. age 11 M b. OH; Delilah age 14 F, b. OH; Mary age 8, b. OH. This John may also be a sibbling of Caleb, Joshua, and King C. Peddicord. John W. (b. ca. 1849) married in Clermont Co., OH on 13 Sept 1865 Jennie Luke and his sister Delilah (b. ca. 1846) married on 1 March 1861 Alexander White.

Another Clermont county family member was Abirill Peticord who married Asa D. Spinning on 9 April 1849 in Clermont Co., OH.

At this point I would hypothesis (based on head counts in the early census) that King C., Caleb, John, Jemima, Abirill, and Joshua were issue of Jacob (perhaps a.k.a William in the 1820 census). Milzor could be a son of Jacob or Nicholas. Abel Peddicord apparently did not have children until after 1810.

In the 1820 census of Brown Co OH is Abel, Nicholas and James Peddicord.


Information on the Clark Co Peddicords comes from John Petticord, Simone Haslam, and other sources.

The PEDDICORDs in Clark Co., Kentucky appear to be the sons of Nathan Peddicord and Hannah Owings of Washington Co., MD. A key to this identity is that it is unlikely that there was more than one Leakin D. Peddicord around at the time. The will of Hanah (nee Owings) Peddicord, dated 18 Feb 1794 and proved 12 March 1796 " to son Nathan negroe boy George, to son William, mullatto boy Henry, to daughter Aleithia Davis negroe woman Nanny which was lately given to me by my brother Caleb Owings. To son Leakin D. negroe boy Dick, and L10, feather bed and furniture. To daughter Rachel Peddicord, malutto woman Lidia, feather bed, chest of drawers, cupboard, colt, six silver teaspoons, To daughter Althia, my gold ring. To son Leakin, my silver buckles. Residue equally to children. Sons Nathan and Leakin executors". Her husband, Nathan Peddicord, was the son of William Peddicord and Sarah Belt. This can be proven by William's will and several deeds to settle his estate. Hannah was the daughter of John Owings and Hannah Stinchcomb. John Owings was the son of Captain Richard Owings/Owens and Rachel. Hannah's parents were Nathaniel Stinchcomb Jr. and Hannah Randall, daughter of Christopher Randall. Nathaniel's parents were Nathaniel Stinchcomb and Tomassin Mastey.

William Peddicord purchased land in Clark Co 26 April 1796. William and Leakin Peddicord are on the 1797 tax list of Clark Co. On 24 April 1798 Maragret Peddicord, widow marries Harry Browning, witnesses to the marriage were Leakn. Peddicord and Samuel Myles, Samuel Miles surety. Both William and Larkin Peddicord are on the 1800 tax list of Clark Co. and appear in the 1800 census of Clark Co. William Peddicord is listed as the owner of 98 acres on Boones Creek in 1801 along with one black cattle and four horses. Larkin Peddicord owned two horses and no land. William Peddicord's name is on the Mason Co. tax lists from 1798 to 1804, and then from 1807 until 1839. Leakin appears on the tax lists from 1802 to 1804.

It would seem plausable that Margaret is the widow of Nathan Peddicord with one of her brother-in-laws witnessing her remarriage in 1798. Until the will of William Peddicord is reviewed it is uncertain as to who the parents of several of the apparent children of these three brothers were. However there is proof in the records as to some of William's children.

William Peddicord (born between 1760 and 1770, d. ca. 1849 since his will (available here for viewing) was dated 11 Dec 1843 and proved 22 Oct 1849) In the 1810 census of Clark Co he has: 1 male under10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 45 and older, 3 females under10, 1 female 10-16, one female 26-45, and one female 45 and older. In 1830 William Petticord has 1 male age 15-20, 1 male age 60-70, and one female age 60-70. In the 1840 census William's household has one male 20-30, one male 70-80, two females under age 5, and one female age 60 to 70. There is a Peddicord Cemetery in Clark Co., located on the Grimes Mill Road. Some of William's daughter's family are known to be buried there. William Peddicord was married to " Preciouse" who was born in Maryland ca. 1773. His wife is living with her son William Jr. in the 1850 census of Clark Co., (though the microfilm of the census for them is very faint and hard to read). Based on his will and the census records, William's descendants are:

i. Ellender Peddicord who married 13 March 1812 to Richard Morton, William Peddicord was surety for this marriage. Richard Morton is buried in the old Peddicord Cemetery, b. Nov 22, 1793, died 1827, a Baptist Minister, early pastor of old Providence Church. They had at least one son, Richard.

ii William Peddicord Jr. (b. 1 Jan 1813, d. 25 Oct 1853) married 3 Dec 1833 Zantipy (Xantippe) Miles (born 4 Sept 1808. died 29 aug 1882). Wiliam Jr. appears in the 1840 census with one male under 5, one male 5 to 10, one male 20 -30, one female under 5, one female 5-10 and one female age 30-40. In the 1850 census of the 2nd district of Clark Co.: William Peddicord age 37 a farmer b. KY, Hanlippa? (Xantrippe) age 41 b. KY; Precius (Preciouse) F age 77 b. MD ( his mother); Harriet M age 15, b. KY; Arabella F age 16, b. KY; Thomas age 11 b. KY, Sarah M. age 9, b. KY; Mary M. age 7. b. KY, Henreitta age 4 b. KY. In the 1860 Census Xantrippe Peddicord is the head of household age 51, Farmer, b. KY, with her are: Harriet A. age 24, Bell F. age 22, Thomas J. age 21, a farmer; Marah M. age 18; Mollie M age 16; Henrietta age 13; and Willis P age 6 (female). also in the household is Henry Howard a 65 year old black , day laborer born in MD. Henry would seem to be the slave given to William Peddicord by his mother Hannah in her will of 1796. Xantrippe is listed in the 1870 census. His family from the cesnus data:
i. Harriet M/A PEDDICORD was born about 1835 in KY.
ii. Arabella F. "Bell" PEDDICORD was born about 1838.
iii. Thomas J PEDDICORD was born about 1839 in KY.
iv. Sarah M PEDDICORD was born about 1841 in KY.
v. Mary M. PEDDICORD was born about 1843 in KY.
vi. Henrietta PEDDICORD was born on 19 Mar 1845 in Clark Co., KY. her birth date also listed as 18th vs 19th. She died on 5 Jul 1870 in Clark Co., KY. She was buried in Peddicord Cemetery, Grimes Mill Road, Clark Co., KY.
vii. Willis P PEDDICORD was born about 1854 in KY.

iii. Matilda Peddicord b. 9 May 1799, d. 6 Oct 1875) married Zachariah Poindexter (b. 29 Nov 1796, d. 5 July 1860). The marriage records indicate that she was the daughter of William who consented to the marriage. They had at least one daughter Eleanor F. who married G. L. Barbee

iv. Bethann Peddicord married 19 Dec 1827 Lamentatin Bush, the marriage records record her as the daughter of William Peddicord who consented to the marriage. The surety for the marriage was Carlton Peddicord. They had a daughter, Lucy Ann (called Lucy Jane in her grandfather's will) Bush born 1831 who is buried at the Peddicord Cemetery,

v. Carlton Peddicord Carlton was born between 1800 and 1810 and predeceased his father. His father's will mentions the "children of Carlton Peddicord, my grandchildren" and the codicil mentions "the heirs of Carlton Peddicord". Carlton Peddicord married 20 Aug 1828 Louisa Miles, John Miles as surety In the 1830 Census Carlton Peddicord appears with one male under 5, one male age 20 to 30, one female age 20 to 30 and one female age 60 to 70, and two slaves. Carlton served on the Winchester Patrol in 1830. I have not identified by these grandchildren are. However, they might include: Susan Peddicord b. ca. 1833 who was living in 1850 in the household of Elizabeth Stringfellen in Clark Co. Another is probably Mary E. Peddicord who was born ca. 1836 and living in 1850 in the houshold of a John Mills (age 71. p. MD) in Henry Co KY (this John Miles is presumably her grandfather). Some of our researchers had indicated that Carlton Peddicord is listed in the reality tax lists for Henry Co., KY.

Other Persons that are likely the children of Nathan or Leakin :

Nathaniel Peddicord (b. 1790 in Maryland ) married 15 Sept 1814 Clark Co., Nancy Dawson. Larkin Dawson Surety for the marriage. He may be the son of Nathan Peddicord since he apparently was known as a youth by the surname of Dailey. In 1810 Richard Blew of Clark Co advertised for a runaway apprentice to the blacksmith trade named Nathaniel Dailey age 20, may be going by Nathaniel Peddicord. Since Nathaniel was a blacksmith in 1850 census age born in 1790. This would seem to fit. Perhaps his mother was widowed a second time and remarried a Dailey. In the 1820 census Nathaniel has one male to age 5, one male 45 or older, two females age 10 to 16, one female age 45 and older, and two male slaves under age 14. In 1830 census, Nathaniel has two males under 5, one male age 5-10, one male age 10-15, one male age 30-40, one female age 5 to 10, two females age 10 to 15, and one female age 30 to 40. In 1840 Nathaniel has one male under 5, two males age 5 to 10, one male age 15-20, one male age 20-30, one male age 40-50, one female under 5, one female age 5 to 10, one female age 15-20, one female age 20-30, and one female age 40 to 50. He is in the 1850 census of Dist 1 of Clark Co. Nathan age 60 b. MD, a Blacksmith; Nancy age 55 b. VA; William G. age 30 b. KY, Laborer; James age 28, Laborer, b. KY; Polly age 25, b. KY; John age 20 b. KY Laborer; Elizabeth age 18 b. KY; Thomas age 16 b. KY; Nancy age 11 F., b. KY. Next entry in the census is Davison Peddicord age 23 b. KY Farmer, Frances age 23 (F). His children would seem to be:
i. daughter b. between 1815-1820, probably Sue G. who died 12 Nov 1829
ii. daughter b. between 1815-1820
iii. William Green PEDDICORD was born1 Jan 1821in KY, died 26 May 1885) His tombstone is inscribed W. C. Peddicord(b. 1 Jan 1821, d. 26 May 1885) married Sarah Allen ??? (died 12 Nov 1909) buried in Winchester Cemetery. He is probably the Green Pedichord age 38 Blacksmith b. KY listed in the 1860 census living with an Ester Daniel age 77 and Lettica Allen age 40.
iv. James PEDDICORD was born about 1822 in KY.
v. Polly PEDDICORD was born about 1825 in KY.
vi. Nathaniel Dawson PEDDICORD. b. 1827
vii. Elizabeth PEDDICORD was born about 1828 in KY.
viii. John PEDDICORD was born about 1830 in KY.
ix. Thomas L (Petticord) PEDDICORD. born 5 Feb 1834 Clark Co., KY,
x. Nancy PEDDICORD was born about 1839 in KY.

Caleb (Kaleb) Peddicord married 18 Sept 1814 Nancy Kawson.

Elizabeth Petticord (transcribed as Petiwood) married 29 Jan 1816 Joseph Rennick

Sue G. Peddicord (died 12 Nov 1829) buried Winchester Cemetery. She is probably one of the older daughters of Nathaniel Peddicord and Nancy Dawson.

Shadrick/Shadrack PEDDICORD was born ca. 1790-1800 in KY and was married on 11 April 1822 to Lucinda Doggett in Clark Co., KY He then married in Henry County KY on 16 May 1839 to Mary Jane Palmer. He would appear to be the son of Larkin D. or Nathaniel Peddicord.

In the Next Generation of the Family

Dawson Peddicord, of Nathaniel, appears in the 1860 Census as Dorcey Peddicord (of course Dorsey is a Peddicord family name). Dorcey Peddicord age 33, Farmer b. KY, Frances age 34, John age 9, James age 6 and Nancy age 2. He was married to Frances CLEM in Nov 1848 in Clark Co., KY. Marriage bond Clark Co., KY 21 Nov 1848 Surety: George Hampton. Frances CLEM was born about 1827 in KY. Nathaniel Dawson PEDDICORD and Frances CLEM had the following children:
i. John Thomas PEDDICORD was born on 8 Sep 1851 in Clark Co., KY.
ii. William PEDDICORD was born about 1853 in KY. (IGI Claim)
iii. James b. ca. 1856.
iv. Nancy b. ca. 1858

Thomas L (Petticord) PEDDICORD was born on 5 Feb 1834 in Clark Co., KY. Children and marriage data in the "History of Caldwell Co. Mo." He was married to Caroline JONES on 4 Aug 1861. Caroline JONES was born in KY. Thomas L (Petticord) PEDDICORD and Caroline JONES had the following children:
i. Mertie PEDDICORD.
ii. Minnie PEDDICORD.
iii. Gertie PEDDICORD.
iv. Willie PEDDICORD.
v. Johnnie PEDDICORD.


The Peddicords in these Counties seem linked together by the Census and tax lists. From the rough data it seems that the progenitor of this family is a Caleb Peddicord born between 1770 and 1780 in Maryland. He first appears in the 1820 census of Bourbon Co. and also is in the 1830 and 1840 censuses of Bourbon County. This Caleb Peddicord is apparently from Maryland, as Richard Peddicord his apparent son was born in 1806 in Maryland. Who is this Caleb? One theory is that he is the son of Caleb Peddicord, the Methodist circuit rider who died between about 1785 and Rachel Barnes. This Caleb Peddicord was apprenticed in Baltimore in 1799 to John Merryman to become a Miller. This Caleb was born on 21 Dec 1783 which seems to young to be the Caleb in Bourbon Co. Another good possiblity is this Caleb is the son of Jasper Peddicord and Rebecca Belt. This Caleb was born ca. 1772 and is listed in the 1800 and 1810 cenus of Montgomery Co., MD, but is not there in 1820 or following years. This Caleb from the census records in MD seems to have had one son born between 1794 and 1800 and 3 sons born between 1800 and 1810. In her book about the Peddicord family, Mrs India (Peddicord) Logan states that her grandfather Jasper Peddicord had a cousin Caleb Peddicord who emigrated from Maryland to Kentucky in 1830.

The Bourbon County Tax lists are interesting in that we find Peddicord families on them from the late 1820s to 1844. The tax lists do not show them as being taxed on any reality, however Samuel seems to have a large estate under the equalization law.
The 1820s-1830 tax lists
PETTICHORD, Caleb 1 white male over 21, 5 horses total $145.
PEDICHORD, Caleb, number of children over 4 under 14 - five, white males over 21 -one, horses five $175
PETTECHORD, Caleb, 1 white male over 21 5 horse $145
PETTICHORD, Caleb, one white male over 21, 3 horses $120 PETTICORD, Caleb, other estate $216, 1 white male over 21 5-horsed $200, 11 cattle value $40, total $450. PETTICORD Caleb Jr. 1 white male over 21, 2 (or 3?)-horses valued $120 total $120. Petticord, Samuel other estate $900, 1 white male over 21, 4 horses valued $200 total $1100.
PETTICORD, Caleb other estate $275, 1 white male over 21, 5 horses valued $200, 10 cattle valued $50 total $525. PETTICORD, James 1 white male over 21, 3 horses valued $175, total $175. PETTICORD, Samuel, other estate $700, 1 white male over 21, 3 horses valued $150. total $850.
PETTICHORD Milzor 1 voter, 3 horses total $100, PETTICHORD )illegible (looks like D/OSomey) 1 voter 1 horse $45. PETTICHORD Caleb 1 voter 6 horses total $200.
PETTICHORD Milzor 1 male over 21 2 horses total $80. PETTICHORD Caleb 1 male over 21 7 horses total $210.
PETTYCORD Caleb 1 white male over 21, 5 horses valued $190. PETTYCORD Milzos 1 white male over age 21, 1- horse total $80.
1840? - PETTICORD, Samuel 1 white male over 21, 3 horses valued $100 Value under the equalization law $1200 total $1300, PETTICORD, Caleb Father - 2 white males over age 21, 5 horses valued at $150, 9 cattled valued at $30 total $180.
1841 - PETTICORD, Samuel 1 white male over age 21, 3 horses and mares valued $100, value under the equalization law - $1500, total $1600. PETTICORD Caleb 2 white males over age 21, 6 horses valued $180, 9 cattle valued $40, total $220.
1842 - PETTICORD Samuel 1 male over 21, 6 - horses valued at $150, Value under the equalization law - $2000 total $2150. PETTICORD Caleb & Son 2 white males over 21. 7 horses valued $175, 13 cattle valued $20 total of $190.
1843 - PEDDICORD, Caleb 2 white males over age 21, 6 horses valued #120, 20 cattle valued $30 total $150. PEDDICORD, Samuel 1 white male over 45, 5 horses valued $100 value under the equalization law $1700, total $1800.
1844 - PETTICORD, Caleb 1 white male over age 21, 6 horses valued at $150.
1845 - PETTICORD Caleb Jr. 1 white male over age 21 value of horses and mares $220, 1 child between age of 5 and 16 , total $220. PETTICORD Caleb Sen. 1 white male over age 21. no values listed.

Caleb Peddicord is in the 1820 cenus of Bourbon Co., KY. - Caleb Peticord 3 males under age 10 2 males age 10 to age 16 1 male age 16 to 18 1 male age age 16 to 26 1 male over 45 years of age 1 female age 10 to 16 1 female age 26 to 45.

In the 1830 Census Caleb Peddicoard is in Bourbon County with
one male age 10 to 15
one male age 15 to 20
one male age 20 to 30
one male age 60 to 70
one female age 15 to 20

In the 1840 Census of Bourbon County Caleb's household has:
one male age 20 to 30
one male age 60 to 70
one female age 20 to 30
& one female slave age 10 to 24

In the 1830 Census of Bourbon County is the household of Richard Peddicoard
one male age 20 to 30
one female age 20 to 30
one female under age 5

This Richard Peddicord is in the 1840 and 1850 census of Harrison Co. KY
In 1840 he had
one male under 5 years.
one male age 5 to 10
one male age 30 to 40
two females age 5 to 10
one female age 10 to 15
one female age 30 to 40

In the 1850 census of Harrison County is found:
Richard Peddicord age 44, a farmer born in MD, reality valued at $800
Louisiana Peddicord age 44 born in KY
William Peddicord age 18 - a farmer born in KY
Thomas Peddicord age 11 born in KY
Samuel Peddicord age 8 born in KY
Louisiana Peddicord (F) age 6 born in KY
John McNear age 22 a farmer b. KY.

Caleb Peddicord in Bourbon Co (1816-1903) appears in the 1850 and 1860 census in Nicholas County. In 1850 Caleb is age 32, farmer reality valued at $3000, and b. in KY, Eliza J is age 27 b. KY, and John W. is age 9, b. KY. Also living with them is a Ambrose Bramblette age 24 farmer b. KY.
In 1860 Caleb is listed as age 39, Elizab J is age 35, John W. is age 19 and Mary P. is age 5.

So this family seems to be a Caleb Peddicord b. ca. 1770, his wife was born ca. ca 1770-1780. They were in Bourbon Co., KY by 1820. If he is the Caleb formerly of Montgomery Co., MD, he would have had in addition to the below children, a son born between 1795 and 1800 and a son born between 1880 and 1810.
i. Richard Peddicord (b. 29 Aug 1805 in MD, d. 6 Aug 1888) married (1st)Louisiana J. Marsh on 3 Feb 1827 in Harrison Co., KY and married 2nd Eliza J. Mouzen (b. 1810, d. 1898)
ii. a son born ca. 1800-1810
iv. daughter b. ca. 1810 to 1815.
iii. Caleb Peddicord (b. 1817, d. 1903) buried in Bourbon Co. was married to Eliza J. Young (in 1850 census of Nicholas Co.

Next Generation:
A James Peddicord married in Bourbon Co on 17 Feb 1854 to Elizabeth F. Wyatt born between 1815 and 1820. They removed to Mosouri.

Richard Peddicord (b. 29 Aug 1805 in MD, d. 6 Aug 1888) and Louisianna J. Marsh (b. 1806 in KY)
i. Sarah Ann Peddicord (b. 25 Jan 1830, d. 15 Oct 1858) married James Curtis Brooking.
ii William Peddicord b. ca. 1832 KY
iii. Senith Ann Peddicord married 28 July 1846 Isacc Henry Brooking in Harrison Co.
iv. daughter born between 1835 and 1840.
iii. Thomas Peddicord b. ca. 1839 KY
iv. Samuel Peddicord b. ca 1842 KY
v. Louisiana Peddicord b. ca. 1844 KY
Richard then married 2nd an Eliza Jane? (b. 1810, d. 1898) they may have had at least one son:
i. John C. Peddicord (b. ca. 1861 in KY) according to the 1880 census.

of this line Samuel Peddicord seemed to continue to live in Harrison Co where he is found in the 1880 census:
Samuel Peddicord age 39, a farmer b. in KY with his father b. MD and mother b. in KY
Sarah Ann Peddicord age 33 b. KY, parents b. KY
Lucinda F. age 11 b. KY parents b. KY
William R. age 9 b. KY parents b. KY, died 11 Dec 1929 Harrison Co.,
Thomas M age 7 b. KY, parents b. KY, died 21 Jan 1948 Harrison Co.,
Maggie A. age 4 b. KY parents b. KY
Lucie May age 3 b. KY parents b. KY
Emma Lucinda age 73 b. KY, parents b. KY

There are other Peddicord families that appear in the 1870s and 1880s in Harrision County. These are not issue of Richard Peddicord (b. 1805), since they indicate their parents were born in KY.

There is a Richard S. Peddicord b. ca. 1841 and died in Harrison County on 21 July 1915.

Another Richard Peddicord b. ca. 1856 (apparently the Richard who died on 15 March 1944 in Harrison Co.) is living in his mother-in-laws household in 1880, Ellen Nichols age 59 b. KR with son James B. Nichols age 26 a farmer, and daughter Lucinda agee 24, son-in-law Richard Petticord age 24, b. KY. parents b. KY with:
Julia Petticord age 19 b. KY (daughter of Ellen Nichols)
Sarah Jane Petticord age 5, (grand daughter) b. KY
Ann Eliza age 2 (grand daughter) b. KY
John William age 6 months (grand son) b. KY.. (probably the John W. Peddicord who died on 16 Feb 1962 in Harrison Co., KY, age 81)
Julia (nee Nichols) Petticord died in Harrison Co KY on 7 July 1935.

Another family in 1880 in Harrison Co KY is a George Peticord age 25, b. KY, parents b. KY with Emma Peticord age 25 b. KY.

Caleb Peddicord (of Caleb) and his wifeEliza J. had issue:
i. John W. Peddicord, listed in Harrison Co in 1880 age 39 b. KY parents b. KY His wife is Eliza age 34 b. KY (probably the Eliza T. Peddicord who died in Harrison Co. 29 March 1917), daughter Anna is 13 and son William is age 9. This William is apparently the William C. Peddicord who died 25 Aug 1947 in Harrison Co.
ii. Mary P. (b. ca. 1855 KY)

W.G. Peddicord b. 1861, d. 1885 is buried at Republican Church Cemetery in Harrison Co.

Later Generation Peddicords in these counties:
Sallie J. Peddicord (nee ?), b. ca 1828, d. 30 March 1917, Nicholas Co., KY
Charlotte H. Peddicord (nee ?) b. ca 1832, d. 28 Jan 1911, Bourbon Co., KY
Henry A Peddicord (b. ca. 1838, d. 22 Feb 1930 Bourbon Co., KY
Maria F. Peddicord (Nee ?) (b. ca. 1858, d. 29 Nov 1924, Harrison Co.) presumably the wife of J.C. Peddicord and mother of Barbara
Barbara Peddicord, d/o J.C. and Maria, (b. 17 Oct 1881, d. 13 Jan 1899, bur. Republican Christian Church Cemetery )
John E. Peddicord (b. ca 1866, d. 20 Oct 1916, Bourbon Co., KY
Charles N. Peddicord (b. ca. 1869, d. 12 May 1946, Bourbon Co., KY
Mattie B. Peddicord (b. ca. 1874, d. 18 Jan 1836, Harrison Co., KY
Oscar Peddicord (b. ca. 1875, d. 12 June 1917 Bourbon Co., KY
John W. Peddicord (b. ca. 1880, d. 16 Feb 1962, Harrison Co., KY
Ora Peddicord (b. ca. 1883, d. 28 June 1968 Harrison Co., KY
George Peddicord (b. 9 July 1885, d. 24 March 1977 Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY)
Jesse Peddicord (b. 22 Oct 1895, d. March 1969, Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY)


Higerson Petticord appears in the 1810 census of Ohio County, KY with one male age 26-45, two females under 10, one female age 16-26 and one slave. Higerson is the son of Jasper Peddicord and Rebecca Belt of Montgomery Co., MD and no doubt was named after his grandfather Higgenson Belt. In the 1830 Census he is in Daviess Co., KY. Higgenson (Higgerson) PEDDICORD was born about 1775. He died in 1841 in Illinios. Higgerson Peddicord was married twice. A letter written in 1915 by W. J. Peddicord in Portland a descendant says hs father's grandfather was Jonathan Bozart Peddicord and his sibblings were: Carlton, Lloyd Bell, Casandra, Jasper, Margaret, Jonathan B. Polly Ann, and Jeremaih Caleb. He was married to Elizabeth (Betsey) BOZARTH on 18 Apr 1802 in Nelson Co., KY. Elizabeth (Betsey) BOZARTH was born in 1784 in Virginia. She died between 1839 and 1848 in Kentucky. Higgenson (Higgerson) PEDDICORD and Elizabeth (Betsey) BOZARTH had the following children:
i. Cassandra PEDDICORD.
ii. Lloyd Bell PEDDICORD.
iii. Carlton PEDDICORD.
iv. Caleb Jeremiah PEDDICORD.
v. Jasper PEDDICORD.
vi. Jonathan Bogarth PEDDICORD.
vii. Mary E. PEDDICORD.
viii. Margaret PEDDICORD.

Next Generation of Higgenson Peddicords Descendants:

Cassandra PEDDICORD was born on 15 Jun 1803 in Kentucky. She died on 18 Jul 1861 in McLean Co., KY. She was buried in Bobby Welch Farm, 2 miles east of Glenville, McLean Co., KY. She was married to Lewis RILEY (son of Michael RILEY and Elizabeth JACKSON) on 11 Aug 1819 in Daviess Co., KY. Lewis RILEY was born on 10 Nov 1798 in Hardin Co., KY. He signed a will on 22 Jul 1860 in Hartford, Ohio Co., KY. Will mentions wife Cassandra, son B.F., Wm. H., Lewis, daughter Delia Letner, son Elijah C. He died on 11 Aug 1861 in Ohio Co., KY. He was buried on 13 Aug 1861 in New Bethel Methodist Church Cemetry, Ohio Co., KY. Cassandra PEDDICORD and Lewis RILEY had the following children:
i. Benjamin Franklin RILEY.
ii. Higgerson RILEY.
iii. Elijah Crow RILEY.
iv. William Henry Harrison RILEY.
v. Paschal RILEY Sr.
vi. Delia G. RILEY.
vii. Lewis R. RILEY.

Lloyd Bell PEDDICORD was born in 1804. He died in Warrick Co., ILL. He was married to Melinda MAY on 13 Nov 1832 in Ohio Co., KY.

Carlton PEDDICORD was born on 29 Jan 1806. He died on 8 Apr 1839 in Breckenridge Co., KY. He was buried in Jackson's Fork, Smithfield, Breckenridge Co., KY. Buried on land once belonging to Rev. Lawrence Owen, pieces of Carlton's headstone was one of three existing there in October 1938. Some researchers claim Carlton was also married to Elizabeth Kelly and had issue: William B. Peddicord. He was married to Elizabeth KELLY on 2 Feb 1830 in Daviess Co., KY.

Caleb Jeremiah PEDDICORD was born on 6 May 1806. He died on 2 May 1890 in Keenes, Wayne Co., IL. He was buried in Ten Post Oak Cemetery, Keenes, Wayne Co., IL. found in the Ohio Co. KY census of 1850 entry #239, Caleb J. Petticord age 24,m Farmer with reality valued at $500, b. KY, Jerusua E age 26 b. KY, JAmes F age 1 b. KY and 7 month old William J. Lived in Ohio Co., KY until about 1862, when moved toWarwick Co., IND. and later to Skillet Fork river bottom near Ten Post Oak Church in Hickory Twp. Wayne Co., IL, where they lived until 1888, when he bought a house on the north edge of Keenes, Wayne Co., IL. He was married to Jemima E. BROWN in Ohio Co., KY. Jemima E. BROWN was born about 1830. She was buried in Ten Post Oak Cemetery, Keenes, Wayne Co., IL. Caleb Jeremiah PEDDICORD and Jemima E. BROWN had the following children:
i. James Franklin PEDDICORD was born in 1848 in Ohio Co., KY. He died in 1886.
ii. William Jasper PEDDICORD.
iii. Ignatius Pigman PEDDICORD.
iv. Lloyd PEDDICORD was born in 1853 in Ohio Co., KY. He died in 1869 in Warrwick Co., IN.
v. Mary Elizabeth PEDDICORD.
vi. George Fletcher PEDDICORD.
vii. Cardia Emily PEDDICORD was born in 1856 in Ohio Co., KY. She died in 1880.
viii. Joshua Cartwright PEDDICORD.
ix. Artelia Jane PEDDICORD.
x. Nancy Mae PEDDICORD.
xi. Alzora PEDDICORD was born in 1864 in Warrick Co., IND. She died in Warrick Co., IND.
xii. Lusetta PEDDICORD was born in 1865 in Warrick Co., IND. She died in 1865 in Warrick Co., IND.
xiii. Alva C. PEDDICORD was born in 1867 in Warrick Co., IND. He died in 1873 in Warrick Co., IND.

Jasper PEDDICORD was born in 1812 in Kentucky. He died on 27 Mar 1872. He was married to Mary W. FIELD on 26 May 1835 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY. Mary W. FIELD was born on 17 May 1813 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY. She died in 1893 in Urbanna, Champaign Co., IL. Jasper PEDDICORD and Mary W. FIELD had the following children:
i. Elizabeth PEDDICORD was born about 1837 in IL.
ii. Higgerson PEDDICORD.
iii. Mildred Ann PEDDICORD was born about 1841 in IL.
iv. Barnette Louis PEDDICORD was born about 1843 in IL. Died at battle of Murfreesboro, TN in Civil War.
v. John (James?) Franklin PEDDICORD.
vi. Lloyd Bell PEDDICORD.
vii. Lucy J. PEDDICORD was born about Jan 1850 in IL.

Jonathan Bogarth PEDDICORD was born on 27 Mar 1815 in Daviess Co., KY. He died on 24 Mar 1889 in Champaign Co., IL. He was buried in Stout Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon Co., ILL. He was married to Minerva BARNARD (daughter of Ignatius Pigman BARNARD and Doris HOCKER) on 24 Aug 1836 in Ohio Co., KY. Minerva BARNARD was born on 10 Oct 1816 in Ohio Co., KY. She died on 31 Jan 1897 in Sangamon Co., Ill. She was buried in Stout Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon Co., ILL. Jonathan Bogarth PEDDICORD and Minerva BARNARD had the following children:
i. Artelia PEDDICORD.
ii. Cassandra P. PEDDICORD was born on 5 Apr 1839.
iii. Carleton PEDDICORD was born on 15 Nov 1840.
iv. Cartwright PEDDICORD was born on 5 Sep 1842.
v. Miranda PEDDICORD was born on 17 Apr 1844.
vi. Cordelia PEDDICORD was born on 12 Aug 1846.
vii. Dorcas Elizabeth PEDDICORD was born on 28 Sep 1848 in Sangamon Co., Ill.
viii. William Jasper PEDDICORD.
ix. Ignatius Pigman PEDDICORD was born on 8 Oct 1852 in Sangamon Co., Ill.
x. Mary Emily PEDDICORD.
xi. Higginson PEDDICORD was born on 22 Oct 1858 in Sangamon Co., Ill.

Mary E. PEDDICORD was born in 1820. She was married to Isaac A. BROWN on 20 Mar 1840 in Ohio Co., KY.

In the 1850 census of Ohio Co.: In the household of Benjamin F. Riley, age 29, M W, Farmer with Mariah age 25, Susan age 6, George W age 5, Nancy A. age 3, William J. age 2, and David C. age 5 months is: Hannah Petticord, age 64, F W, born in MD. Benjamin Franklin Riley is the son of Lewis Riley and Cassandra Peddicord, but who is the Hanah Petticord b. 1786 in MD ? IS she a sister of Higgerson Peddicord or a second wife of his?

Note: in the 1850 census of Grayson Co., KY In the household of Jeremiah W. Bogarth, age 34, a law student, Elizabeth Bogart 39, Frances A, age 10, and Salley J. K. age 6 is: William B. Peddicord, age 15, W M, a Laborer, b. KY


A Thomas Peddcord appears in the 1810 Census of Madison Co. KY. He had one male age 26 to 45 and one female age 26 to 45. In the 1820 Census of Madison Co., a Fanny Peddicord is listed as the head of the household.


In the 1850 census: Entry #120 (by himself) is John Pettiocrd, age 23, M W, a miner, b. KY

also in the 1850 census is Entry #446 (by himself) John C. Petticord, age 22, M W, a miner, b. KY

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