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The Emittsburg, Frederick Co., Maryland PEDDICORD Family

(revised 8 May 1998)

A number of Peddicord researchers descend apparently from the line of George Greenburry Peddicord. Several researchers such as Wanda Reed, Cindy Duhamel & Pam Thomas have contributed to the information on this page. Some of the linages is speculative and will need further work.

Greenbury (perhaps actually named George Greenbury) Peddicord is probably the the son of Jasper Peddicord & Becky Belt) and married Sophia Dorsey in Frederick Co. MD. Greenburry Peddicord died in March 1850 at age 74 of choic. He was born in MD and married at the time of his death. According to Marriage Licenses of Frederick County 1778-1810 by Margaret E. Meyers, George PETTICOAT & Sophia DORSEY had a marriage license issued 6 Dec 1797. There is a group of church records for the Emittsburg area in Frederick Co. which seems to tie together this family. Greenbury Peddicord seemed to have significant finanical problems. In the 8 Aug 1812 edition of Bartgis's Republican Gazette Greenbury Pedicoard of Frederick Co is listed as filing an application for relief from debts. and the 2 Oct 1813 edition of this paper lists that Greenburry PEDICORD was to apply for final relief from debts. There was a suit by David Morrison vs. Greenbury PETTYCORD in Frederick County, an injunction was granted but subpeona issued and continued until struck off by complainants on 10 Nov 1819. I have not found any information on his wife's linage, though they are likely distant cousins as most of the Dorsey family in Frederick Co. descend from Edward Dorsey the immigrant. Their family appears to be:

i. Perry (b. 1798/9 MD, d. 22 May 1867, Frederick Co. MD, buried St Anthony's (old St. Marys Catholic Cemetery, Mt. Saint Mary's College, Emittsburg, MD) m. 27 Sept 1824 or 28 Sept. 1824 Frederick Susanna Hovis( b. ca. 1799, d. 6 Feb 1875, bur. St. Anthony's old St. Marys Cemetery, St. Marys College, Emittsburg, MD). In the 1850 Census of Frederick Co. Perry Peddicord age 51, Susan age 49, Farmer, real estate valued at $800. In his household were Sophia age 19, Susanna age 15, Caleb age 11, and Emily age 10. Perry was baptized as an Adult (conditionally) on 18 June 1862.

ii. Jasper Peddicord (b. 18 March 1800, d. 5 Dec 1871 age 71 years, 8 mns, and 17 days) married Eliazabeth? (b. ca. 1801, d. 3 March 1877 age 76 years) Jasper was a shoemaker.

iia. Althea (b. 1802) Not sure if she was a daughter of Greenberry or married a Peddicord, but she had in her household the children of Greenberry Peddicord and Mary Catharine in the 1850 census)

iii . William (b. 1803 Frederick Co. MD) William is age 47 a laborer in the 1850 Census of Frederick Co. born in Frederick Co. & illiterate. In his household were Jane age 30, b. Frederick Co., Ann R. age 8, Mary Jane age 6, William M. age 3, and a Susanna McPherson age 67 (b. Carroll Co., MD). Perhaps Susanna is his mother-in-law. William and Jane has issue of at least:

iv. Nathan (b. 18 April 1807 MD, d. 5 May 1883, bur. St Anthony's, old St Mary's Cemetery, St Marys College, Emittsburg MD) married Mary ? (b. ca. 1809/10, d. 19 May 1890, bur. St Anthony's, old St Mary's Cemetery, St Marys College, Emittsburg MD) Listed in the 1850 census of Frederick County as Nathan age 43, a laborer with reality valued at $500 born in MD, wife Mary age 40, In the household were Edward F age 19, Elizabeth age 18, Mary age 14, William age 12, Eugene age 8, Amanda age 6, Laura age 4, and Cletus age 2 and 6 months. (or should this be a daughter Clare?). Records of St Mary's (Mt. St. Mary's in Emittsburg) indicate that an child of Nathan Peddicord was b. 30 Jan 1841 and bapt. 16 Oct 1841, the sponsor was Elizabeth Taylor. Another record records the baptism of a child of Nathan on 22 May 1849.

v. Caleb (b. 1813 Montgomery Co.)

vi. Greenbury PEDDICORD married Mary Catharine. Their children in 1850 census are listed with a Aletha Peddicord who was born in 1802.

Also Buried at St Anthony's, old St Mary's Cemetery, St Marys College, Emittsburg, Frederick Co., MD are:

Also in the 1850 Census data for Frederick Co.:

Other data from the Mt St. Mary's, Emittsburg, Church Records:

From the IGI
Caleb Peddicord was married to Henreitta or Lorretia Wilhide. Presumable he is the Caleb born 1813 and a son of Greenbury and Sophia. Issue:

William Luther Peddicord (b. 1856, d. 1922) married Mary Ellen Wolfe (b. 1854, d. 1937)