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The Descendants of William Petticoate

This portion of the website presents a large series of linked family group sheets for the decedants of William Petticoate where there are known or suspected parents for the persons linking them to William. I have limited the data presented to 9 generations, and supressed any data except for names, on persons who may be still living .

One of the primary sources of data used are the US Census records, particularly for persons born after ca 1835. New data sources are being accessed such as on-line cemetry transcriptions and other vital records that are being placed on the internet. In particular, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Missouri have made copies of records from their archives available on-line. Also vital record indexes for California, Texas, and Minnesota have also contributed to the most receont update With a lot of hints various pieces of data eventually are fitting together. Of course there are people who change their names around between the census and marriage records to help confound the modern researchers, but progress is being made. However, this still leaves a substanial number of persons with unknown parents. In some cases the relationships presented are hypothesises based on the data available and may be shown to be in error if new evidence comes to light.

One of the first persons of mystery is Dorsey Petticoart, the son of John and Sarah Dorsey Petticoarte. From deeds we know he had a wife named Sarah. He also is know to been the father of a child out of wedlock with Mary Barnes ca 1747, but was married before 1746. Many older genealogies claim he had a son named Dorsey. I suspect that Dorsey may be the father of several of the Peddicords born in the mid 1700s for whom no parents are known, particularly John Peddicord who married Rebecca Boring, since Dorsey purchased considerable property from the Boring family. I have reviewed all of the land records involving Dorsey and have not found any data that can be used to determine his issue. One of the puzzling facts is that a Dorsey Petticoart appears in PA land records starting in 1768. It is unclear if this is Dorsey of John and Sarah or a Dorsey belonging to the next generation. Best I can tell, Dorsey appears to have sold most of his realty in Maryland so it has not been possible to trace any lineage through the Maryland land records.

Please treat this information carefully it is a mixture of relatively well documented information in some cases, while in other cases some relationships are based on apparent relations due to geography, while some are still very speculative at this time. Because of the variations in spelling of the surname, I have standardized spellings to a few variations for the data shown, but indicate the spelling used by a particular person as a modifier to their name. The stabdardized spellings are Peddicord, Peddycord, Peddycoart, and Peddichord. There have been some frustrating deadends, such as finding death index records for people whose mother was a Peddicord, I was able to track them back with their father in the cenus, but apparently the mother was deceased at the time, So while I have the children with birth and death dates, and the husbands name, I do not know who the Peddicord nother was.

Please also take a look at the brickwall page on this site that addresses the various Peddicord family members for whom parents are unknown or not definitely known. A number of people have been deleted from this recently and a few more have been added.

This latest update is of 5 April 2011. Note: there are several "branches" of the family that are not in this series of linked group sheets because I have not been able to find the link back to William Petticoate for several branches of the family tree. These branches are addressed on the main page with their own tree of group sheets. What is new in this update is considerable more data on the families of Peddicord daughters, surnames of wives, marriage, birth, and death dates. While I have additional data on later generations, I have purposefully not included that information on the website although most of the data was obainted from open sources.

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