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A standard genealogical research tool is the US federal and in some cases state census records. The first Federal census was conducted in 1790 and provided limited information, primarily being the basis for determining number of persons so that the number of seats in the House of Representatives could be apportioned. The early census records provided scant information to researchers. Until the 1850 census, only the head of the household was listed by name and the persons in his household were catagorized by age groups, sex, race, and status. The household may have included, not only family but boarders, apprentices, servants, and others. The catagories and amount of data varies with the years, prehaps the least informative was the 1790 census that listed only: free white males under 16 years of age, free white males 16 years of age and older, free white females, other free, and slaves. In contrast, from 1850 on the census recorded the names of each individual in a household and their age. the 1900 census may be the most infomative, it made inquirey as to the birth month and year, the relationships between the people in a household, inquirey as to how long couples were married and the number of children born and number of children still living of married females.

Within the linked pages below we have undertaken to publish the census information related to the Peddicord family. In some cases it seems to provide more questions than answers, there are many persons whom do not seem to appear in the census, particularly before 1850. On the other hand there are persons appearing in the census for whom scant other information is available. At the present time, the census data ranges from 1790 through 1920, though only a fraction of it has been provided below. I have endevored to add commentary to the census records on the linage of each individual, though it many cases it is only speculation and not proven facts. One must be cautious for not all the early census survive, and in the case of Baltimore county, Maryland it is claimed that the census was never taken in 1800. In some cases the handwritting is poor or difficult to read, faded or scribbled. Indexes to the census have misread the various form of the family name, therefore making it hard to find even though the family appears in the records. Thus the search has not been exhaustive. Any one having additional information is welcome to contribute it to this collection.

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