Early Petticords in Pittsburgh PA - Descedants of Adam Petticord and Catharine Fowble

For quite a while I could not determine the parents of David PETTICORD (b. 1818) and John PETTICORD born (1823). These families appear in Pittsburgh PA between 1850 and 1860 and both consistently note they were born in Baltimore, MD. There are death certificates for both men, however, parents were unknown on those forms. I do not have proof they are related, but since they show up on the same page of a 1870 census, I suspect they are probably brothers. However, there was a recent breakthrough, On his marriage license to his third wife, John Petticord listed his parents as Adam Petticord and Clara. The only Adam Petticord/Peddicord that seems possible is the one who was married to Catherine Fowble. The only records found for Adam beside the marriage license to Catharine are lisitngs the 1810 and 1820 census of Baltimore County. In 1810 census he is listed after his father-in- law with one female and one male child. It would appear Adam and Catherine had several other children.

An interesting question raised by Glenn Peddicord, is the same Adam Petticord that married Hope (Hoppy) Scottt; This Adam also has unknown parents, but based on the age he gives in 1850 census would be on the young side for an 1810 marriage.

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