Louisiana Military Units
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1861 ~ 1865

When Louisiana joined the Confederate States of America in 1861, men gathered in their home towns and parishes to form units to fight in the War Between the States. Louisiana furnished 111 units to the Confederacy and they served in every theater of the War.

These listings are compiled with the permission and assistance of many. Included are: "GUIDE TO LOUISIANA CONFEDERATE MILITARY UNITS 1861-1865" by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr. [book ordering information is below]; "BOOTH'S CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS of LOUISIANA" [located at Shreve Memorial Library in Shreveport]; Louisiana State University at Shreveport Archives; Confederate Historian Wayne Cosby; and many, many individuals who have shared their records and family history.

Groups included are Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Independent Companies, and Volunteer State Troops. Each group and company will have a link to another page where additional information is posted, when known.

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