25-Year TLL Index
25-Year Index
for Terrebonne Life Lines
Has it really been over 25 years? To those who remember those first meetings, it probably seems impossible. More than one person predicted that the organization would self-destruct in five years or less. Those 25+ years have seen many improvements, much research, and hours of hard work putting out our first-class publications. This index publication leads you to issues of

the quarterly published by TERREBONNE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY. This index was initially created after 20 years, so it is available in 2 parts. For the first 20 years, we took 79 surname indexes (one in each issue) and compiled them into one easy-to-use CD. Each letter of the alphabet has its own file. The Table of Contents for the files is below. Simply click on the name of the file and it will be displayed in a new window. For more hints, click on this word: HINTS.  For years 21-25, they can be found on a separate page.

The surname index for volumes 21-25 is now online. VIEW

There is also an article index arranged by subject for the Terrebonne Life Lines compiled by Mrs. Nancy Lowrie Wright and Audrey Westerman. If your columns do not line up, see HINTS.

Click on the page you are interested in, and use the “Back” button on your browser to return:
1st 20 Years Indexyears 21-25)
When the page you requested has opened up, you may want to enlarge the window by clicking the “maximize” button so that the lines won’t wrap, putting the ends of some lines at the left side of the window. If you are viewing the article index and the columns do not line up, go to View|Text Size and choose “Larger” or “Smaller” instead of “Medium” which is the only setting where the columns do not line up. You may want to browse the entries. If so, you should be aware that the sorter paid no attention to capitals. Thus, LaGrange surnames are filed along with Lagrange. To find a particular name or surname quickly, use the Edit|Find feature (also called “Search”) on the menu bar, and enter the beginning four or five letters of the surname or topic you are researching. If it is a common surname, you should spell it out completely (spell carefully, and check before you continue) then place a comma and a space after it and type the beginning of the first name. For example: LEBLANC, JOS will bring you to the location of those with the name Joseph LeBlanc and variations of that name (Jose, Josefa, Josephe, Josephine, etc). The next step is to find the location of the reference in Terrebonne Life Lines, the quarterly publication of the Terrebonne Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 295, Station 2, Houma, LA 70360. 
The first number is the volume number. We have published at this writing 20 volumes, one for each year, starting in 1982 and continuing in an unbroken series through 2001. Each volume except the first one contains four issues; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. 
After the volume number you will see a colon, followed by the page or pages on which the subject person’s name is found. In volumes 1 through 14, each new issue’s pages started with number 1. Starting in volume 15 (1996) page numbers ran from page 1 in the spring issue to the end of the winter issue. Thus you will see references like these: 
     Tassin, J.; 3:23 Wint '84
     Tassin, Mr.; 16:263 Wint '97

The reference to J. Tassin is found on page 23 of the Winter issue of volume 3 (1984). 

Another reference, Mr. Tassin, is found named on page 263 of the Winter issue of 1997 (vol. 16). The Winter issues of both years contain approximately the same number of pages, but in 1997 the pages were numbered differently. 

The third and last part of each entry is the name of the issue: Sprg for Spring, Summ for Summer, Fall, and Wint for Winter, followed by the two-digit number for the year. A semicolon “;” separates one entry from the next.


When you don’t have your quarterlies next to the computer, you could select (highlight) the references that you may need and click on Edit|Copy on the menu bar, or the Ctrl-C hotkey, then Paste (Ctrl-V) that to a word processor, such as Corel® WordPerfect, Microsoft® Notepad, Microsoft® WordPad, or other. You may then print this to obtain a hard copy that is more portable than most desktop computers. If your computer is portable you don’t have to print, but then again you may not have a printer connected, anyway.
We ask that you limit your copying to a few pages at a time. It would be possible, though not practical or ethical, to copy the whole publication and sell it as a book. We hope that you are both, but at least practical, if not ethical. At the last estimate, we calculated that the book would be over 1000 pages, printed three columns across the page in Arial Narrow, font size 8. We are not making a huge profit, and what little we make goes to buy genealogy books for the Terrebonne Parish Library, Genealogy Collection, one of the finest in South Louisiana. So please tell your friends to get their own copy and help the cause. We are a non-profit organization.

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