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Terrebonne Parish, LA


Published Census Data
         Census                                        Source
1840 Terrebonne Parish Census                 Phoebe Chauvin Morrison
1850 Terrebonne Parish Census                 Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1985
1860 Terrebonne Parish Census                 Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1983
1870 Terrebonne Parish Census                 Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1985
1880 Terrebonne Parish Census                 Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 2000
1900 Terrebonne Parish Census                Wilma Boudreaux & Phoebe Morrison, Westerman, 1990
1910 Terrebonne Parish Census                 Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1983

Published Pedigree Charts / Information
         Publication                                  Source
Book of Charts, Vol. 1                                      Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1987
Book of Charts, Vol. 2                                      Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1989
Book of Charts, Vol. 3                                      Terrebonne Genealogical Society, 1990
Generations, Vol. 1                                            Phoebe Chauvin Morrison, TGS, 1983, 2000
Generations, Vol. 2                                            Phoebe Chauvin Morrison, TGS, 1983
Houma Newspaper Deaths, 1855-1981          Phillip Chauvin, Jr., TGS, 1988
Pioneers: Terrebonne Parish                          Phoebe Chauvin Morrison, TGS, 1984

Published Family Books
         Publication                                  Source
The Descending Families of                        Phoebe Chauvin Morrison, TGS, 1997
     Hypolite Chauvin

Published Church Records
         Book                                        Source
South Louisiana Records                             Rev. Donald J. Hebert, Hebert Publ.
   V. 1: 1794-1840                                                                 1978
   V. 2: 1841-1850                                                                 1978
   V. 3: 1851-1860                                                                 1979
   V. 4: 1861-1870                                                                 1979
   V. 5: 1871-1875                                                                 1981
   V. 6: 1876-1880                                                                 1981
   V. 7: 1881-1885                                                                 1981
   V. 8: 1886-1890                                                                 1982
   V. 9: 1891-1895                                                                 1982
   V. 10: 1896-1899                                                               1982
   V. 11: 1900-1902                                                               1983
   V. 12: Misc. Records                                                       1985
South LA Vital Family Records                      Terrebonne Genealogical Society
   V. 1: 1902-1905                                                                 1984
   V. 2: 1906-1909                                                                 1984
   V. 3: 1910-1913                                                                 1984
   V. 4: 1914-1917                                                                 1984
   V. 5: 1918-1920                                                                 1984


     The Terrebonne Genealogical Society has produced a quarterly genealogical periodical, Terrebonne Life Lines, since 1981. An index to the periodical is available on-line at this site.
     A subscription to Life Lines (along with a monthly newsletter) is included in the $25 annual membership in Terrebonne Genealogical Society. Back issues are also available. For more information, visit the TGS web site or write to:
            The Terrebonne Genealogical Society
                 P.O. Box 295
                 Station 2
                 Houma, LA 7036

     There are a number of other genealogical periodicals produced around south Louisiana. Many of them include information relative to Terrebonne Parish. Here is a list of area genealogical societies and their publications.

Attakapas Historical Assoc.
   P.O. Box 43010
   Lafayette, LA 70504 

Publ: Attakapas Gazette

Baton Rouge Genealogical
     & Historical Society
   P.O. Box 80565
   Baton Rouge, LA 70895 

Publ: Le Baton Rouge

East Ascension
Genealogical & Historical Society
   P.O.Box 1006
   Gonzales, LA 70707 

Publ: Journal of the East Ascension
         Genealogical and Historical

Evangeline Genealogical
   and Historical Society
   P.O. Box 664
   Ville Platte, LA 70586 

Publ: LaVoix des Prairies

Genealogical Research Society
   of New Orleans
   P.O. Box 51791
   New Orleans, LA 70151 

Publ: New Orleans Genesis

German-Acadian Coast Historical
   and Genealogical Society
   P.O. Box 517
   Destrehan, LA 70047 

Publ: Les Voyagers

The Louisiana Genealogical
   and Historical Society
   P. O. Box 82060 
   Baton Rouge, LA. 70884-2060 

Publ: The Louisiana 
          Genealogical Register

Southwest Louisiana
   Genealogical Society
   P.O. Box 5652
   Lake Charles, LA 70606 

Publ: Kinfolks

St. Bernard Genealogical Society
   P.O. Box 271
   Chalmette, LA 70044 

Publ.: L'Heritage

St. Mary Genealogical
   and Historical Society
   P.O. Box 662
   Morgan City, LA 70381 

Publ.: St. Mary Links

Pointe de l'Eglise Historical & 
     Genealogical Society 
     P.O. Box 160
     Church Point, LA 70525-0160 
Publ:  A La Pointe
     Another periodical that may be of help is the:    Acadian Genealogy Exchange.
                                                                                 863 Wayman Branch Road
                                                                                 Covington, KY 41015-2250

     An abundance of information is available in these periodicals ... much of it not available in book form. The way to find out what's in all of these periodicals is to check out a periodical index.
     In 1990, an Acadian-Cajun Genealogical Periodical Article Index was published. It indexes over 5000 articles in over 20 publications. The index can be found at many of the south Louisiana libraries, and it may still be purchased from the author.  It is also online at Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History.  An updated edition including the years from 1990 to 2000 is due out soon.

Source Information:

Terrebonne Genealogical Society (TGS)
     P.O. Box 295
     Station 2
     Houma, LA 70360

Audrey Westerman
    Thibodaux, LA 703

Hebert Publications
     P.O. Box 147
     Rayne, LA 70578

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