Terrebonne Parish Reference Lookups
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Terrebonne Parish, LA

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1830 Terrebonne Parish Census 1830 Terrebonne Census
Baton Rouge Diocese Church Records kvette@msn.com
South Louisiana Records
   (Rev. Donald Hebert)
Thibodaux Centinel 1865-1912 
   Death, Engagement, Births microfilm index. 
Philip Chauvin
Thibodaux Comet 1889-1911 
   Death, Engagement, Births microfilm index.
Philip Chauvin
Houma Newspaper Deaths 1866-1981 
   (Index of deaths in Houma, La. Newspapers)
Philip Chauvin
Lafourche Gazet Newspaper Deaths 1979-1990 Index  Philip Chauvin
Houma Courier 1982 to date 
   All Deaths, Engagements and Births as published.
Philip Chauvin
Thibodaux Comet 1982 to date 
   All Deaths, Engagements and Births as published.
Philip Chauvin
Social Security Death Benefits Records: United States, 1937-1993 MCrushshon@aol.com
World Family Tree, Volumes 1 & 2, pre-1600 to present MCrushshon@aol.com
GRS U.S. Census Index-1860 MCrushshon@aol.com
WFT Birth Records 900-1880 G. Naquin
WFT Louisiana Marriage Index 1718-1925 G. Naquin
WFT Social Security Death Index: United Stated 1937-1995, 
     Vols. 1 & 2
G. Naquin
WFT Vols. 1,2,3,4,5,6,&7 G. Naquin
In Search of our Acadian Roots CD 
     of Acadian/French Canadian Names
G. Naquin
The Seven Acadian Expeditions 1785 Ships list
   [NOTE: I've added these lists online at my Acadian-Cajun site.]
G. Naquin
Father Hebert's books MLLUKE@aol.com
Terrebonne Life Lines back issues MLLUKE@aol.com
Stephen A. White - Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Acadiennes  Gloria & Ed Hicks
1840 Census of Terrebonne Parish, LA., annotated by Phoebe Chauvin Morrison  Gloria & Ed Hicks
Descendants of Jean Rodrigue and Anne Le Roy of Portugal - Canada - U.S.A. (Louisiana)  Gloria & Ed Hicks
La Famillie Gravois, les Trois Cent Annees Passees Gloria & Ed Hicks
History of Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church and Cemetery 
Inscriptions -- Donaldsonville, Louisiana
Gloria & Ed Hicks

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