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August - July 1998

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Aug. 12,'97 / Susan Fitzgerald

RONQUILLO/ SOLIS- I'm interested in the RONQUILLO and SOLIS families, who were in Plaquemines Parish by at least the 1850 census....or probably before. They lived at Ronquillo Settlement. Any information would be appreciated...

Aug. 14,'97 / Linda Brooks

The BLACKSTONE family was in this parish in 1831. They may have opened a trading post, or general merchandise store. I believe they relocated from Monroe Co, TN. Can you help me?

Aug. 17,'97 / Melissa Loga

I am looking for information on the ARMSTRONG, LAWRENCE, LORY, PERLANDER, and SCOTT families of Plaquemines Parish. I have information to offer, and I'm looking for information. Please contact me, if you can help. Thanks, Melissa...

Oct. 15,'97 / Phyllis Johnson

Necholaes [Nicholas] MATCOVICH lived in Plaquemines Parish in 1849. He recieved his naturalization there in 1856. He had a brother who also lived in LA; first name unknown. Seeking any documentation regarding Necholaes' brother, and/or their parents. They reportedly emigrated from Dalmatia, Austria. Please email with any information...

Oct. 22,'97 / Beryl Browning

I'm searching for info. about Robert BLANCHARD [b. 1895], who married Lillian CAMPBELL. They had about 10 children, and worked the Mississippi River and the bayous of south LA from a houseboat, for a living. Robert had a sister, Nettie Eujanie BLANCHARD, who married Felix Anatole BOURGEIOS [boo-zhwa']. These people all have ties to Plaquemines Parish. I will appreciate any information on them...

Nov. 15,'97 / Robert Keeney

I'm seeking information on the THURSTON family. Charles Minn THURSTON moved from KY, and bought a plantation south of New Orleans, in 1810. Several family members may have moved with him. He may have had a grandson named William, who had a son born in 1815 named William. Charles Minn THURSTON died in June of 1812, at the age of 74...

Dec. 10,'97 / LeRoy 'Lee' Dautreuil

I'm interested in the familes DAUTREUIL [D'AUTREUIL], BURAS [BURAT], and FREDERIC; all from the Plaquemines Parish area in the 1700's and 1800's. Thanks, Lee Dautreuil...

Dec. 11,'97 / Sherri Young

I would like some information about Fort Jackson. I'm trying to determine if this is one of the forts built by my ggg-grandfather, Jasper STRONG. He was in the U.S. Army, and was supposedly in charge of the construction of 2 forts built south of New Orleans around 1830-1850??? I would appreciate any info. regarding these forts, as I might find more info. on Jasper...

Feb 16, '98 / Gladys Armstrong

Adam COOK, b. ca 1855 in MO. Where? He died in 1901 in Plaquemines parish, was married to Louise Dickson. had a daughter, Elizabeth Rosetta(Rose) in 1879 who married Robert Bowers.

Feb 17,'98 / Monique Moreau  

Alfred Taylor was born in the Plaquemines Parish 1889. His parents were Alfred Taylor(father) and Angelina Fredreick (mother). Alfred Taylor had 2 brothers Charles Taylor and Emil Taylor, and one sister Louise Taylor. Alfred Taylor later moved to the Orleans Parish and joined the U.S. Army (year unknown). Alfred Taylor died December 1963 in the Orleans Parish.

 Feb 21,'98/ Holly Gorman

Researching the Osgood, Lawrence and Bradish families of Plaquemines Parish 1823-1878. Also, any info on Magnolia Plantation.

Mar 5,'98/ Gladys Stovall Armstrong


16 Oct 1998 / patricia armstrong-watkins

in response to ARMSTRONG, BOWERS, COOK, FONTENELLE, MARTIN, RAGAS, YARBOROUGH, Gladys Stovall Armstrong on Thu, 5 Mar 1998, at 10:50 a.m. response, what info do you have on the surname armstrong...

16 Oct 1998 / Gladys Armstrong

in response to armstrong, patricia armstrong-watkins on Fri, 16 Oct 1998 There two different ARMSTRONG Surnames in Plaquemines, which one are you intrested in ? Tell me what you want to know.

13 Mar 1998/ Don Fucich

My Great Grandfather owned property, businesses, and oyster beds in Plaquemine Parish, as well as Ascension, and Orleans. Need info on any and all of the Fucich's. Simeon Fucich married Marie Caliste Martinez in Donaldsonville. Have lots of info and will gladly swap. Thanks for your help.

15 Mar 1998/ B Roseburg

Looking for info on the Tisserand family--GG grandmother was Marie M Tisserand, married Charles B Strack in Plaquemines Parish. Have found where Marie's father was Remy Tisserand and her mother was Marie Waters, but that has been the end of the line.

31 Mar 1998 / John Perilloux

in response to TISSERAND, B Roseburg on Sun, 15 Mar 1998 I don't know if this will be of any help to you, but on my St. Charles Parish website, on page 7 of the 1860 census, there are several Tisserand names. Perhaps it is a start. St. Charles Parish LaGenWeb Project

15 Mar 1998/ Andrew Slaten

Please post the below surname for Plaquemines Parish Thankx. BURAS, BOURGEOIS, MORVANT, BARIL, COLLETTE, YARBOROUGH, FREDERIC

18 Mar 1998 /Diane Larpenteur

in response to BURAS, BOURGEOIS, MORVANT, BARIL, COLLETTE, YARBOROUGH, FREDERIC, Andrew Slaten on Sun, 15 Mar 1998 Looking for BARIL family of Plaquemines Parish.

18 Apr 1998/ Gladys Armstrong

in response to BARIL, Diane Larpenteur on Wed, 18 Mar 1998 I have quite a bit of info on BURAS / BARIL. If I can help, let me know.

20 Aug 1998/ Diane Rucci   

in response to BURAS, BOURGEOIS, MORVANT, BARIL, COLLETTE, YARBOROUGH, FREDERIC, Andrew Slaten on Sun, 15 Mar 1998 I am also researching the Buras/Frederic families. I have information on their early origins. E-mail me if this is of interest to you.

17 Mar 1998/ Joyce C. Long

Plaquemines Parish  Guiseppi (Peter) Joseph Paternostro born July 3, 1881 in Plaquemines, La died March 23, 1960 in N.O., La Married to Caroline (Carrie) Katherine Albert on April 29, 1914. Caroline was born September 11, 1897 and died February 3, 1960 in Metairie, La. They had 6 children Floris Catherine, Joseph Albert, Elva, Carrie, Conway, and Joyce Mary.

17 Mar 1998/ Gilda Thompson

searching for information on: grandfather Rene Duplessis. Wife Marie Pickett. children: Hester, Louise, Simone and Joseph Duplessis. Thank You

21 Mar 1998/ Laurence K. Hotard

Looking for line of HOTARDS, starting with William Thomas Hotard, born 12 March 1868, and married to Eleonora Lawes, in Plaquemine, and going back to Mathieu Hotard (Autard) who came from France around  1750 married Marie Juliene Bougeois and settled in the German Coast area.

3 Apr 1998/ Kimberly King

I am looking for information on my relatives named "Ferchaud" who owned a plantation in Plaquemines. The only information I have is this one sentence: Jean Bartholemy Ferchaud was a Notary. First plantation was in Plaquemine Parish then St. James Parish. If you have any information please email me at my address.Thank You..

13 Apr 1998/ Nicole Burgess

Looking for William Lunk Herzog. He was a caretaker on a plantation owned by Governor Warmouth approx. year 1900. He was shot in a dispute. Also looking for information about his sons, one of whom may have been Joseph Lunk or Joseph Herzog.

15 Apr 1998/ Jan Apahr

I am searching for my family ties in Plaquemines Parish. Here are the names: CAREL, COIGNARD, FAZENDE, DE GRUY, WALTER, NAUGHTON.

05 May 1998/ Ted Pylant

Joseph Morris O'BRIEN was born 28 Oct 1891 at Nairn, Plaquemines Parish, LA. His father was Stephen O'Brien and mother was Angele Lanaux, both born in Plaquemines Parish. Joseph died 9 Jul 1960 at New Orleans and is buried in the St. Patrick cemetery in Port Sulphur, LA. He resided in Metarie, LA at the time of his death. Looking for Joseph's siblings and/or their descendants. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

10 May 1998/ Robert Miller

Need info. on Manuel RONQUILLO, born in Plaquemines, in 1866. He was the son of Edmund & Pauline Macles RONQUILLO. Manuel m. Florestine SUAREZ (no info). She had sons Harry & Robert Tall from other marriage. RONQUILLO and SUAREZ's children were: Marie Celina, Marie Lillian, and Marcelle.

14 May 1998/ Gladys Armstrong

in response to RONQUILLO, SUAREZ, Robert Miller on Sun, 10 May 1998 Parents of Jean Edmond RONQUILLO were Juan Leonce RONQUILLO, b. 12 Sept. 1792 md Margarita PINERO 7 Feb. 1816 , Saint Louis Catheral, New Orleans. He died 23 June, 1868 , St. Thomas Church, Pointe ala-Hatche, La. Parents of Jean Lounce was Jean Lounce Sr, born 26 May, 1735, St. Augustine, died 25 Oct. 1797, N.O. La and Granciate SOLIS, born 1717 in Boston, Mass. She died in 1808.

15 Jun 1998/ Robert Miller

in response to RONQUILLO, Gladys Armstrong on Thu, 14 May 1998 Thanks for your response. Do you have any info on Juan Edmund Ronquillo's Children? He married Pauline Macles. Thanks

16 Jun 1998/ Nicolás de Cárdenas

in response to RONQUILLO, Robert Miller on Mon, 15 Jun 1998 Robert, Are you sure that your Edmund Ronquillo that married Pauline Macles, is the same as Juan Edmond Ronquillo? The reason I am asking is because Juan Edmond was born in 1817, and his son Manuel Ronquillo in 1866 (49 years later). Although, certainly not impossible, it doesn't seem very probable. Could your Edmund have been a son of Juan Edmond instead? Hope to clear this up, Nicolás.

16 Jun 1998/ Robert Miller

in response to RONQUILLO, Nicolás de Cárdenas on Tue, 16 Jun 1998 Yes, I have copy of marriage certificate from Archdiocese of N.O. Edmon Ronquillo of Plaquemines Parish, son of Juan Ronquillo and Marguerita Pinero married Paulinne Macles, daughter of Joseph Macles and Cathalina Alfonso , on 6/5/1854, St. Bernard Church. Baptism certificate of Manuel Anselm Ronquille, son of Edmond Ronquille and Pauline Macle, born 4/8/1860, St. Thomas Church, Pointe-a-la-hache, LA. *Note change in spelling, Macle French changed Ronquillo to Ronquille. Sorry about the error in 1866, that was the year Edmond died. You may also check with Shirley Bourquard, author of "Early Settlers of Delta ...." Please send any info that you might have. It would be greatly appreciated.

17 Jun 1998/ Nicolás de Cárdenas

in response to RONQUILLO, Robert Miller on Tue, 16 Jun 1998  Robert, Thank you for your response. What kind of information are you looking for? Nic.

04 Jul 1998/ Sally E. Viada

in response to RONQUILLO, Robert Miller on Tue, 16 Jun 1998 Hi Guys, I think the confusion is that Marguerita Pinero's husband is Juan Leonce s/o of Juan Ronquillo. Sometimes the records leave out the Leonce. I helped Shirley with the book "Early Settlers"", as she mentioned in her acknowledments, and the Ronquillo records had a number of mis-spelled and left out words. The French were good at that. For example, most Marie Louise and Marie Theresa's were simply Marie in the records. Try to figure that one out when you are compiling a family. Sally

05 Jul 1998/ Robert Miller

in response to RONQUILLO, Sally E. Viada on Sat, 04 Jul 1998 Yes, Sally, I knew that Juan Leonce was married to Margarita Pinero, he was the son of Juan Ronquillo and Graciana Solis. I wonder if the father Juan had a middle name like his son and father, Juan Nicholas.

21 Oct 1998/ Patricia Barras

in response to RONQUILLO, Nicolás de Cárdenas on Tue, 16 Jun 1998 Mary Alice married a Roussell, I would like to know the first name of this Roussell, and where was he from. Mary Alice was born in Plaquemines Parish the daughter of Giovanni Giordano. Her mother's name Eleda Giordano,(d) Francisco Chartier and Suzanne Treadaway, etc. If anyone has any imformation on this Roussell, I will be greatful.

12 Oct 1998/ candace boyle

in response to RONQUILLO, Gladys Armstrong on Thu, 14 May 1998 do you have any information on anselmo ronquillo born 1832? He may also have been known as Anselmo Ronquillo. He was married to Celestine Aurelia Bourg. I believe he also is a descendant of Juan Ronquillo and Graciante Solis. This all from Plaquemine Parish

13 Oct 1998/ Gladys Armstrong

in response to ronquillo, candace boyle on Mon, 12 Oct 1998 I have a Anselmo Eugene Ronquillo, who married Clara Coraly Solis, but you were looking for a female?

07 Dec 1998/ Robert Miller

in response to ronquillo, candace boyle on Mon, 12 Oct 1998 Info that I found was that Anselme Eugene Ronquillo was born in Plaquemines parish on Dec. 15, 1832. Parents were Juan Leonce Ronquillo and Margarita Pinero and he was baptized 7/1/1833 in St. Louis Cathedral, NOLA. Joined Confederate army and was prisoner of war at Vicksburg. He married Clare Solis 1870. No other info at this time.

23 Jul 1998/ Katy

in response to RONQUILLO, SUAREZ, Robert Miller on Sun, 10 May 1998 My family are Suarez's but from Orleans parish. If you think they may be related let me know.

23 Jul 1998/ Robert Miller

in response to SUAREZ, Katy on Thu, 23 Jul 1998 Not sure if from Orleans Parish. Florestine Suarez was married in St. Bernard Parish, and died there around 1938.

11 Jun 1998/ Linda McMurray

looking for father's family. MALBROUE/MALBROUGH, VICKNAIR, ROUNTREE

18 Jun 1998/ Jennifer M. Payne

I am looking for information on a supposed cemetery/above ground crypt made of stone and metal located between the North Pass and South Pass of river delta. It was last spotted 30-40 yrs ago by Humble Oil engineer on a marshy piece of land at end of delta. Does anyone know the exact whereabouts/history of this crypt/church/cemetery? I work for Austin (TX) Public library and this was a patron's question today. I have several websites devoted to South Louisiana, especially Assumption/Ascension Parish and know that some good soul reading this might know the answer to the gentleman's query. Thank you! Jennifer Payne

22 Jun 1998/ Anthony Kerley


25 Jun 1998/ Beverly

Does anyone know what became of Auguste Reggio's plantation Oakpoint.....Jesuit Bend

31 Oct 1998/ Carolyn Roup

in response to BULOT, Beverly on Thu, 25 Jun 1998 Do you have any information on Zelonie Bulot in Plaquemines Parish?

07 Dec 1998/  Mary Ellen

in response to BULOT, Beverly on Thu, 25 Jun 1998 In researching my Woods line I ran across the following: Henry Woods m. Zelonis Bulot....10/9/1885 in Plaquemines Parish, La. I hope this helps. If you find additional information on either one please let me know. Good luck!

28 Jun 1998/ Frances Mayeaux

We are trying to locate a Manuel Falcon who was married to Marie Domingue. He had a son, Thomas Falcon and perhaps a daughter, Delta. Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

29 Jun 1998/ Charlen Womack


Mon, 29 Jun 1998/ Phyllis Johnson

Researching G. G. Grandfather Nicholas (Necholaes) MATCOVICH bn. 1827 in Boche del Cattaro, Austria. Emigrated to U. S., in early 1840's and New Orleans in 1848. He was naturalized in Plaquemines Parish in 1856. He has a brother Victor MATCOVICH who bought land at Burret Settlement in 1855. Would like to find Intent for Citizenship for either Nicholas or Victor as I am seeking the name of parents and their birthplace. It is reported that they emigrated to Austria from a place near the Ural Mts. in Russia. Have run into a brick wall. Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Phyllis Johnson

02 Jul 1998/ Carol

I'm searching the family and hoping to find info on Nick AGOSTA. He owned a store in Plaquemine or surrounding area. He was married to Virginia EPOLITO. they immigrated here from Sicily, Italy in late 1800-early 1900's. They had atv least 8 children including Sam b. 5-29-1913 d.5-9-1997, Tony b. 5-31-1911 d. nov 1991; Victor b. 9-24-1908 d. 6-9-1988; Frank b. 4-26-1933 d. 4-13-1997; Anita, Antoinette, Joe, and Nick,Jr. Any information would be a help. Carol

05 Jul 1998/ Carol

Searching for any of these surnames in Louisiana. Family AGOSTA arrived from Sicily via Port of New Orleans probably early 1900's. AGOSTA, EPPOLITO, BONURA, BONANNO

11 Jul 1998/ Lyn Wilson Berry

I have a Jane(Jeanne)STEWART (my gg-grandmother) in Plaquemines parish who married 1)James SHARP and had 3-4 children. She then married Maximillian MARTIN ca 1857 and had 5 more children. I would like any information on Jane and her parents. I belive that she had 3 siblings - Marion, John, and David and that she was born 1831 in Scotland. I have info on further descendants.

18 Nov 1998 / Dudley J. Perez jr

in response to PEREZ, Darnell Marie Brunner Beck on Sat, 11 Jul 1998 I will try to find out what I can for you. I am also in serch of some infomation on this. I am going to print your list for my father and see if he can give me some info on this. He is also from St. bernard Parish and lived in Violet. His fater was Henry Perez. I hope I can help some.

14 Jul 1998/ James Bryan


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