Natchitoches Parish, LA

The Welch Cemetery began as a family cemetery on the property of Joseph and Mary Welch in 1859 with the death of Mary Welch's sister Susan Conoway. The second burial was that of H. Jackson Rogers in 1869, the young son of a neighbor of the Welch family. The burials listed are inside a fenced area.
In the early 1900's there was a fever epidemic and various other persons were buried in the Welch Cemetery. Some of these persons were from as far away as Natchitoches. None of these graves are marked, and the exact location of many of the burials has been lost.
The Welch Cemetery is located on private property and has been maintained as a cemetery by the Welch family. The cemetery is not open to the public. The recording and the history of this cemetery was provided by a descendant, Frank Welch.


August 18, 1824 // August 24, 1859
Sister of Mary Welch

ROGERS, H. Jackson
Sept. 9, 1865 // August 9, 1869
Son of a neighboring family.

May 16, 1823 // March 19, 1903
Wife of Joseph Welch

WELCH, Annie Ebarbo
August 15, 1860 // Sept. 18, 1905
Wife of Thomas J. Welch

WELCH, Joseph
August 20, 1828 // June 27, 1907
Husband of Mary Welch

FIELDER, Mamie Welch
January 15, 1880 // March 7, 1925
Daughter of Thomas and Annie Ebarbo Welch
Wife of M.L. Fielder

CLARK, Ellen
July 20, 1844 // Sept. 13, 1925
Mother of M.L. Fielder

WELCH, Thomas J.
1854 // 1930
Son of Joseph and Mary Welch

August 27, 1873 // April 2, 1950
Husband of Mamie Welch Fielder


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