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History and Pictures of Gilcrease Cemetery, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

The Gilcrease Cemetery in Natchitoches Parish actually began when a Confederate soldier died during a march through the area and was buried on the spot. Thereafter, the burial grounds were referred to as the Soldier Cemetery. As time passed, local residents laid their loved ones to rest in the Soldier Cemetery. In later years, the Stephens Mill was located nearby and the cemetery was referred to as the cemetery by the Stephens Mill.

Over the years a number of the members of the Gilcrease family were buried in the cemetery and it became known as the Gilcrease Cemetery. With the further passage of time and the relocation of businesses, villages, and roads, the cemetery was little used. The most recent burial to date in the Gilcrease Cemetery was the interment of Louis Gilcrease in 1965.

According to family history and records as well as discussions with older individuals of the nearby communities, it has been determined that approximately fifty persons are buried in the Gilcrease Cemetery. Most of the grave markers were wooden and have long since decayed. Only six tomb stones remained in 1998. However, there are still indications of old grave markers. Twenty-three individuals, of those buried in the Gilcrease Cemetery, have been identified. Fourteen of the individuals known to be buried in the cemetery are relatives of the submitter of this article, Arthur A. Gilcrease.

Louis Gilcrease, the most recent burial in the Gilcrease Cemetery, was one of seventeen victims of a gas line explosion which occurred in the early morning hours of March 4, 1965 in a suburban area of Natchitoches. Those victims included Mrs. Ola Dean Barbo and her three small children , Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Rond and two young sons, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van Meter and their three children, Mrs. Ruth Finch Antley, and Mrs. William Ammons and young son. All, excepting Mr. Gilcrease, were buried in the Calvary Cemetery, Natchitoches, LA.

Because of re-forestation projects and the construction of new highways, the Gilcrease Cemetery is virtually inaccessible at this time. Specifically, the cemetery is located 3.8 miles south of the intersection of Interstate 49 and La Hwy 6, one-quarter mile west, on the high ground just north of Bayou Serpent. Being privately owned, the land is fenced and visitors should seek the owner's permission before attempting to visit the site.

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Delitha Gilcrease

Louis Gilcrease

Funeral Marker


Elmira Campbell

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Visitors 4/2001

Visitors 4/2001

Visitors 4/2001

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