Fox Cemetery, Natchitoches Parish, LA

Natchitoches Parish, LA

Fox Cemetery is located in the Vowels Mill area of Natchitoches Parish, LA, north of Santaburb Creek, some miles west and south of the Red Rock Cemetery. The surnames Beeson, Fox, Morris, and Stoker are evident on the markers. It is believed that there are other unmarked graves adjacent to the small fenced area.

The latest marked burial appears to be that of Thomas Fox (1917). The earliest marked burials are those of Thomas (aged 21) and Alice (aged 16), children of J.A. and Ann Beeson, their deaths occurring within a month in the summer of 1903.

Mr. Bob Starks, in this cataloging of the Fox Cemetery, (summer 2000), indicates the following specific location of the cemetery:

Turn west at the intersection of LA Hwy 117 and 478 south of Provencal, LA. Continue west through the Vowels Mill settlement, past the Red Rock Cemetery, then on past the Fenton Nichols Road to the next road to the left, which is Tick Misery Road (unmarked). Turn left onto Tick Misery Road, and continue until reach the overhead Power Line right-of-way. Park and walk at this point unless using a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Follow the power line right-of-way south and turn right on the second intersecting road. Follow this road (unmarked) a short distance to where the road forks, and take the left fork to the Fox Cemetery. This distance from the Tick Misery Road / Power Line right-of-way intersection will be approximately 3/4 of a mile.

It should be noted that the cemetery is located on private property and access permission should be secured. The name sign attached to the Fox Cemetery gate indicates that the annual work day (Cemetery Memorial Day) is designated as the first Saturday in June.

BEESON, Alice ( October 5, 1887 // August 6, 1903 )
Daughter of J.A. and Ann Beeson

BEESON, Thomas ( July 28, 1882 // July 17, 1903 )
Son of J.A. and Ann Beeson

FOX, Margeret ( no dates )
Wife of Riley Stoker

FOX, Rhonda ( October 21, 1833 // November 15, 1914 )
Wife of Thomas Fox

FOX, Thomas ( June 2, 1831 // June 13, 1917 )
Remember, child, as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now so you shall be,
Prepare for death and follow me.

MORRIS, Willie Wilburn ( December 28, 1906 / March 2, 1912 )
Son of John and Danie Morris

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