Fleming Cemetery, Natchitoches Parish, LA

Natchitoches Parish, LA
Established 1840

Fleming Cemetery is located in northwest Natchitoches Parish, near Beulah. Take Hwy 487 N from Marthaville, go 5 miles, turn left on Rocks Creek road, travel about a mile and a half, turn left at marker. The Fleming Cemetery was established in 1840 on the property of Bartlett and Sophia Fleming. Charlie Sheets was the first person buried in the Fleming Cemetery; his brother-in-law Bartlett Fleming was next, both in the year 1840. A hand-carved wooden marker, no longer in existence, inscribed William A. Athey, age 15, stood for many years marking a gravesite, possibly the third person buried there. These gravesites are no longer marked.

According to E.S. James, the cemetery was once larger, spanning from the top of the hill, which is now enclosed, down to the edge of the creek. The older wire fencing was taken down and the new chain link fence installed around the marked graves on top of the hill. Down the hill towards the creek, a few grave indentions can still be made out. Included in the listing are the names of persons known to be buried in the Fleming Cemetery, but have no markers. Unmarked gravesites are indicated by the (UM) abbreviation. It is possible that there are other unmarked burials, lost to time.

Thanks to the people of the Bethany-Jennings Chapel Community, to Ethel Wagley and to E.S. James for the information relative to these unmarked graves, as well as to the author of the Tommy Jennings book, which contains much local history. (Listing and data submitted by Myra Dowden, 2001).

ATHEY, William A. (UM )
15 years old

FLEMING, Abigail Strahan
Died: May 1, 1910
2nd wife of C.B. Fleming

FLEMING, Bartlett (UM)
Born: 1800 S. Carolina // Died: 1840
1st husband of Sophia Sheets

FLEMING, Charles Bartlett
Born: Nov 20, 1837 LA // Died: July 5, 1908
Son of Bartlett and Sophia Sheets Fleming
( CSA Marker )

FLEMING, Charles Levy
Born July 15, 1903 // Died: May 25, 1971
Son of Charles Bartlett and Abigail Fleming
( WWII Marker )

FLEMING, Charles R.
Born: Sept 9, 1926 // Died: Nov 1, 1995
Double marker: Martha G. Born: Oct 30, 1929

FLEMING, Ida Bell Arthur
Born: Apr 12, 1882 // Died: Oct 28, 1956
Wife of Novel Bowie Fleming

FLEMING, James C. (Jim)
Born: July 28, 1876 // Died: June 21, 1912
Son of Charles B. and Mary Fleming

FLEMING, John Bevalon
Born: Apr 2, 1874 // Died: Mar 9, 1954
Son of Charles B. and Mary Fleming
Wife: Maggie Varnell

FLEMING, Maggie Varnell
Born: Nov 24, 1878 // Died: Sept 10, 1973
Wife of John B. Fleming

FLEMING, Mary Frances Wilson
Born: May 4, 1846 in GA // Died: June 29, 1887
1st wife of Charles Bartlett Fleming
Daughter of William Martin and Susan Gray Williams Wilson

FLEMING, Novel Bowie
Born: Aug 26, 1883 // Died: July 10, 1956
Son of Charles B. and Mary Fleming
Wife: Ida Bell Arthur

JAMES, Henry C. (UM)
Born: 1856 // Died: 1876
Son of Henry John and Maaka Massey James

KNOTT, Matilda Massey (UM)
Born: 1825 // Died: 1858
1st wife of John O. Knott
Daughter of William O. and Mary Fletcher Massey

SHEETS, Charlie (UM) Died: 1840

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