DeRussey-Russell Cemetery, Natchitoches Parish, LA, USA

DeRussey/Russell Cemetery

Grand Ecore, Natchitoches Parish, LA

Traveling east on LA Hwy 6 from Natchitoches, turn left onto Parish Road 429 just before reaching the Red River-Grand Ecore Bridge (Tauzin Island Road). The cemetery is located a half mile or so west, along the bluff. Although at one time fenced and maintained, a combination of vandalism, timber removal, and neglect has resulted in the near obliteration of the grave sites.

The following markers are located in the American Cemetery, Second Street, Natchitoches, LA. They were erected by the Sons of the Confederacy to commemorate service in the Civil War. The three memorial markers are grouped near the center of the cemetery with the following marker of explanation:

DeRUSSEY, Lewis G., Col. ( December 7, 1795 / November 16, 1864 )


RUSSELL, William E., Capt. ( July 24, 1830 / January 23, 1888 )


RUSSELL, Samuel D., Col. ( March 4, 1826 / October 26, 1866 )


Grand Ecore was a thriving port community in the early 1800's, providing for the transshipment of goods from north Louisiana and the northeast Texas territories. The yellow fever epidemic of the 1850's and the burning of the port during the Civil War campaigns contributed to the decline of the area, both in population and commercial activity. The original markers for L. G. DeRussy, William Evariste Russell, and John Harris Alexander are partially legible. Dense undergrowth and rough terrain discourages even the hardiest hikers.(4) Various sources indicate the following additional burials at this site:

ALEXANDER, John Harris ( Born Nov. 13, 1848 / Died Jan. 20, 1874)

ALEXANDER, A. D. ( Died Sept. 1855 at age 25 )

ALEXANDER, W. G. ( no dates )

RICHARD, son of G. and H. ( no dates )

RUSSELL, Louisiana ( Died Dec. 15, 1843; age 15 )

RUSSELL, P. ( Died 1858, age 11 )

RUSSELL, Eliza Virginia ( Died June 27, 1892 )

Wife of J.B. Davenport



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Mr. Wilmer McQueen ( conversations 1997)


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