Martin Cemetery, Sabine Parish, LA

Martin Cemetery, Coburn/Bellwood, LA

Martin Cemetery

Martin Cemetery is located on Forest Service road #304, which is approximately two miles south of Bellwood, LA. Continue on Forest Service road # 304 for about three miles west of LA 117 and the cemetery sign is on the right. This is about two miles east of the old Coburn/Middle Creek settlement. A narrow road leads to the cemetery, one-quarter mile north. It is believed that this cemetery is actually in Sabine Parish, although in earlier times this area was part of Natchitoches Parish.

The cemetery appears to have been much larger than the presently fenced area, as parts of an older fence are still standing. The gravesite of Annie McDaniel Martin is fenced separately but adjoining the fenced Weldon graves. A local resident indicates that Charlie Martin is buried in this area also. The older fence appears to have sites that could be unmarked graves, including some rocks and concrete mounds.

Visitors should be aware that Forest Service Road #304 traverses the Middle Creek swamp area from LA117 and caution is advised in wet weather. At such times, approaching the cemetery from LA118, then east on Herrington Road would be prudent. However, the cemetery itself is located in a low area, so visiting during dry, summer weather would be most advisable.

********** Martin Cemetery, Coburn, LA **********

McDaniel Martin

MARTIN, Annie McDaniel ( 1868 / 1921 )


WELDON, Ella Simmons ( 1873 / 1911 )

At Rest in Heaven

(Adjacent and similar stone: Johnnie Weldon)

WELDON, Johnnie ( 06 Aug 1867 / 27 Nov 1902 )

At Rest in Heaven

(Adjacent and similar stone: Ella Simmons Weldon)

WELDON, John A. ( 31 Aug 1840 / 03 Oct 1897 )

(Double stone: Elizabeth C. Weldon)


WELDON, Elizabeth C. ( 27 Dec 1846 / 29 Dec 1916 )

(Double stone: John A. Weldon)

WELDON, Annie Joan ( 17 Feb 1878 / 15 Oct 1878 )

At rest.

(Adjacent to: John A. and Elizabeth C. Weldon)

WELDON, Jacob ( 15 Jan 1875 / 06 Sep 1880 )

At rest.

(Adjacent to: John A. and Elizabeth C. Weldon)


************ Rest in Peace *************
Submitted by Aaron and Courtney, February 1999

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