Natchitoches Parish Cemeteries: Breda/Hertzog



This cemetery is located at the intersection of Roy Drive and Bonnette Street in the northwest section of the city of Natchitoches. There are five concrete slab covered graves and one visible brick covered grave. A bricked outline is adjacent to the bricked grave. There is a slightly sunken area, and one mounded area which may indicate burials. On the southeast corner of the lot stands a very large cedar tree, with one of the concrete slab covered graves nearby.


There is no indication of a name for this cemetery, so for the purpose of this listing the names of the two marked burials have been used: those of Judge J. Ernest Breda and his wife, Marie Elcey Hertzog Breda.


BREDA, Judge J. Ernest ( 25 Sep 1841 / 04 Feb 1914 )


HERTZOG, Marie Elcey ( 28 Dec 1852 / 23 Apr 1918 )

Wife of J. Ernest Breda

**************** Rest in Peace ***************
Location furnished by R. Stiefvater
Pictures taken by R.S. Liles

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