Natchitoches Parish, LA Cemeteries: Bethany

Bethany Cemetery

Natchitoches Parish, LA

Bethany Cemetery is located about four miles north of Marthaville, LA on Parish Road 1221 in the Bethany Community. The Cemetery is situated between the Jennings Chapel Church and the Bethany Church, with entrance gates to the fenced cemetery available from both church parking areas.

Those persons who gave their lives in defense of their country are marked. Those who were prepared to do so are listed. We salute each of you.

Although the formal donation of the cemetery lands appears to have occurred in 1996, it is apparent from the tombstones that the area had been used as a cemetery for some years prior to that time. The Bethany Cemetery sign indicates establishement in the year 1899.

Interesting markers were observed in the Bethany Cemetery, both old and new.

The Bethany Cemetery is fenced, well maintained, and accessible.


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