Natchitoches Parish, LA Cemeteries: A.R. Dowden Cemetery
A. R. Dowden Cemetery

The A.R. Dowden Cemetery is located about five miles northwest of Kisatchie, LA (intersection Hwy 117 and 118), near the site of the first Kisatchie Post Office, off Forest Service Roads 350 and 377. It is a small family cemetery, on Kisatchie National Forest property. The cemetery also contains the grave of Captain C. J. Dufroco, who, according to legend, came into the Kisatchie area during and after the Civil War, hunting persons AWOL from the army. He stayed to teach in the country schools in the Kisatchie area. He was held in high regard by the people of this area, and contributed much to the education of the children of those people.

DOWDEN, A. R. (Abe)
Husband of L. A. Dowden
Born Feb. 1839
Died Sept. 1907
His many virtures are the noblest monuments to his memory
DOWDEN, William Henry
1864 / 1907

Died Nov. 13, 1907
Age 62 Years
Say nothing but good of the dead.

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