American Cemetery, Natchitoches, LA, USA


Natchitoches, LA, USA


Peaceful and tranquil: an old burial ground.

The American Cemetery is located on Second Street in Natchitoches, LA at the second site of the fort established by the emissary of the French, Louis Jachereau St. Denis, in 1714. Many early burials are no longer marked, their exact location and identity lost to time. Located on a gentle hill, the cemetery is a particularly lovely place, with winding driveways, many trees and shrubs, and tombstones and burial vaults reflecting the various cultures of the inhabitants of this area.

The Hexagon: believed to be a remnant of Fort St. Jean Baptiste;

now contains two unidentified graves.

Constructed with care . . .

. . . unmarked in the passage of time.

Decedee le 1813, 1815, 1825 . . . Metoyer

Aged Cinquante Quatre Ans . . . Prudhomme/Lambre

1823 // 1829: Buard, Bossier, Grennaux, Lambre, Rouquier

Ne le 6 Juillet 1801 // Decedee le 12 Decembre 1840

Desiree Josephine Briant

Veuve d'Ambroise Sompayrac

nee au Quartier des Gonaives

Isle St. Dominque, en Mai 1782

decedee a' Natchitoches

le 30 Novembre 1866

. . .who died on his journey at this place . . .

Early settler, pioneer: Dr. John Sibley

Early pioneers of Natchitoches Parish.

Prominent jurist, statesman: W.H. Jack, wife, and daughter.

Honoring a former mayor.

Literary enthusiast, Patroness of the Arts: Ms. Cammie Henry

Family plots . . .

The ultimate sacrifice; and there were many.

Two hundred plus years; memories and memorials.


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