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Populated Places

from the USGS-GNIS Database

Feature Name USGS 7.5' Map
Bastrop 324522N 0915220W Mer Rouge
Beekman 325525N 0915303W Beekman
Bonita 325509N 0914037W Bonita
Bordenax 323454N 0914549W Irwin Lake
Brodnax (historical) 325302N 0914747W Twin Oaks
Causey (historical) 325706N 0915115W Twin Oaks
Cleora (historical) 324400N 0915000W Collinston East
Collinston 324127N 0915218W Collinston East
Couters Neck 325947N 0915931W Beekman
Doss (historical) 323920N 0915301W Collinston West
Galion 325134N 0914511W Mer Rouge
Geddie 330013N 0915215W Berlin
Gum Ridge 323733N 0914841W Collinston East
Haynes Landing 325818N 0914148W Bonita
Humphreys 325948N 0915758W Beekman
Jones 325803N 0913853W Bonita
Laark 325931N 0913036W Laark
Log Cabin 324958N 0915239W Bastrop
Marcarco 324302N 0915927W Collinston West
McGinty 330006N 0913744W Wilmot SW
Mer Rouge 324630N 0914733W Mer Rouge
Naff 325606N 0915506W Beekman
New Landgrove Landing 325557N 0914329W Bonita
Newhlock 324748N 0915355W Bastrop
Oak Landing 325741N 0914302W Bonita
Oak Ridge 323726N 0914622W Irwin Lake
Perryville 324228N 0920019W Sterlington
Plantersville (historical) 325300N 0914640W Twin Oaks
Point Pleasant 324618N 0915709W Bastrop
Robinson 325920N 0915324W Beekman
Rogers 325553N 0915833W Beekman
Sheltons 324945N 0915426W Bastrop
Spyker 324432N 0915713W Collinston West
Stampley 324918N 0914647W Mer Rouge
Stevenson 325515N 0915635W Beekman
Tipton (historical) 325502N 0915132W Twin Oaks
Twin Oaks 325333N 0914725W Twin Oaks
Upland 324352N 0915259W Collinston West
Uscarco 324517N 0915601W Bastrop
Vaughn 325707N 0915747W Beekman
Wardville 325229N 0915418W Bastrop
Windsor 323909N 0915310W Collinston West
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