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Parish Information

County Populations
  1980     1990     2000  
  34,731     31,938     31,021  

Morehouse Parish Clerk
P.O. Box 509
Parish Courthouse
Bastrop, LA 71221-0509
Phone: (318)281-4132


Police Jury
Jerry Johnson  - Police Jury President
Lee Loche  - Police Juror, District 7
Terry Matthews - -Vice President, District 6
Harry Reese Sr.  - Police Juror, District 2
D. W. Thomas Jr.  - Police Juror, District 3
Bernie Turner  - Police Juror
Ben White  - Police Juror

Danny McGrew - Sheriff
Jerry Jones  - District Attorney



Cities and Towns in Morehouse Parish

BASTROP - Parish Seat

Located along a bend of the Bayou Bartholomew, Bastrop is the Parish Seat of Morehouse Parish. It was originally a steamboat port but was slow to develop until the railroad came in in the early 1900s. At that point the town took off. Currently Bastrop is known for paper and wood production. Its largest business is International Paper Company. Downtown Bastrop has been designated a Historic District and was named a "Louisiana Main Street" in 2000. One of the buildings of note is the Courthouse which was recently renovated to its original splendor.
Mer Rouge
Oak Ridge

Unincorporated areas of interest in the parish include Beekman, Galion, Gedoie, Gum Ridge, Jones, Log Cabin, McGinty, New Block, Point Pleasant, Shelton, Spyker, Stevenson, Twin Oaks, Upland, Uscarco, Vaughn, Wardville, and Windsor.



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